Saturday, August 21, 2010

Salleh Gregor Samsa II

Salleh Gregor Samsa did read my blog, he did read my entry about himself, and he did leave me comments (u can read in the picture above).

But what disappoint me was, he got no points and nothing to say to prove that his ideologies were right. He just talked crap all over again.

Salleh, seriously I thought u can do better. I thought u are going to come out with something new, to at least backing up urself, even though there’s really no point for u to prove to be honest. But seriously, I really thought u were going to come out with ur argument and bring some fact about what u believe in. Unfortunately, it looks like there’s nothing much that u can say instead of blindly cursing me and others.

It is so pathetic Salleh.

The fact is, there are always people who get their kicks by tormenting someone else. They enjoy insulting others, because they themselves are insecure. They are obviously completely jealous of something u had. Their main purpose is to get a reaction out of the other person.

Maybe that’s why Salleh insult Islam. To get reaction out of people like us. Maybe he is jealous with what we have, and that is the happiness and faith as a Muslim. Maybe he can’t be a good Muslim, so he tried to tear down our faith in Islam.

But Salleh, to do that, first u had to have some points to bring the argument with what we Muslim believe. U can’t expect people too easily believe with ur ideas.

For me, I love the beautiful of argument, I really do. The essence of knowledge from a very difference kind of views put together on one matter that creates a very beautiful sources and points of an argument. Everyone is working out to bring some facts to prove that he was right.

But here when it comes to faith, it is difference story. Faith is very powerful. It can make u believe even in the absence of evidence. It can also make u exterminate other things around u. That is how powerful faith can be.

Same goes with this Salleh. He got his own faith, and this faith is combined with his own ego.

Black is black. White is white. But for someone like Salleh, even black can be white and white can be black, any sycophant would agree, just as long as it pleases his ego.

I think Salleh only accept 2 rules in his life, No 1-His ego is always right. Rule No 2, if his ego is wrong, refer to Rule No1.

Salleh, let me tell u something about faith.

Allah created mankind with faith and this faith shall be nothing except too believe of existence of Allah and there is only ONE Allah. But how do we know that Allah existed and only ONE? Al Quran told us so. But how this Al Quran came into existence? It came into existence through Muhammad (pbuh).

So u'd first to believe that Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah. If u do not believe that Muhammad is the Messenger whom Al Quran been brought through then u shall not have any proof of the existence of Allah and ur faith is shattered. If ur faith is shattered then u shall not believe what ever the Al Quran said. So u shall be living in this world dependence purely on the small brain that u have which is very limited. 

And Salleh, u as a Muslim, born as a Muslim, u should be proud of that. Instead of complaining and insulting, try to have faith in Islam, and be a good Muslim.

U can’t depend everything on ur brain based on ur logics. Have some faith. Try to feel it. Like u feel the air that u breath into ur body. U can’t see the air rite? But still u can feel it.

And here is one more thing, this time about Diana John. Did u all notice her at the first place? Honestly I’m not. Look at the comment below.

Diana John did contact me once, a day after I posted about Salleh Gregor. She thanks me for not insulting Salleh Gregor like any other people did. I don’t really understand what she meant by that. But it’s okay, that’s not what I want to tell here. What I want to tell here is, Diana John did explain to me about herself. She said that she got nothing to do with this all. Since this crisis risen, she got a lot of email from strangers who threatening and cursing at her, and at one point she cannot tolerate anymore, she had to deactivate her FB account.

She did tell me that she’s not Muslim. She’s Buddist. So maybe u guys can stop sending her massages and called her murtad. I think she already learn her lesson. So just leave her alone. There’s no point of keep cursing anybody. But Diana, to be fair, u also should not talk something that will bother people’s sentiment like this religion issue. Hope we all can respect each other sentiment.

Last but not least, I got a lot of comments in my previous post about Salleh Gregor Samsa. Everyone have something to say about this Salleh. It’s okay to do that. But please, be mature and responsible with ur comments. Mature people can communicate with others without insulting them. Any ideas can be discussed between mature adults without fighting or insulting each other. Mature people can "agree to disagree" and give each other the right to have different opinions. So please, stop cursing, insulting and etc in ur comments. Besides, we don’t want to be another Salleh Gregor Samsa rite? 


Unknown said...

I agree with u fared...if we wanna argue, argue politely...just share your need to curse...everyone has their own opinions...we need to remember, nowadays people are born as muslims, they don't seek for the religion, but they were born into it...therefore their faith is not as strong as the people who actually seek and embrace islam as their religion...its all comes back to the way we were raised...i'm not blaming our parents, but how they manage our upbringing does affect our attitude and perception about don't blame other people who has different views from us...we need to pity them..we pray so that he or she can change...maybe god will open up his or her heart and change him or her to be a better more thing friends, we must be open towards criticism...we shouldn't lash out to others who critic us...its not the way of islam...islam teach us to be patient we benefit nothing if you scorn others with your words in only adding up your friends, please calm down..think before you talk...
I'm sorry if I unease others with my comment here...Its just my point of view...feel free to criticize...i'm always open for opinions...

