Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Celebration at mamak stall


“Wah,it’s already 12a.m” I told my friends while looking at my watch,,
Like usual, me and my friend were happily with our routine, ‘mengeteh’ at mamak stall,

“What about 12a.m??” asked my friend. He puzzled as suddenly I mentioned about time as before this we never care about time when we were so busy enjoying our ‘teh tarik’ and ‘roti canai’ while talking about football, cars, politics, etc,

“Its Merdeka dude! owh sh*t, You didn’t even remember!!, you are so busted dude!!”

“owh, ops,awww, its already 31st August,” (blushing) then , “it’s not that I forgot dude, it’s just I don’t remember,,,say,, like an hour” tried to cover his silly reaction,,

“errgghh, stop acting like a silly boy”
“no I’m not”
“unfortunately,,,you are!”

My friend silent for a moment, then tried to change the topic,

“wah, so Malaysia is already 52 years old”
“yup! Not old enough compared with others!”
“which country u compared with?”
“eerrrggghhh!!! such a jerk!”

Suddenly, preeeennnnggggg!!preeennnnnngggggg!!! the whole mamak stall lovers were shocked by the noise of motorcycles engine by mat2 rempitsss.

“their night” said my friend while smiling sarcastic to me
“no comment, maybe this is the way they express their freedom”
“freedom my ass”

Silent for a while, then,

“hoi, did u read about kartika?” asked my friend,
“whole Malaysia read it”
“so what do u think?”
“think what?”
“la, whether is convenient to cane her la”
“owh, em, for me, yes I think it’s convenient la,”
“coz she did something terrible, so she should face the consequence la”
“but don’t u think by caning is too harsh?”
“maybe, but that’s the rule, why?”
“naa, I just think about others who also drinks,”
”naa, u know, like children-of-superrich, children-of-somebody in high position, artist like *@*#* and *#@*, they all also muslim dude! They drinks like crazy! Proudly photographed their pic at pub while holding beers”
“hmm, yes, but what can we say, they are the high profile group, always have ways to covering their ‘activity’”
“proud with their power, just wait, they forget the real ruler of this world!”
“naa, enough la, let just care of ourselves, behave so that we can stay in the right path”
“that’s right, but we also have to help others so at least they can open their eyes and walk straight instead of running in circle”
“you are right dude”

Silent again, then we decide to talked about football, our fav topic,..

After some time,I looked at my watch again,

“oiii, its already 2a.m la!” scream slowly to my friend
“owh, chill, it’s still early what” acting like nothings happen
“ Let’s go home! My father will kill me dude!”
“kill u not me”
“okay that’s real funny” as I stood up heading to counter
“haha,,, wei, belanja, I don’t have money” with sad motion face

15 minutes later I arrived home,and I’m lucky enough that my father already asleep...usually he will wait for me to come home first and I’m so dead after that..Haha, u guys know what, I’m 20 years old okay, which mean I know how to take care of myself, but when I think back why my father so mad at me every time I came home late, I will say to myself, “never mind, at least I know that my father love me,,” . And it will bring smile to my face. =)

So long~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

new book : The Pillars of the Earth

Finished Grisham’s The Associate, took me 2 nights, nice book (bring me the memory of The Firm ( among his earlier thriller)), but not great enough compared to his recent ‘The Appeal’ and of course not to compare with A Painted House (one of my favorite ever).

Spending hours of my evening at bookstore to find a new book.
I was confused at the first place when deciding which book to purchase, it's too many books that I wanna grab!!

Unfortunately, I can't.

So managed to pull out with final two, whether Mahathir’s Blog to Unblock or Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth.
Both were in different genre ; non-fiction and fiction.
I cannot take both as one of my principal in reading is ‘you have to finish one book before move to another‘, and of course because I don’t have money to buy both! HAHA!
Take me almost an hour to decide!
Basically, I should read non-fiction because I cannot afford spending my hard-to-earn-free-time on somebody’s imaginary (fiction).

“Ahhh, who cares, Mahathir’s book can wait”, then I pick up Follet’s book.

This time my aim is Ken Follet.
Never read any of his book before, this is my first trial to be drift in the world of Follet.
What I can tell here is The Pillar of the Earth is not his latest creation.
His latest is World Without End.
Still, I took his 1989 collection because I heard a lot about this book.
It once selected by BBC viewers as one of Britain’s best book in the UK’s biggest ever celebration of reading.
So the latest piece, World Without End should wait as the priority was given to this book.
Can’t wait to read this book.
Maybe I spend my weekend on this.

