Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lifeline 4 Gaza - Break The Siege

“I will give u a lot.” said the Jew.
“What did u mean?” replied Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
“Listen carefully, I will make u rich, ur country rich” Jew said in confident.
“I don’t get it, explain.” Sultan Abdul Hamid II was confused.
“I will give u 35 million worth of gold. I will exploit the newspaper to maintain ur good name when facing the west authority, I will pay all the Turkey Uthmaniyah Government’s debt, I will build a university with a complete modern equipment, I will help to improve ur country economy, improve the transportation here.” Jews answered proudly.
“Why would u want to do that?” asked Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
“For only one small reason” said Jew.
“And the reason is?”
“I want u to give me permission to open a Jew company near the Jerusalem. This company will be responsible to buy a left land around Palestine to make as home and farm to Jewish citizen”
Sultan Abdul Hamid II was surprised. His face turned red. Then he said,

“Listen here u impolite Jew, Palestine is not mine, it is also not belongs to Turkey people, it belong to Arabic. While Baitul Maqdis(Jerusalem)  is not belong to Arabic, but it is belong to all Muslims around the globe. Jerusalem became part of the Islamic land when Omar bin Alkhattab took the city and I’m not going to carry the historical shame of selling the holy lands to the Jews and betraying the responsibility and trust of my people. I cannot give away a handful of the soil of this land for it is not my own, it is for all the Islamic Nation. The Islamic Nation that fought Jihad for the sake of this land and they have watered it with their blood. The Jews may keep their money and millions. If the Islamic Kalifah State is one day destroyed then they will be able to take Palestine without a price! But while I am alive, I would rather push a sword into my body than see the land of Palestine cut and given away from the Islamic State. This is something that will not be, I will not start cutting our bodies while we are alive!”
Sultan Abdul Hamid II was a great leader. His passion toward Islam and his responsibility of leadership was so impressive.
But sadly not long after that the Jews turned to the British to turn their dreams into reality.
And they succeed.
This was how Palestine falls into Zionist’s hand. Theodore Hertzl was the master of the destruction of Jerusalem. He was the founder of Zionist, the evil battalions who killed and slaughtered Palestine people while they were still alive.
Sultan Abdul Hamid II was trying so hard to defense the Jerusalem, but because of the Muslims that time (and even these days) keeps fighting among themselves, Jews managed to take advantage and they managed to take over the Jerusalem and set their settlement there.
So what the morale of the story? What can we learn from here? And what are we waiting for? When else? Who else?
We should ask ourselves these kinds of questions. We should sit down, clear our mind, and be honest to ourselves. We are enjoying here, while our fellow Muslim were killed over there. Don’t we feel ashamed of ourselves?
It’s time now. We need to take the action, make a move. It’s us who need to do this, not others.
I realize that we all have different challenges. Maybe some may say that let them deal with their own problems, we are too far to do anything. Besides we ourselves have our very own problem that we need to deal instead of mind other’s problem.
My brothers, please don’t say that.
Palestinians are our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. We should try our best to help them in whatever way that is possible for us to do. At least, let us do something even a little, and by the little mean let us at least do’a for them. Never ever forget to pray for them every time after we done our 5 times solat everyday.
Well, some say that pray without effort is baseless. So there is one other way that we can do to show our effort towards helping them.
Lifeline 4 Gaza.
Ever heard of this? The same concept as Viva Palestine, but this time more advance.
Lifeline 4 Gaza is a project that have been created by several domestic NGOs from Malaysia who are committed to join hands in efforts to form an international convoy aimed at dismantling the Zionist Israel regime’s blockade of Gaza and to deliver basic living necessities to her citizens who have been continually denied of such aids in the past.
This project will be joining an international convoy  headed by  a Turkish which got a full support of their Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and also will be joined by NGOs from others countries around the world.
So watch out Israel, this time the convoy will be big and stronger.
This time they will send around 20 ships of aids to Gaza. People around the world are starts to realize their responsible toward someone in need like the Palestinians. They know that Gaza is like an open air prison, because the Israel block all the necessities from coming in, and the Gazan just depend on the small tunnel beneath the ground to smuggle all their needs such as foods, medicine and etc.
Guys, let me ask u, where on earth does there exist such as practice? On which country? It’s like restricting a man to breathe on a tube while he can breathe in a normal way. The little oxygen that he got instead of full amount of oxygen will make his body weak.
Same goes at the Gaza. Only limited amounts and aids are let through this tunnel. And worst, Egypt now also tries to block the tunnel. So how the Gazan would continue their living??? Many are going to lose their lives. Who is going to be held responsible for all this?
So, for us, not just Muslims, but for all human being, no matter what religions u are, but as a human, don’t we think that we should help each other? Don’t we think that we should help other human like us to lead their live in a normal way? Just like we want our live to be normal and peacefully?
Think about it.
So for those who would like to donate some money to this ‘Lifeline 4 Gaza’ project and be part of this movement, u can donate directly to this account below,
Account number : 5644 9020 8528
Bank : Maybank Berhad
It is endeavoured that efforts such as this will give birth to a new generation of Malaysians who are sensitive and caring about humanitarian issues, and most importantly to cherish the freedom of independence that we have enjoyed thus far.



Rue Anemone said...

InsyaAllah..The Muslims will win one day.. and that's His promise..
So now, we can just pray for the shuhada and feed their children with whatever money we have.

Fared Isa said...

that's the least that we can do..
so lets do it instead of sitting down n doing nothing..

hope Islam will win soon, Takbir!

-И α Ě ɨ Ľ α- said...

Salam Fared Isa. Thx for following mine.
i do following youu.. Do read my entry also.thx.

hope one day Allah will give the triumphant to Palestine!
Free Palestine!

Fared Isa said...

Sure, I will visit and read ur entry...

Free Palestine...!!! =)

Anonymous said...

nice job dude

MuNsYi SaMa said...

May Allah bless you brother. I'm putting your link in my linkblog. Thanks in advance.

Fared Isa said...

May Allah bless u too brother Munsyi..

Thanks... =)

[husnanajihah] said...

can i copy diz??

Fared Isa said...


but hope u can put my url blog in it so that its easy for people to make reference..

Anonymous said...

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Dr Tasleem Rehmani said...

This is a historic comment from Sultan Hameed ii May allah shower all his blessings upon him and May all of follow path shown by him . Long Live Palestine, Long Live Masjid Aqsa Palestine will be restored to us for sure soon

Iskandar said...

Met 5 Palestians in my masjid last 2 weeks.

He said, thanks a million to Msian for sending food, building materials, medicine to them.

But he said, we forget to send the MOST IMPORTANT thing to them.

We forget to send Islamic missionaries to do dakwah to the Palestinians. He said, do you know how many Palestinians do not pray -- even when they see death everywhere?

The first thing we must build up is iman. Sahabat becomes strong because of strong iman, and we all become weak, fight against each other and help the Jews to kill other muslim because of weak iman.

He said, pls send muslim missionaries. Pls help us rebuild our iman. Pls help other muslim to build up iman. Allah has again and again help those who are weak in numbers but strong in iman (many war were fought by Nabi n sahabat against unthinkable number of forces -- and won).

I was silent. I never thought of that. But they were right.


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