Anonymous said...

pity of him. he got nothing to proof hmself~

agreed with kimi. u argue politely, not like some of the others who talked crap with all caci maki~

timon kyuri said...

i like this post.

and people, stop cursing others. thats soooo tak sopan.
we are one malaysia, one islam, people.

cakap dgn penuh etika dan kesopanan itu satu kesalahan ke?
well who knows kalau kita mampu ckp dgn penuh berhemah, org yg bukan islam juga mampu melihat keindahan islam:)


happy ramadhan people:)

timon kyuri said...

i like this post.

and people, stop cursing others. thats soooo tak sopan.
we are one malaysia, one islam, people.

cakap dgn penuh etika dan kesopanan itu satu kesalahan ke?
well who knows kalau kita mampu ckp dgn penuh berhemah, org yg bukan islam juga mampu melihat keindahan islam:)


happy ramadhan people:)

Asielah said...

i think the ego part about him is kinda true. you can see it in the way he writes..

like kimi said, i do pity him. especially after reading his blog. he has a talent for writing. i dont think he's stupid. i think he's just trying to find a way out, but chose to take the easy one. cos, obviously, it's much more easier. less hassle. but, can't he see? it's still taking him nowhere. he's still angry at the world. he's still mad at everyone. he's still not satisfied with life. so, i wonder, has it ever occurred to him that he might have chosen wrongly?

God gave us the freedom of choice. and with every choice we make, there are consequences. we have to take responsibilities for our actions.

Benrauf Project said...

wow. i dunno dat arse head is this blog reader too.

to samsa - lakum dinukum waliadin.

Munsyi said...

just found out bout this salleh guy from ur post. He did get all the attention for the past few days.

Well, I couldn't agree more with what u hv to say to Salleh n also thanks kimi for point it out for other commentators.

we as ppl who r concern with this issue should pity Salleh n try to help him. i mean, he's lost n got nothing to prove with his absurd ideologies. this is when a good n strong advice is needed most.that will change his perception towards this matter.

Dont curse, dear friends. If other ppl insulted Islam, do we really need to insult them back or should we prove them wrong by showing facts n evidences?

Just reverse d situation around. be in his shoe.say, will u accept that u r wrong when everyone condemn and curse u? think again.

have a blast ramadhan fared n all. :)

thirteen13 said...


i'm new here but need to admit that i like your style of writing, i love to read your post and i do admire your thought....

Anonymous said...

pantang btol org yg kutuk2 psl islam nih...tuh la salleh bajet nk mgte tuh tgk kiri kanan dpn blkg dlu jgn ssdp mulut jekk..dh tau facebook tuh public users...p tulih kat situ buat apo???you sbnrnye x dek hak nk ckp psl puasa n org yg brpuasa me a favor after all this matter...whenever you thought of something bad about islam or muslim...just keep it to yourself and actually you are the one yg buat kami2 yg muslim nih brdose sbb kutuk la dalang sgle dose2 dont try to talk about dose we all instead think about yours...

finally i doakan you agar Allah swt brikan you ptunjuk untuk mnuju ke jalan yg bnar iaitu jalan Allah...Aminn~~

peeps we have to pray for this die sdar diri...i think die right now not in his right mind...mari kte rmi2 sdarkan die...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nak tengok apa yang dia percaya 35 tahun akan datang..^^

Nadiah said...

sy sebenar nye lebih kesian pd abg salleh...(im only 19-20years old) kesian sbb die xmampu nk pikir mne baik mne buruk......walaupun islam dah di depan mata tapi cahaya hidayah masih xsampai pada hati dan jiwa dia sbb die masih dibelenggu dgn fikiran die dan ego die.....remember one thing abg salleh...people DONT care how much you know until they know how much you care......cari ketenangan dalam solat dan zikir,InsyaAllah hidayah Allah akan sampai jua........lagipun org yg lahir dlm islam blum tentu mati sbg islam...sbb islam tu bkaitan dgn kepercayaan dan bile kite trima dan pcaye islam tu,kite akan buat ajaran dan suruhan agama motip sy tulis nie have faith in islam first........selagi hari kiamat belum tiba,selagi itulah pintu taubat maseh terbuka luas utk abg salleh.....kami xmarah abg,kami bg nasihat sebab kami xnak saudara seislam kami jatuh ke lembah xnak Allah tanya saya di padang mashar knp saya xnasihat abg,xceramah kt tau sy masih xlayak nk tegur xnak abg terus terjerumus dlm angan2 semue pinjaman Allah........syurga yang kekal abadi...........seksa neraka bukan seperti yg kita bayangkan.......malah lebih perit lagi......insyaAllah kami akan berada selamanya utk abg...tolong sgt kembali ke jalan yang benar....tinggalkan segala kenikmatan hanya sementara je abg...........

