Wednesday, June 2, 2010


“They have navy ship on either side, the helicopter over the head. We were being attack in every single side. We are being attack in international water, completely illegally.”
“ All phone have been jammed and make impossible to contact the out world. They try to dismantle the satellite.”
“The organiser has raised white flag, after one civilian was killed, it might be more, despite the white flag has been raised, the Israeli army is still shooting, still firing.”
These were among the news reported that I heard from the web yesterday. The situation was very nasty. I was about to update my blog at the moment of the attack, but because of my mouth cannot stop cursing at the Jews, I settle down for today.
Israeli forces on Monday attacked an international flotilla carrying aid to besieged Gaza, killing up to 20 and wounding more than 70 others.
Well, I don’t want to talk more about the news and update of the attack. I’m sure we all updated enough about that in the news. So let’s just talk about ‘the Jews’.
Damn u Jews. Even it was a brave action by blindly go killing people at the international water without care what other countries might condemn u, yet u are damn coward because killing an unarmed men by ur well armed soldier.
Not enough u kills the Gazan, now u wants to kill the people who want to help the Gazan.
Jews, u clearly shows that u are uncivilized people!  
The flotilla, originally made up of nine ships from Turkey, Britain, Ireland, Greece, Kuwait and Algeria, were carrying cement, water purification systems and wheelchairs. They were not carrying any gun, no phosphorus bomb, not even a nail!
And they send it by just using the old ships, not using the Apache or Falcon Fighter. So they are totally harmless. They were just a few kinds of nice people who were concern enough to help the poor Gazan by sending some life necessities to them after u Jews destroy their (Gazan) life.
 But still u want to kill them???
And all u moron Jews can say is that Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesman's office cannot confirm any of the report of the killing at the moment. Are u kidding men??? The whole world already knew about the massive killing by u, the whole world already made the demonstration to protest it, and u, u still cannot confirm it??? What an imbecile thing to say!!!

Remember Jews that once u messed up with Gazan it mean u messed with Muslim around the world (well, I’m not sure about the Egypt), and once u messed with the convoy aid, it means u messed with the whole countries in this world.( and I’m not sure about America)
While leading countries such as France, Australia, German and others already voices their dissatisfaction towards the Israel Zionist action, some keep wondering why America still didn’t say anything about this scary event. Well, for those who still wondering, u are very pathetic to expect something like that from America. America won’t say anything. Even if they want to say something, they won’t put the blame on the Israel Zionist.
American News will try to downplay the situation so there isn't a public outrage. Like they would get outraged, cause I think most Americans are mostly in favor of Israel. Also, the US is the second largest Jewish homeland in the world after Israel.
So stop expects fairness from America. America is the centre of corruption and mischief on earth.
The best example is former president, Bush! Many things he said and did were really stupid and extremely ignorant to other states and people. Bush motivates people around the world against Iraq with slogan "the war against terrorists" or "for the free world from terrorist" and finally, it was bullshit!  
Back to how bad are the Jews.
World Master Champion of Chess, Bobby Fischer once said :
You ask the Palestinians. I was just listening to the BBC. The horror story that come out of there when you get into an Israeli prison. The way they torture you. It's unheard of. I was listening to a Palestinian woman, a Christian woman from Palestine, not even Muslims, Christian women who were anti-Israel. They got picked up by the Israeli police, taken down to the jail, and then the Israeli police tried to get information – Who do you know among your friends that's anti-Israel? Give us all the names of your Arab, Christian friends who are anti-Israel. When they refused, they put the women in a cell, these are mothers, these women, mostly. They put 'em in a cell, and then they start playing, in Arabic, on the loudspeaker, 24 hours a day, "Mommy, come home, Mommy, we miss you" in Arabic. They played it over and over again until the women just collapsed.
This is the Jewish mentality. These are a criminal people. They torture their prisoners in the worst way. It's even illegal! They don't even deny it hardly. Jews were always bastards throughout history. They are liars, they are the worst pieces of shit in the world. They mutilate their own children.

So what do u think? Is it Jews are bad enough?
Well, they are so bad, worst than animal, and the Jews are the reason the world is so fucked up today.
The fact is, they are mind rapists, liars and deceivers. Just look what they’ve done to Palestinians. Not just they take their land, they even destroy their home, killed the Palestinians. They are thieves. They are criminal and the parasites.
Despite only being 2% of the world's population, Jews control 99% of the world's money. Not only do the Jews control the world, but they also control the media, the banks, the space program, LiveJournal’s porn communities, all gay communities, textbooks, music, gold, and oil.
We should realize that there are only 14 million of Jews in the world. Compare with the 1.5 billion Muslims, and others billions people of others religion in the world, I cannot believe we let these people control us.
Is it because of Jews are too smart or we are too stupid? Let us all think about this.
Those filthy Jews we all know they've trying to take over the world. Damn I wish Hitler is still alive so that he can finish up with all the Jews in this world. Or at least all the leader can be like Ahmadinejad or Tayyip Erdogan, so that the Jews will get scared out of hell.
Well, to end of my writing, here are some more of dialogue from World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer to the radio DJ:
Fischer: Hey Eugene, what's the difference between a good Jew and a bad Jew?  

Eugene : I don't know. What's the difference between a good Jew and bad Jew?

Fischer: The good Jew fucks you slower.