So long. (^_^)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


“Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those who came before you that you may keep your duty to your Lord…” Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 183;

Here comes again Ramadhan al-Mubarak. The holy month that has been waiting by all of muslim around the world in every year. Alhamdulilah, we have been given the opportunity once again, to embrace the month of Ramadhan. Ramadhan is not only the month of “tarbiyah” (self-development) and “tazkiyyah” (purity), but it is also a period of self improvement for all the followers of Islam so as to amplify the good practice of worship to the one and only Allah.

The experience of fasting goes beyond refraining ourselves from food and drinks. Fasting is a therapy for us to be level-headed, to mature ourselves and to get close to Thee. It teaches patience and gives strength to those who are wise enough to appreciate the benefits of this holy act.

“Fasting is the antidote to those who are impatient and lacking of self control despite combined with the problem of two in an individual”. Bedjuzzaman Said Nursi

Wish that the holy month of Ramadhan will grant us the strength for continuous self-improvement so as to inch nearer with faith to the destination of God blessing.

Salam Ramadhan~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chinese Muslim

"or like utter darkness in the deep sea: there covers it a wave above which is another wave, above which is a cloud, (layers of) utter darkness one above another; when he holds out his hand, he is almost unable to see it; and to whomsoever Allah does not give light, he has no light." (Quran 24:40)

I went to masjid just now, for having my Zohor prayer.
On my way back, I saw a Chinese guy sitting alone not too far from the mosque, looking glum.
I did realized that he was also having zohor prayer with me and other ‘jemaah’ just now which bring me the idea that he’s muslim, converted maybe.

I stared at this guy from distance, I looked above till bottom, he looked like he’s in trouble, so pale, so messy and there were marks of wound on his head and he did wearing bandage on his right hand covering his finger.

Sympathized with his looked and the curiosity in me, I slowly walked on his way, my intention was to approach him, maybe having some conversation with him.

First, when I walked pass him, I glanced and smiled at him, which he noticed and smiled back at me.

Then I gave salam to him, and he did answer me with a warm smiled.
I stopped and went close to him, shook his hand, then asked him, where he from, which bring me the answer that he’s from Bukit Mertajam.

Then after a little chat with him, I tried to bring the conversation to the serious part.

From the conversation, (long story short) I got to know that he’s in crisis.

He actually wanted to ask for donation but didn’t really know how to do it, didn't know who to meet.

I asked him why he needs the donation? I mean of course I would like to know where the money goes if I help him to get the donation.

I also asked him about the wounds at his body.

And here I was surprised by his answer.

He told me that before this he lived with his brother. He had a job. Everything was fine at the first place. But things turn to be ugly one night when he was slashed with 'parang' by his own biological brother.

The ugly occasion took place when his brother secretly caught him red handed praying at his room.
By then, he already told his brother about his interest in Islam, but was objected by his brother.

After he was caught by his brother, he tried to explain to his brother. He told his brother that he already converted into Islam and in the process of learning 'solat'.

The brother was so angry as he hated it so much and they had a fight.
His brother lost control, lost his mind, ran 'amuk', find himself a 'parang' and slashed blindly to his own beloved and only brother.

Suddenly blood splashed to the wall. Everything was too late.

The result of the ‘parang’ slashed cost him three fingers of his right hand and also cut on his head.

He managed to run away from his ‘amuk’ brother and when people nearby saw him running covered in blood,they stopped and took him to the hospital.

At the hospital, after treatment, doctor had asks him to make a report to the police about being attacked, but he refused to do so as there still plenty of love for his older brother who took care of him since they was kid. He won’t trouble his own brother. Let him alone suffered, but not others.

Now, after a couple of days, he didn’t have any ‘ringgit’ left to spend as it was used to pay for his medical bill.
He just slept at masjid by night as his brother didn't bother to find him.

Then he told me that he need money because he wanna buy a bus ticket to Johor, going to his sister house as he told me that his sister also converted into Islam and married to Malay guy. Before this, his brother never allowed him to meet their sister after the sister converted into Muslim ~

(This is a little lot what he expressed to me, some of his story cannot be exposed here as it might be intricate)

Now look deep in ourselves and THINK.

Honestly, I admire this guy. You will do the same if u met him personally. You will understand if u were in my shoes. You facing someone who just lost his 3 fingers, bad wound on his head, and trust me, that is really something.
It’s worth to write about this in my blog. I think a lot about this, the moral value behind this. This Chinese Muslim guy is willing to stand and facing all of the obstacles in order to embrace Islam.

But how about us???

