Monday, May 31, 2010

PARENTS; Beware Of Ur Kids Activities

There are worse things than killing your children. You can just do it the normal way. Let them live in today's world.
                                                                                                                                                                                     Chuck Palahniuk 

Beware of ur children activities.  
While new technology and vast capabilities of information gathering and communication is still an awesome thing for most of us, to our children, it’s just life.
With so many social networking nowadays, almost all of us have at least one account with the social networking, whether it is Facebook, Myspace or anything. We, one of the billions of Internet users, are so open and vulnerable to the whole kind of people in this world.
All group ages of people use the social networking, whether to connecting with friend, for leisure and even for a business. And we all know that Facebook, MySpace, Friendster and so many others social networking nowadays can bring good, and also can bring harm to the users.
BUT what I want to highlight here is the danger of social networking to the kids.

In my own view, these all social networking does not bring any good to the kids, to the childrens. Social networking, by definition, seems harmless, but there are a lot of hidden dangers.
Beware kids!
Kids today have grown up in a technology world with high-speed Internet connections, jazzy new phones that have all sorts of capabilities, and social networking or meeting and chatting online.  Most of today’s “cool” tech applications function in real-time; meaning the conversation is going on at that moment – much like a telephone call. 
The trend now is kids use the Internet for hours upon hours each week. They can navigate themselves very well around the World Wide Web. Kids use the Internet to research for school papers or assignments, playing games, and social networking.

But, just because kids know a lot about using the Internet does not mean that they know very much about Internet safety. Kids do not always know when they are in danger on the Internet. They can be very trusting. Parents need to talk to their children about the dangers involved in social networking.

We should learn from what had recently happened at London, where a postman, name Micheal Williams, use social networking sites (Facebook and Bebo) to groom up to 1000 children for sex. He was reported to create at least eight fake profiles and targeted children he met on his rounds as a postman or through his role at a soccer club.

He dyed his hair different colours to hide his identity and pretended to be a young boy called James and a teenage girl called Gorgeous Charlie to meet children aged between 11 and 16. Many of his victims were tricked into performing sex acts on a webcam but he convinced others to meet him in parks, on beaches and at his home where he abused them.

See how dangerous it is? This is the thing that we should prevent from happening to our kids. Actually we already knew about how dangerous it can be, but we usually not really care about it, coz we arrogant people always think that there is no way this thing will happen to our kids.

Don’t be so confident!
This threat can happen to anybody!  Even the mature adults have become victims of someone they met on the Internet. So it is possible it will happen to us and to our kids. Let us ask ourselves, if this thing happened to us someday, who need to be blame?  Should blame the naive kids or blame our arrogant attitude?
Prepare the umbrella before it rain.
Parents need to take an active role in educating themselves about how social networking site work. The more you educate yourself about the internet, the more u can educate ur child, and the safer they will be. So it’s totally up to u.
The most suitable ones to discipline and monitor the children's whereabouts and actions are the parents. Parents should teach their kids to learn to make real relationships with people around them, instead of letting them having virtual relationship with people in social networking.
We all realized that parents cannot be at their kids side 24/7. So the best thing parents could do is by talking to their kids and explain some hard but necessary life realities, such as people are not always honest, some people are looking to hurt u, some people might try to kidnap u. 
The concept of explaining the harsh realities of life to young kids is heartbreaking as it takes away their precious innocence. But we should do for their safety.
Kids also need a platform and ways to release their stress, and with more of the right kind of activities for them, plus the full observation from the parents, many social ills can be reduced and solved.
The bottom of it, it’s totally depend on the parents how to take care and protect their child from the dangerous.
So Chuck Palahniuk was right. There are worse things than killing ur children. U can just do it the normal way. Let them live in today's world.
Think about it.


Anonymous said...

it is true actually .. but some how the children itself should take a preventive measure .. and ofcoz it is the responsibilities of their parents to guide them from the danger of what advance technology is bringing right ? =) nice article ..

Fared Isa said...

thanks for visiting...

appreciate.. =)

Eyriqazz said...

salam fared,

thanks for the comment..maaf mungkin saya tak perasan awak leave comment especially kalau di chatbox..apapun..dah link kan urs..thanks mengingati..sayani pun slalu juga terlupa..

happy blogging..will visit ur site from time to time..

Anonymous said...

ehem2..parents shud beware of their sons who study away from home too. they shud check n call their sons in early morning or late nite.probably studying..(good sign) but normally.....(bad sign)!beware of ur sons!!!!!;D

-aiGaY- mm..not aigay but "YuGaY"!! ;D

Fared Isa said...

thanks eyriqazz... =)

aigay : haha, afraid d parents might find their children is hanging out at bangkok station... ;p

Anonymous said...

i am truly adore with ur works n act we r wearing a same spec when it comes about to our religion and political views.. u've did a great job wif ur blog. keep it up. but i am disapp. as well on how many teen/youth these days who really ignoring these issue till they dun evn knw hw ignorant they r. only hear, read and conclude without further acknwldgmnt.. its pathetic evntually. hwevr i'm goin to visit mre often,. so write mre kay!!


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