Friday, June 18, 2010

The Life of This Woman is Worth Less Than The Life of This Cat

This is sad. This is crazy. This is inhuman.

Somebody has posted a video of a woman with a kitten in the Facebook. Out of curiosity, I did click the play button, where after spend few minutes watching the video, I wish I didn’t click it.

The video shows, a scantily clad woman posed with a small kitten along a riverbank, at first gently caressing the animal's fur. She then put the down the kitten and began stomping on the kitten with her high-heeled shoes, crushing its body and head till blow out the eyes of the kitten, and leaving it in a lifeless, bloody heap.

I'm speechless and in shock.  

This is by far the worst thing I have ever seen and I wonder how this even allowed on the internet. This devil woman should be thrown in prison. These are the few of the pictures :

Then I did some research about this video, and I get to know that this thing happened in China back in 2006. The girl in the video name is Wang Jue, a 41-year-old nurse, and the fact that she divorced was dug out. Wang was later suspended from her job. U can read more about her here.

And then it surprised me to find out that this thing is some kind of business actually in China, where somebody records the videos of woman wearing high heels and stomping animals to death and sell in disc with the price of US$1.87 (around RM6) each to the people around the world.

Since the video had been leaking out in the internet, many animal lovers had protests it and urge the authorities to take the action, where then the Chinese government had taken the action.

But one of the sellers, however, was unrepentant, where he said, "These movies are not nasty; I don't think they're illegal," a man surnamed Han who markets the videos online told the Shanghai Morning Post. Han said he offers dozens of different videos and has sold hundreds of discs to people from all over the country since he started the business two years ago. "All the videos I sell show beauties dressed in sexy clothes crushing a small animal to death," he said. "They are selling very well."

Selling very well? What the…?

I mean, what kind of people who buy these types of videos and enjoy watching it?

I guess the people who buy these products are disturbed individuals who may take pleasure in seeing another living creature suffer because they can't achieve their own life goals. These people are most likely those who can't realize their own dreams.

For everyone who believes this is acceptable should have their head examined.

Me myself also not really into cat or any kind of pets, but even I’m like this, it never comes cross my mind to torment any kind of harmless animals.

This is the worst thing I had watched and heard regarding animal cruelty. It makes me sick to think about it.
Honestly I think that the life of this kind of woman is worth less than the life of this cat.

Ps : Sorry, I cannot post the video here because it went missing from the Facebook. I guess it because of the video was way too inhuman so they decide to ban it. So now I lost trace of the video and I’m glad about it because having to watch it has make me sick!  


Mumucha Bookstore said...

This is surely is superbly stupid son of the bitch of hell..!!!!

Othman Juliana said...

wth! *&^%$##&^%&*&^@!
yeah, i will not say more. damn!

sid sienna said...

sadistic.. how could she sleep at night?

nn said...

people that enjoys doing/viewing these kind of stuff are disgusting!

Fared Isa said...

be patient guys...hehe... =)

Anonymous said...

retard woman!
soo jahat.huh

nada hanis said...

erkkkkkk. kejam kot

zzzzz said...

babi kejam!!!

Anonymous said...

menyesal aku bace citer ni... sedih giler..kesian kat anak kucing tu

Anonymous said...

Chaya: And the lives of Jews/ israelis is even less than that poor cat?! (Refering back to ur remarkably anti-semetic hitler, may he fry in hell, article)
If you would just take off those hateful blinders in front ur eyes, you'll see how much we Jews and u Muslims have in common - way more than with Christians and u don't hate them as much! We're both from AbrahamN believe in one Gd, titheing, we're against immorality...

Pu3 Ledang said...

Sickening to the core!!

sawubona said...

i have watched the video.I wonder why human race is so barbaric.too bad

Anonymous said...

i don't really know whats happening to the chinese people's head


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