Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ah Tan and The Half Billion Money to Charity

Business tycoon, Tan Sri Vincent Tan (Ah Tan) , the chairman and CEO of his own BERJAYA company, just announced recently that he will donate the proceeds of RM525mil from the proposed sale of his 70% stake in Ascot Sports Sdn Bhd to a foundation he has renamed “Better Malaysia Foundation". Well u can read the news about it here.
One question, what is wrong with this man?
With the profit from his gambling business, even he donates a billion ringgit to the charity, that does not right a wrong. A wrong is still a wrong no matter how much u pours money to make it right.
It seems like he trying to ‘bribe’ the rakyat with his charity money so that rakyat will not ‘bising-bising’ with the license of the sports gambling.
Instead of Selangor, Kedah and Penang governments have already declared that they will disallow sports betting in the states, Tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan said he will appeal to these to rescind the ban on sports betting.
He will never give up.
Well, that is a good businessmen spirit, never give up, but whatever it is, the sport gambling that he wants to run is still wrong. Even a person with an IQ below 70 could also determine the massive damage of gambling to the society. It will not just damage the society, it will also damage the young and the future generation.
Gambling basically giving the idea that 'u can earn without working'. We don’t want to give that idea to the young and the future generation. Life is not just about go gambling and dreaming all that long with the money that they might never win. Life is way more than that.
Life is about to work hard to achieve our dreams.
Vincent Tan, he is a billionaire, he is among the richest in Malaysia, his name was already listed in Forbes magazine, he is the first Malaysian that own an English football club (Cardiff FC), so what else that he want to achieve in his life? Is that not enough for him? I’m sorry to say, but I think with his age right now, it’s better for him to focus on doing something good, instead of trying to increase his fortune and ruining others life.
Now all of sudden he want to donate a half billions to charity. I don’t know that he is too kind before. Why the sudden rush to apparent generosity when he does not have a track record of philanthropy?
Dear Ah Tan,
Instead of donating the money to charity, we prefer u to stop the game betting. And instead of donating ur half billion ringgit, we prefer u to close all the sport toto outlets then maybe we will believe you want to do something good.
Dear Ah Tan,
Please do not hoodwink the people by ur pledge to donate the filthy monies to charity. Donating ill gotten wealth is no charity. Remember Botak Chin, the famous gangster and robber. He robbed the rich and did some charity work for the poor. Well, it is still wrong, but in ur case, most of the wealth is derived from betting by the poor. Hey Botak Chin is one up on u. He took from the rich and give to the poor! Not take from the poor and give to the rich!
If u still have any conscious in u then u should stop sucking the poor of their hard earn money.
Please think that the RM525 million cannot undo the harm done to so many innocent people. Just imagine with legalise betting, many house wives, school children, and ordinary folks , who never had or did not know where to place betting before, can now find easy access to those betting outlets. And Ah Tan, imagine how many lives are going to be wrecked.
And for me, as a Muslim, I am quite surprised with the upright religious bodies suddenly becoming so silent here. Why don’t they say something? They have to be tough in this!
And to the Muslims leaders, on one hand, the leaders keep screaming and reminding us all that this is an Islamic country, but on the other hand, it’s alright for them to issue a legalise permit to the gambling business. Bullshit!
Are they trying to make fun with Allah rules?! A sin is a sin, haram is haram, should be no compromise!
Well, the government and Vincent Tan keeps emphasis that only non-muslims will be allowed to place betting, so they think it is okay to have a sports gambling.
Dear government, Ah Tan already said that 75% of the sports gambling will be operates via phone betting. So how do u expect to stop the Malays Muslims from gambling?
And let say the government is right that really no Muslims will place any betting (I’m just being sarcastic), it is still wrong because the tax that government receive from the gambling permit is dirty money! Do we want to build schools, mosques, pay the salaries to the government workers with all this dirty money? Come on, think!
And for Dear Ah Tan, if taxes from sports gambling amounts to RM3b, it simply means u are encouraging the poor Malaysian Chinese and Indians to bet RM12b a year. And assuming the net profit is 10%, ASCOT annual income is a cool RM1.2b and Robin's (Vincent Tan’s son) 30% share is RM360m. And Berjaya Sports Toto will earn RM840m. And ur share of Berjaya Sports Toto is 52% (direct and indirect) which means u still get RM436.8m. So, u and ur son pocket a cool RM796.8m every year! Wow, maybe that’s why u suddenly don’t mind giving half billion to the charity.
So Dear Ah Tan, do not try to tell us u are so generous. U got a moral problem if u think a little donation to ur own managed charity will absolve u of ur guilt.
The bottom of all, I guess maybe it’s better for Ah Tan to keep his half billion money, and the government keeps the permit instead of giving it to Ah Tan. Only with this can be called as a win-win situation.