XxayahpinxX said...

taken from hishammudin rais blog think this is why i become an athiest,its also what binah is trying to say.its to guard myself from all this ppl that use relegion for thier goal and all thier gullible followers that lap up all the shits that comes out of this ppl mouth.just like that slogan goes"dear god,protect me from your followers".
Ahad, 2010 Ogos 22


Mufti Perak, Harussani Zakaria menegaskan hukum orang Islam mendoakan kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan untuk orang bukan Islam adalah haram apatah lagi apabila ia dibaca di dalam khutbah Jumaat.

Katanya, perbuatan mendoakan supaya orang kafir memeluk Islam amat digalakkan agama Islam namun menggunakan pentas khutbah Jumaat untuk berdoa seperti itu dilarang agama.

“Mendoakan supaya orang kafir mendapat kesejahteraan dan kebahagiaan adalah haram di sisi Islam. Berdoa mengharapkan orang kafir menerima dan memeluk Islam tidak salah tetapi tidak kena pada tempatnya jika dibaca dalam khutbah Jumaat,” katanya ketika dihubungi, semalam.

maka agama kita dilihat ganas
maka agama kita berdendam dan memilih milih

kebaikan bukan kebaikan kalau yang melakukan orang kafir
kebajian bukan kebajikan kalau yang melakukan orang kafir

ya rahman
ya rahim
pengaseh dan penyayang akan terbang dan hilang

silatulrahim untuk semua umat manusia pupus
berkenalan dan bersahabat dengan semua umat manusia lingkup
tidak ada persaudaran antara manusia sesama manusia

agama di lihat amat ganas sekali
agama dilihat bagitu eklusif sekali

tapi dunia ini berbagai bagai
tapi dunia ini terpencar pencar

tidak ada sesiapa boleh memonopoli kebenaran
tidak ada agama yang memonopoli kebenaran
iman, mufti, kadi, rabbai, padri, syahdu, sufi,
biksu, sami, bomoh – mereka juga tidak memonopoli kebenaran

semua kita mencari mencari kebenaran
semua kita melayari hidup dengan harapan bertemu kebenaran
keindahan hidup ini ialah mencari
nikmat hidup ini bertemu dan berkenal
bertemu dan berpisah

jangan hilangkan kemanusian kerana inginkan bidadari bermataya jeli
jangan hilangkan kemanusian kerana anggur dan air susu

Anonymous said...

sudah2 la tu..yg kamu2 ni semua melayan lagi kenapa...kadang2 aku pon rasa betul jugak..korang duk berbalas2 idea yg kononnye memberi kesan positif ni pon tak kemana...kita pon tatau dosa pahala kita....biarkan je lah die...tuhan sendiri tau la nak buat ape ngan die..kita ni biar betulkan diri masing2..bukan waktu utk judgemental to others. ....

Anonymous said...

Need his photo... Our troops is waiting to look after him. Leave it to the expert...;)

Anonymous said...

i have one thing to say to that salleh guy, if he wants to insult with a such and iconicquote like that in english, make sure the grammar is corect. i mean come on... "f*ck you off!!"? (fck u, fck off, or MAYBE fck off u at least)

besides, how can he say that all involved in these cheap blogs will go to hell if he doesnt believe in it? ironic.

just my 2 cents.

Mohamad said...

Maybe if he stop taking beer and crack, he an see what is black and what is white..

Hani J said...

He's so stupid.

I've kind of scanning his blog through the link provided (in some other blog) and I can't help but to think that he is INSANE. Personality problems I guess. His thought and his words in the blog make me sick!

One think I am sure of, he is NOT a muslim anymore. No one will ever get this guy back to Islam ever. His world and his thought are all this little brain of his (which is so limited of course). We can do nothing to help him.

Pity him.

Kepada En Salleh-gila, andalah orang yang paling malang. Kembalilah berpegang kepada al-Quran dan Sunnah.

Atie @miababygears said...

its the fact that everyone have their own ego.
ego itu perlu tp jgn smpai memusnahkan diri n akidah.
anywat,nice writing. :)

-li.zue- said...

=.=' his comments..nonsense!

pity of him.
may Allah bless him and all of us. =)

IMmeHuda said...

salleh got his point - why do we have to give harsh/negative comments about him that could reflect ourselves as fickle minded?

we claim to be good Muslims yet we act like none..we should use our strong weapon as a Muslim that is the power of "doa"..

let us pray that Allah will give His guidance & "hidayah" to Salleh so that he will see the beauty of faith in Islam

and don't forget to pray for ourselves as well so that we will always be under Allah's light & guidance..semoga kita semua termasuk dalam golongan orang-orang yang beriman...ameen..

mama nuryl said...

i personally think that he just out of idea and wanted a full attention. now, he get it. Everybody put an extra attention on him but he disappeared all of sudden right??? because he scared of course!!!