Ps : I emphasis here that I well noticed that anyone that hates anything is wasting of their time, unless they find a way to channel their hate and invest time into changing that object of hate. Well, that’s what I’m trying to do here, try to make people more understand about how suck the Jews are, so that we all can think of something, maybe to make our society better and not end up be like the animal Jew .
 If u would like to read more my writing about Palestine, just click here and here.


Anonymous said...

The activists are pathological liars. They are telling straight, blatant, non-truth.

As for Bobbie Fischer, he couldn't handle the fact that Jews have a higher IQ than white people so he invented an elaborate paranoid conspiracy about Jews taking over chess, when the reality was that Jews just have superior IQ's to white people in general.

timmy timon said...

the world chess champion, where did u get that? i hope u can share some links so that we(the readers) can do some research/homework ourself. this entry is rock. owh, and malaysians are planning for something; check this out

timmy timon said...

the world chess champion, where did u get that? i hope u can share some links so that we(the readers) can do some research/homework ourself. this entry is rock. owh, and malaysians are planning for something; check this out

Fared Isa said...

anonymous,maybe its better if u write a name,so that its more easier for me to address u by ur name..the video doesn't prove anything my can be edited, it can be misinterpreted..jews shouldn't interfere the aid ship at the first place..and what do u expect the zionist soldier would want to do by landing on the ship with their guns??? its becoz they trying to take over the ship!what is ur reaction if somebody come to u and want to steal ur property? are u going to stand still or u going to defense what is urs? and how do we know that the zionist didnt shoot at the first place from the helicopter above? common, u cannot prove anything by just some few seconds video my friend.

and about the bobby fischer,this whole thing got nothing to do with jews take over the chess world or jews got better IQ. for ur info, bobby fischer's mom also a jew..this is about how bad jews are trying to dominate the world using their dirty way!

for timmy timon, here's the link about the bobby fischer,

thanks by the way for leaving ur comments...

Dakwat Basah! said...

we can shout 'anti israel', 'stop war' or whatever, we can make thousand demonstration, we can update everything bout those jews. yet, israel still israel, nothing change! because Islam is not unite anymore, even mesir close the border (means arab country also had conflict). OIC also can do nothing! never unite, never wins! hehe..Islamic leader now being coward. don't get angry, this is the fact. now, who can really fight against Bastard Israel?

Mista Blogga said...

yes, damn Zionists!

fidde said...

with israel, always expect the unexpected. always.

Anonymous said...

Ehud Barak was once asked by Larry King,'How do you feel Mr. Prime Minister about the coming OIC gathering in Kuala Lumpur?'

Ehud Barak sarcastically gave a ‘Question’ answer;'What are they going to do in Kuala Lumpur that I should be concerned about?'

Larry King promptly replied; 'They are going to pass resolutions to condemn you over your activities in Palestine.'

'Is that all?' asked Ehud Barak.

'Yes, what do you think about that?', again asked Larry King
Ehud Barak proudly answered; 'They have been doing that all this while, so many times ....... they can carry on doing it ........ I am not bothered.'

'What would bother you then?' pressed Larry King, "I would be bothered if they are providing enough funds or weapons for the Palestinians. Or send their tanks and soldiers to Palestine. As far as talking or passing resolutions is concerned, they can carry on. They have done that many times before.'

Anonymous said...

I am Jewish and I feel insulted by these comments. If the author is not a coward he can contact me directly on my email and have a word with me.

Anonymous said...

I have never read such raciest lies in my entire life! You all sound like a bunch of pheasants from the Middle Ages screaming "death to the Jews!" And fabricating blood libels.
What makes our lives any less than yours?!
By the way, how many islamic countries army value the life of their enemies even, as the idf?? Any suffering of those poor gazans is purely from the very humanitarium hamas.
But I shouldn't waste my time writing - anti-semitism doesn't listen to truth and logic.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well..a jew said their IQ are higher then shows that jew are always arrogant...thats come from their people,imagine their PM?

"I left a few of them so the world will understand why i was killing them"- Adolf Hitler.

why Hitler never finished off what he simply because he is more genius then anybody that time his quotes again.

Anonymous said...

That might actually be the most retarded thing ive ever heard in my life just honestly why hate a culture because their different or because they don't believe in the same things, how did the jews ever wrong you, what did they do to you maybe pa on the ranch told you they were swine but really the arrogant assholes are all the ones who are intolerant of people that arent like you, and really even if the jews had killed about 20 people does that even compare to the extermination of jews during nazism and in egypt really listen to yourself and you have the nerve to call every single jew arrogant. dickface

hitlers head said...

hey if you wish that Hitler were still alive why dont you read my book. google 'hitlers head is still alive!' for details i'll send you a free internet copy to read. the book is a comedy but does make some very serious comments about how our cultures are being destroyed by Jewish and other big bussiness Globalization

mohamed said...

Dude. It's very obvious you are a racist. Can't even get your facts right.
It's sad facts that Malaysian Muslim are blinded by the local media all saying Jews kill Palestine. What those media doesn't state is that Palestinians launch RPGs onto Israeli state on daily basis. Killing people just like you and me who just want to live a normal life. OPEN YOUR EYES and don't be blinded.

Buddy said...

I belief everything started shud ave a reason.. It's no a good sign to curse or criticized the whole Jewish.. Juz like all the world thinking the Muslim is terrorist bcoz of laden.. If wanna protest go hunt the people who order their soldier to do such attack.. Not innocent citizen or people.. The world had such issue booz their mind is greedy in " money, power, sex and also over reacted on their religious" if all of us can put aside on this thing respect each other... I think we may sit down together drink and chatin harmony..


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