Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tips How To Make People Like U and Be Ur Friends

Do u know why the law put the bad people into the cell?
It is to block their freedom from outer world. But worst of it, the reason why they put bad people in cell is because to separate them with the people that they like and love such as family and friends. That’s the worst punishment ever because when they don’t get to see or meet anybody that is close to them, it will torture them psychologically, it will torture their minds and insanity.
So for us who still lucky enough not to be in prison (haha), we better appreciate it. Better find friends rather than find trouble. Here are some tips that u should follow to make people like u and automatically by following these, it will turn even stranger to be ur friends.  

1.       Smile
Smile. A simple word but brings thousands of happiness.
Smile, it’s the best thing one can do with the lips. A smile costs nothing, but gives much. U give people a smile, people will give u a friendship. A smile sends a message that u are friendly and easy to like.
I could not help but to smile as I write this. I hope u guys will also smile when u read this. =)

2.        Don’t be too serious (crack some jokes dude!)
Stop taking yourself too seriously. Who like a serious people? I mean, like serious all the time. Try to be fun guys.
Recent poll (there’s no poll actually) shows that people love to hanging out with fun guys instead of serious guys.
Remember when we were in school, who’s the one who got so many friends? Come on, u knew it. Our friend who was funny was the one who got so many friends and glamour around the school. Sometimes we couldn’t help but jealous with this kind of people because they are so funny and everyone just loved them. Come on, just admit it.
So let’s turn ourselves to be funny too. Crack some jokes guys, and have fun having people loving u.
BUT please, do not exaggerate!
 U don’t fart in ur classroom then scream telling everyone that u just fart. Seriously it’s not funny guys.

3.        Be nice
Be nice with everybody.
Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to u - not because they are nice, but because u are. Kindness is so powerful that kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns. U be nice with people, people will be nice to u.
But u don’t be nice to people who are bullying u. If somebody is bullying u, u should kick their ass! (Okay I’m kidding, but u should do what u suppose to do)

4.       Learn to listen (be a good listener)
Everyone loves when somebody is listening to them when they are talking.
Learn to be a good listener. U ask ur friend a question, and then shut up and let ur friend answer it. It’s not cool when u ask ur friend question, but u the one who answer it. Don’t be like Ali, the interviewer.
Encourage others to talk about themselves. It also shows that u are concern enough.
Listen to someone means u respect to someone, and when u respect to others, people will also respect. That’s just the way of life.
Besides, u can learn a lot more by listening than speaking, am I right?

5.       Don’t be too stingy
Never be stingy. U won’t get rich by being stingy coz there’s no ‘berkat’ (bless) in it.
If u hang out having ‘teh tarik’ with ur friends, take a chance to pay for their drinks. It’s not going to kill u by paying RM5 for the drinks. It shows that u close with ur friends.
Just remember that the world is round, u gives something, u gain something. Trust me, if u treat ur friend a glass of teh tarik, u will be surprised soon enough when people would want to buy u 10 glasses of ‘teh tarik’.
So just imagine if u buy a BMW to ur friends, u are going to get 10 BMWs back! WOW!!!

6.       Humble
Even if u are damn rich like Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet, u still have to be humble and respect others.
It’s just the law of human, where u needs to respect each other no matter who u are, where u are, or how high u are. Keep low profile.
U don’t talk big and expect people to like u.
It is not that hard to be humble, u just have to set ur mind that there are a lot more of people who are better than u. No matter how talented you are, there is almost always somebody who can do something better than you.
Being humble in other’s eyes means u don’t claim ur own accomplishments, and instead, thank others for how they helped, what they did, how they encouraged or supported u. There are always things to thank others for. Find someone each day and thank them for something. That said, I want to thank each of u guys for reading and supporting my blog, it wouldn’t exist without u!

So these are among the tips that I managed to list down. Hope it will be helpful to u guys, and hope by reading this, u and me, officially becoming friends. Thanks friends. =)

Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends. 


Anonymous said...

simple and nice

ashirahabibullah said...

best bro..thats why, one of the Sunnah Rasul saw is to spread the salam

hitoride said...

luv it....=)))

Fared Isa said...

thanks guys...

appreciate... =)

Anonymous said...

luv this post, btw i want 2 add some info bout how to find friends. if can, find a person who has the same interest with u. such as same hobby n etc...

Fared Isa said...

hehe...thanks 'anonymous'...

very nice of u... =)

indahnyasisuria said...

they said 'don't frown, u never know who is falling in love with ur smile' :)

Fared Isa said...

indahnyasisuria : very nice of u.. =)

schazwany hameed said...

I love this entry!!!

And I agree with you all the way from number 1 till 6!

Great blog! =)


musethekiller@josh said...

such a good things to hear the tips of that.. i have many friends but some of best friends.. how can she/he go away when i'm in trouble? and then come back like nothing happen.. haha
such a sad story isn't it?

so i strongly recommend u to give some tips to make a really best friends! thanks!

hey josh! why so serious? read the tips again~ hoho


fndrocka said...

this is my first time coming here...and i think i like this blog

RITA NALZA said...

hahah..i like this very much~~~thnks for posting this....gotta try..heheh~~

btw..ienjoy reading ur blog!keep on posting new n informative entries~keep it up!


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