Ranareem Md Isa said...

I think, better we just ignore him. I mean, that Salleh. And i hope he back to the right path. Amin.

Unknown said...

hye friends... xnak cakap byk ...but anyway...kite sebagai org muslim...xle la kutuk die..n xle buat ignore ...memang die dah buat dosa..dan aqidah dah runtuh..yang kite kene buat..ialah berdoa supaya die kembali ke jalan Allah..kutuk,hina,x selesai masalah kawan..

Rina Lia (◕‿◕)✿ said...

salleh u still have time. pintu taubat sentiasa terbuka selagi matahri tak terbit dr barat..

hana* said...

i really agree with Fared..
thanks to you for explaning the real situation here..

and yeah..Diana shouldn't have join insulting Islam in fb..eventhough she's not a Muslim.

Rue Anemone said...

Alhamdulillah... beliau masih percaya akan neraka, akan dosa, masih ada lagi Iman d hati Salleh ini.. moga beliau menjadi seorang yang benar2 soleh! aameeen~


Anonymous said...

i never go the chance to read all the entries in his blog, just pieces of what he wrote on 2006...he is lost..and he had nobody to guide him..that was in 2006..and now 2010. 4 years later.too many deaths happen in his life but he can never relates it to the hikmah of the incident..salleh, you are lost and u need is ramadhan, the month that people's kindness is to the max (at least 10 days left).u just need to find the right person:)

Anonymous said...

May he find the right path one day

Anonymous said...

I've seen his facebook profile photo in a circulated email.. he is butt ugly and looks like he's on marijuana or something.

It's amazing how someone so brutal and brimming with alpha male ego... can't even tahan a month of fasting when my 11 year old kid does it without complaining.

Salleh Gregor Samsa had his manhood cut off, that's why.

pert said...

u have beautiful words blogger... keep up d gud works

Mohamad Wa'iz said...

tau lak dia dosa pahala
igtkn dh murtad siap nk wt new cult lg xmo posa n bunuh diri.
dia igt bnda ni main2 ke pe?
ko x mo posa ko pnya psl la yg dia nk mrh2 org fuck off sbb posa pesal lak kn..
bengap tol la mangkok ni kan

Anonymous said...

ahaks! pity that pathetic guy. if he really don't believe in Allah, then why does he talk about dosa? tau lak Dosa? kenal lak Dosa? aahaha.. face it la.. he has nothing too proof hiself just goin off for some sick repo publisity or sumthin.. ape tu.. publisit murah.. pas tu dh kecoh satu nation, pandai lak off kan blog and FB etc. tau takut!!!!! ahahah!

but anyways... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat dan hidayah ke ats kamu salleh gregor.. AMIN YA RABBAL ALAMIN!

Anonymous said...

subahanallah, nilah jdi klau xdidik dri kecik,xde sesape tau alamat lahanat2 nie, kalau de jom reramai sebelum die wat lg besar baik kasi die sedar.. tersimpang jauh dah bdk2 skrang ni, menghina, mencaci dengan selamber , meh kte tgk kalau kene cekup, sepatah perkataan yg dikeluarkan same x dengan ape yg die ckp,

qaseh miszerine said...

while m browsing my emails-inbox, my eyes suddenly focused an email that is fowarded by my frens ..which is the header ''muka sebenar budak yang Kurg ajar persoal ttg PUASA - dalam FB-"

salleh was so pathetic guy...his name is salleh..n i guess he`s malay with a childish otak(i think).huhuhu.he dont know how to respect each other n some more he`s always talked something that sounds negative..but maybe,he was born in 'an american minded' famili BUT STILL he must respect his friends religious...i mean, he should keep it to himself even he dun like or want to do that..but anyhow, to diana john n salleh, HOPEFULLY EVEN IF U R Muslim OR NOT,harap u all kembali ke pangkal jalan dan insaplah woiiii...!!! plz do respect each other..many thanks

tudung merah jambu said...

This is pathetic. And scary. I can't say no more but to reflect myself and promised to my dear students-to-be, I will try hard to save you all from becoming another salleh gregor...
"Ya Allah..Tuhan Yang Maha Membolak-balikkan hati, tetapkanlah hati-hati kami dalam landasan agamamu yang benar dan mantapkanlah hati-hati kami dengan iman yang teguh kepadaMu. Ya Rabb, Terangilah hati-hati kami dengan cahaya hidayahMu yang tak pernah malap. Sesungguhnya hanya Engkaulah Tuhan Yang Maha Mengetahui dan hanya padamu kami memohon ampun dan pertolongan. Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..."


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