Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life is more than just a game. Life is something very distinctive and very subjective. I would like to stress on the importance of life itself to every single being in this earth.

Sometimes we may experience downfall. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is crashing on u, and when things seems to be sailing smoothly, that is when things goes out of hand. I personally experience it myself, (and I believe so do u). And for a moment, it seems like my life is useless. But it came a point in time where I sat down and think about the possibilities of what happens now is partly the work of God, or perhaps things happened because it is meant to be that way. I know that sometimes life itself may fail to u to a point u are thinking that what is the use of u being born in this world. But allow me to say this, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE PURPOSE OF U LIVING IN THIS WORLD, IS WHAT U DID WHILE U ARE LIVING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THE WORLD.


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