Ps : U can read my other entry about gambling license by clicking here.



Dakwat Basah! said...

i just read newspaper, PM said the license approval was not confirmed yet & waiting 4 feedback from people...hahaha.hakkhtuii...
Malaysian minister semua cakap putar belit la abang.rakyat juga ada pening. thiu na seng!

Fared Isa said...

i strongly think that the license will still be given to Ah Tan..
its just a matter of time..

let us wait n see...

but hope it will not be given to anybody... =)

almira said...

what wrong wif Malaysia now..?

Ummu Mursyid said...

well said.. congrates..

but still.. it is the rakyat who needs to stop gambling...

Ah Tan is only using the stupidness of those who gambles..


Sir Dr. Afiq said...

exactly!he's only using the stupidity of the people to gamble.hey lets face it,a big chunk of gamblers are poor people who keeps thinking money might sprout in their backyard.

future scenario:dad gambles,lost,demands money,loaned the Ah Longs,steals,beats up wife and kids,teenagers too gamble,whatever.seriously,if the license is given to this Ah Tan - Malaysia's society's doomed.

and Ah Tan doesnt give a damn.

kujid said...

"he's only using the stupidity of the people to gamble." ~too true

well, the biggest problem is, most people are stupid. that's why they gamble...

this person.. taking advantage on this 'sick' society.. he's the biggest criminal.. come on malaysian, open your eyes!

Fared Isa said...

ummu : rakyat gambling because the government allowed it...if government didnt allowed it, rakyat got no place to do gamble.. =)

Afiq : yes,u r right my friend, Ah Tan wont give a damn...
he juz give a damn aboout how to increase his fortune.. =)

kujid : agreed with u my friend.. =)

syaza said...

can I not be a Malaysian..? merajuk ngan ministry ni..

Fared Isa said...

syaza : haha...dats funny...too bad,its too late my friend syaza..

Anonymous said...

ah tan tak kesah..haha

Ummu Mursyid said...

"rakyat gambling because the government allowed it...if government didnt allowed it, rakyat got no place to do gamble.. =)"

that is not necessarily true ^^
even if the government didn't allow it, but if the rakyat just looove to gamble.. it will still happen..

say that the government allows gambling, but not a single rakyat gambles, then... no business for Ah Tan!!

the main problem here is...

the rakyat.. fullstop ^^

Fared Isa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fared Isa said...

im sori but im not agree with u ummu..
r u trying 2 say dat u agreed with d gambling license?

the main prob here is gov allowed permit to operate the gambling business..
in other word,its like gov influence people to gamble..they agreed to approve something dat is haram at the first place!

yes,some will stay gambling even without d permit,few people will gamble illegally,n dats very few of them in term of percentage of the malaysian..n if dat hapen,gov should prevent it from happening by keep rushing d illegal gambling business..not by giving license to them...r u trying to say that if we cannot fight them we should join them???if yes,maybe gov should also give permit to the d prostitution place, give permit to sell 'dadah', permit to mat rempit to keep rempit n etc..

indahnyasisuria said...

nice one.. uncle Ah Tan may not very clear of what is haram and halal... but those who making such decision to menghalalkan yg haram? They are such poor and lame in justifying their decision.. they said that the government losing hundreds of millions of ringgit a year in revenue to illegal bookmakers. Very funny!!! In the end, Uncle Tan and his friends may be smiling during this world cup frenzy!! hehe...

Fared Isa said...

indahnyasisuria : yes, agreed with u my friend!

Anonymous said...

no gamble= no life....

Ummu Mursyid said...

"r u trying 2 say dat u agreed with d gambling license?"

I never said that my friend ^^

what I mean is that the main prob is the rakyat..

and ofcoz I DISAGREE with the license thingy... haish!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. Nice one! He too blind with hukum haram & halal in the islamic concepts. The funny things is all his F&B industry hanged "HALAL" signage inside his outlets.. Are he too blind or not too care enough to his community.. He even doesn't care about his partners! Hmph..

I was wondering what will happens if he got the license already? He might be the next PM some day! Go figure! lol

Anonymous said...



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