We, who already born in Islam as a Muslim, are so arrogant, not practicing the way of Islam lives, never even appreciate of what our religion are. We are like a bunch of clown who will never be serious in anything. It’s like a curse in the blood of 'Malays born Muslim' people. We never realized. Let us all think about this.~

*note :You might think that this is a scam, he was lied to me, he just made up some kind of sad story to raise people sympathize, to get people’s money, but think back in what I wrote above, I’m the one who went to approach him first,thus it clearly refute the idea of he’s trying to scamming me. Honestly, deep down in my heart, I trust him, I mean we can see the sign if someone lying on us right? I mean it’s not like I never confronted with this situation before where I can easily traced if someone lied to me, and also somehow, we can get to know if someone telling us the truth or not by the sign from his face, his eyes maybe, right? Now I tell you guys I see the truth in him. ~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bye2 Gladwell~

finished reading my current book,OUTLIERS by malcolm gladwell. waahh, take me a few months to finish it, like usual, its because I'm busy doing nothing,,haha,,
now i can move to my new book, The Associate by John Grisham,this is my latest collection from this great author,just bought yesterday,, haha,,

bye2 Gladwell,~
welcome Grisham!

happy reading ya guys!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Back then Malays people were so gentle, so intelligent, so workaholic, so good in everything,,
They work so hard because they were so poor, because they had to feed their family, their beloved children, grandchildren, great great grandchildren,,
They were fighting for their right, for their country, religion,,
They did realized something, the most vital one, that they had to fight for the better future, the future that we currently live our life right now.....

Now then, here come the heroes of MALAYS,,
Where can we find them??? (our heroes),,
at concerts (AF, CONCERT JOM HEBOH, etc),,
at Sg Buloh (drug rehabilitation center),,
on the road (REMPIT),,
beside the road taking bribe,,
at pub (dancing like crazy,proudly holding beer)...

While the malays scream and shout, the non-malays quietly dominate the economy of this country,,
The malays keep depends on their special rights and privileges,,
If this is what having special rights and privileges mean, I would rather be like the non-malays who have nothing but are laughing all the way to the bank (cewah,lol!).

The facts are:
Malay rights means, you must be given 5% discount whenever you are buying a new house, no matter how rich you are,,
Malay rights means, you must be given shares, once you got, you can sell it to non-malay and keeps on asking for one after another,,
Malay rights means, it’s the duty and responsibility of government to keep them feeding with sliver and golden spoon,,
Lastly, the malays will never learn anything other than blaming non-malays for their failure (adoiii,,),,

So wake up MALAYS!!! (wake up me!)
Stop being lazy!!!
Lets keep fighting for the future like what our parent and great grand parents did!!!
Because as the matter of fact, we are the indigenous local Malay!!!

*note : this article is for myself, my own motivation, no offence to anybody.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

movie oh movie,,,,,,,,

I'm back guys!

Yesterday I went to watch movie with my buddy after finished our class, felt so long since the last time I went to cinema.

When we arrived right in front of TGV counter, I bought ticket for the movie 'THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123'.

We decided to watched this movie because the other choices of movies are not really eye catching. Setem, The Proposal, Overheard, GI JOE. These are among movies that available. GI JOE is quite interesting actually, but after we were informed that the price of the GI JOE ticket is double than the other movies (because of the BOX OFFICE status), we decided to stick with the taking of pelham 123 (no money la to pay twice of the price).

The movie was starring by two big name, Denzel Washington and John Travolta ( I watched this film only because of this incredible Travolta dude).

I was happy to find this based from novel movie was actually pretty good. I thought that it maybe because of the director Tony Scott and of course starred ultraham John Travolta, it couldn't possibly be all that interesting. It's actually pretty tense, with just enough twistiness to fascinate without seeming implausible.

Okay2, I know, I know, let us not forget about Denzel Washington, one of the biggest reason of the movie succeeds.

Now lets go to the sinopsis (make it short!). Washington plays a disgraced (investigation pending) transit executive who's currently slumming as the control chief. On his shift, naturally, a 1:23 train out of Pelham (this is why the title of this movie is Pelham 123) suddenly stops in the middle of its run, and hijackers (Travolta and the gang) demands $10 million to be delivered in exactly one hour, or passengers start dying unnaturally in every minute. Wanna know more? Go watch by yourself la. LOL!

The movie was intense, funny (I can't stop laughing when the plot of New York mayor came,it was so funny!!!) and provided very good action… BUT… there is a huge but… the film just fell flat at the end. The first and second act are extremely entertaining and beyond intense, two power house actors pulling in very decent performances, had great chemistry and did a good job with the character they were given. But what the heck was with the ending? Travolta should enjoyed the $300mil stock money! Really dissapointed!!!

