Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rakyat Win to Stop The Football Betting License

Finally we win. Congratulation rakyat, unified voice works.

This is the victory that we get if we work together, and voices our dissatisfaction.

Last night, Prime Minister has announced that the government will not issuing the sport betting license to Ascot Sport Sdn. Bhd. after the meeting of UMNO supreme council.

Plus, the Prime Minister said although the government had in principal approved the license, it decided not to proceed with it after taking into consideration the feedback from all layers of the community. U can read the rest of the news by clicking here and here.

Even it seems like a load of rubbish, contradictions and a serious laugh at the government decision making process because it was the government who issued the license and if need to be withdrawn then the cabinet should have done it and not UMNO, but still, the important thing here, we, the rakyat got what we want. No sport betting license.

UMNO keep claiming that UMNO is the biggest Islamic Party. But how u could u mentioned that while some of the leaders don’t even believes in Islam, by supporting to legalize the betting license.

Sport gambling or any gambling for that matter, whether legal or illegal is morally wrong and compulsive. Curbing illegal sport gambling true to its word CURBING it means restricting or curtailing and does not mean wiping out completely. Therefore legalized sport gambling for any reasons is something morally wrong and compulsive.

More so those so-called Muslim leaders who call for legalizing it must have their brains checked. Selangor mufti, Sahibus Samahn Mohd Tamyes has issued an edict that Muslims who approved gambling were committing a crime against religion and their peers. He said no compromise on gambling! (U can read it by clicking here)

And please stop claimed that only non- muslims are gamblers because it looks like they encourages gambling as a habit abhor by any culture or religions or race for that matter. Aren't those who promote legalizing it are worse than those who indulged in it?

And for Vincent Tan, I feel sorry for u my dear Ah Tan coz u can’t fulfill ur dream to double up ur fortune in overnight. There’s no more sports license for u. Right now what’s in my mind is just wondering whether Ah Tan is still want to proceed with his promise to giving out his half billion ringgit to the charity as what he announced before. U can read more about Vincent Tan by clicking here.

But we should never belittle or underestimate tycoon like Ah Tan. Don’t forget that he is a billionaire. He is a businessman, where in another word, he is a fighter. Of coz he won’t give up this fight easily. So let us just guess what is Vincent Tan’s next move to win this fight.

But what I think Ah Tan, Berjaya has so many other businesses rather than betting. Why not let the business move on. If Berjaya can secure a sport betting license, it is a durian runtuh for u, but not for the rakyat. As per its existing business, I believe it is sufficient for the group to grow up in the future, so please stop with the sport betting, for the sake of our society!

Finally, hooray for Malaysians against Sports Betting. God bless us all with more victories.

I hope this betting license issue will be over, and not to become another flip flop decision by the government.

Ps : U can read my entry about gambling license by clicking here


Anonymous said...

selalu tengok orang melayu msk sport toto tu.. but the one in d pic lagi memalukan lah.. isk

uzair rashid said...

jhgn butakan mta kta dgn media massa..dont b fooled by them..
smtimes their just blurring the truth..
b fair to listen both krajaan n pmbangkang voice then u knw whats d truth..

MuNsYi SaMa said...

alhamdulillah. Everyone (including the non Muslims)should know that gambling is a very sick habit. that's why Islam forbids it in the first place.

yna. said...


Sang Karipap said...

Pelik jugak. Kenapa keputusan yang melibatkan hal ehwal kerajaan dibincangkan dengan Majlis tertinggi UMNO, bukannya dalam Parlimen?

Kerajaan ke UMNO yang luluskan ni? Baca betul2..jangan sekali tengok sudah berpuas hati. Ada udang disebalik batu~

Anonymous said...

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