Friday, January 15, 2010

MR. Bomber-men

We were all surprised by the church-bombing accident recently. Owh, wait, before I go any further, why I felt like some of us didn’t know what I’m talking about, hmm, am I right? See, somebody is blushing right now. Hee. Ya, I understand, some of us were all busy study like 24/7, so don’t have the time to update ourselves with the news, of coz. Hee. Okay, never mind. Actually there was an arson attempts on church at Wangsa Maju and Petaling Jaya. It happened few days after the High Court decision that allowed Christians on the use of the word “Allah”. Now u guys get the picture here?

Back to the story, about the court decision, I’m not trying to be in anybody side on this decision about the using of word “Allah” by Christians, I’m not saying that I agree nor did I say otherwise. What I’m trying to state here is, I’m not good and knowledgeable enough to take a proper side on this issue, well, I’m not Yusof Qardawi.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


2010 has come, leaving 2009 behind. We come to the new phase in our life, and we turn to the new page in the new chapter. The page that we should properly think before we start to write history on it.

Proportional with the New Year, we become one year older, one year more mature, one year leaving our childish attitude behind, and not to say but one year near to our death.

Reading newspaper recently was kind of cute, shows how 7 years old kids start their new journey in the new school as a student. Some were happy meeting new friends, some were asking for their parents to accompany them outside of the class until the school was over and some were crying so loud as they parents were going to leave them forever. Hmm, kids, always innocent…


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