Here are some major flaws that came with this film as well, i strongly think there were unnecessary moments like what was with the kid and his computer? It had nothing really to do with the story and wasn't that vital. The nice army black man that jumped in front of the gun to protect the kid, the kid's mother talks to him before, but turned out to be unnecessary. Still as silly as these flaws are, it's still a fun movie to watch, I'm glad I checked it out. You all should do the same guys!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

money,,oh money,,,

Woke up early this morning, with one mission in my mind, BUY THE NEW TYRE FOR MY BIKE.

I already surveyed the tyre, wahhhh, so expensive maaaa~

I made my final decision where to buy the tyre, at one of the apek moto store here, hakhak,

me : Apek, morning, I want tyre,
apek : Morning, wahhh, so early aaa,what size?
me : early la, wanna bring 'ong' to u maaa, size 120-80-16
apek : haha, bring 'ong' aaa??? owh,that size aa??that size only got duro one punya brand,
me : how much is it?
apek : RM210.
me : wah, so expensive ka apek? make it RM180 la, cincai2 saja, boleh laa apek, dahla i
tengok u manyak muda and handsome ooo today! (crazy me! the apek age is around
70! u imagined by yourself how young and handsome he is!!!haha!!)
apek : no2, RM180 cannot give la, this tyre is Taiwan made, not Thailand made. Final price,
RM200, no more less!
me : tapi i da puji u muda and handsome apek??
apek : yes! and that's why u get rm10 less!
me : haha, ayooo, ok2 la, i take it..

so that's how it works! u puji old man a little, crack some jokes, and this is what u got! rm10 less!!lol!

the price is okay actually b'coz I already made some surveyed and this is the best price that I can get coz most of the store wanna sell this tyre for rm260 and above, besides my friend also buyed the same tyre for rm325!!!

enough with my tyre, here are some other funny story from my 7 years old nephew, Muaz Azimuddin, he just gave me a call, asking about my health.

Muaz : pak cik, how are u?
me : Sihat, ALHAMDULILLAH, how about u along?
Muaz : Along pon sihat, along beli kasut and baju baru, baju Bumble Bee (one of the character in
me : Wahhhh, cantik x? kat pak cik beli x?
Muaz : cantikkkkkk, hmmm, emmm, kat pak cik xda la, xda size.
me : huh?? xda size?? mcm mana boleh xda size ni along?? kalo macam tu pak cik terpaksa
amek baju along!!haha!!
Muaz : mana bolehhhhhh, baju along kecik, pak cik besarrrr, hehe.

Then suddeny,

Muaz : Pak cik, along harap pak cik x mati.

Then he gave away the handphone to her mum and proceed plays with his brother! Left me in confusing!

Then I asked my sister (my sister-in-law /my nephew's mum) what was Muaz saying, and she said that she told him that I'm not feeling very well and having a fever, which the 7 years old think that I'm the victim of H1N1 and going to die soon,, duhhh!!! bertuah punya anak buah....~

Back to the basic

A few days ago, I received a sms from a friend informing me that he is so sad thinking of his past.

I replied 'chill', then I said 'back to the basic', which I meant back to the track of our own beloved religion, ISLAM.

Everyone made mistakes in their very own life, that is something we cannot easily run away from, but if we manage to do so, that's very good. But if u can't, let it be, try to accept it, learn from it, don't ever give up on it, as we know 'SMART PEOPLE WON'T DO THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE, OTHERWISE HE'S TRULY DAMN FOOL!' , so let us not repeat the same mistake again.

Many of them decided to feel okay to be sad, because all options have run out. Does it okay to keep ourselves in sadness??? Not for their own comfort.

Why we wanna burden ourselves by keep thinking about our past? Its already PAST! hello! wake up! U should burden yourself thinking about PRESENT, what will coming after this, TOMORROW or NEXT.

This is why I have asked my friend this question, "how many years do we have in our life time?" How many years can we afford to wait for real change to happen? Not that many. I have just shared with a friend that life is like a ticking time bomb. We not know when it will go off.

The only thing we do not have in ample amount is time. Yasmin Ahmad did not expect to leave us so soon. Beng Hock did not expect not to walk out from the MACC building alive. That is why we cannot expect to wait forever for a real change to happen. We have to do by ourselves!

If we want ourselves to improve, we need to become constructive critics of our own selves. We need to demand for the best and responsible for ourselves, and let us get ourselves back to the root, Islam.


May Allah blessed us~


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