Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tips How To Become a Football Fan

Its back! Its back! Ladies and Gentlemen, the world’s most popular sport on the earth’s largest stage is finally back! Yesterday marks the start of the 2010 South African World Cup! For the complete one month our life are going to be crazy!

For all the men, this is like the honeymoon season, where u get to sleep late at night and where u get to have fun watching footballs with friends at mamaks.

While this is the honeymoon season for most of the boys, the girls will think the opposite. Chill out girls, I’m here to help u with few tips!

I understand that now is like the semester brake for most of the university students, so I’m going to assume that most u live in ur parents’ house and do nothing but sleeping and eating all day. Since u all have a lot of ample time, there’s no reason to not to sit down and watch the World Cup games. If I were allowed to make a bet (it’s haram for muslims to betting!) I would wager that most of u

a) have never played football

b) think football is a stupid game or,

c) still thinking what the heck that I’m talking about.

Chill, to help you all through this month long journey I have put together a little dossier on how for u to become a football fan. After all, I named this blog as UNIVERSAL where I get to write about everything and that including helping u female to become a football fan!

So here it goes:

-          STOP SAYING STUPID.U have to stop saying it is stupid watching 22 players chasing over one ball around the field. Seriously, its really painful for someone who love football to hear that. Majority of the XX species will never understand the beautiful of a ball being chase and kick around. It is so wonderful, can’t even define it by words!

-          READ THE SPORT COLUMN. U have to start to read the sport column at the back of the newspapers or anywhere to updated urself with the sports news especially about the football game. Majority of the guys who read newspapers will read the sports section first, only then they will start to read the other not so important event that happen all around the world. Well, don’t blame the guys, I mean, for real, what’s more important than getting to know that Arjen Robben is fit enough to rejoin the Holland squad in this World Cup after sustained hamstring injury! Right? Right?

-          FOOTBALL TERM. Never confuse urself with the football term that being use in America. Americans don’t even know what’s the real football are. They tend to call their rugby game as a football and call our football as soccer. What a retard!

-          WATCH A LOT OF FOOTBALL ON TV. Trust me, it’s more beneficial to watch football than wasting ur time watching Koreans or Japanese or any weird languages love’s dramas that will only end up urself in tears!

-          CHOOSE A TEAM TO SUPPORT AND LEARN ALL U CAN ABOUT THE TEAM THAT U CHOSE. U don’t go support the opponent team after u get to know that the team that u support will lose the game. It’s a betrayer! No forgiven for this!

-          LEARN THE RULES OF THE GAME, such as offside, corner kicks and more. It’s very irritating when u keep asking someone who busy watching football question like, “why it is offside? I don’t see any of the player play the ball off of the field’s side.”

-          GET TO KNOW THE POSITION OF THE PLAYER such as defender, midfielder, and striker. U don’t calls the striker as selfish or curse him by being lazy just because he not defending at the bottom when the opponent is attacking.

-          BUY SOME JERSEY of the team that u support to shows that u are the supporter of that particular team. No need to buy the original one if u are not millionaire’s children because it going to cost u like RM200 for a piece, just go buy at the pasar malam (night market), it will look like the same. Then u can go show off and lying to ur friend that u buy the genuine one.    

So these are the few tips that I managed to think about. If u have another suggestion, feel free to leave ur comment.

Good luck! =)


★ .the named anis suhana binti hashim. ★ said...

hey there. salam ukhwah juga. same goes to you. world cup fever huh. I am loving it too. by the way, thanks!~ :)

Fared Isa said...

sure...thanks to u too... =)

zeza said...

salam perkenalan
salam persaudaraan.terima kasih sudi jadi folower saya...dan muga dapat kebaikan....

Fared Isa said...

insyaAllah... =)

B.E.R.Y.S said...

sy pun nak jadi football playerlah..kui3~ ;p have a nice day!

cik bunbun said...

ahahh. xtaw boleh buat ke takk XD

Fared Isa said...

bery : owhm wow, actly this tips to be a football fan, but if u want to be football player, y not? ;)

bunbun : hehe...give a try! ;)

Anonymous said...

men always love football :)


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