Friday, June 4, 2010


After Japan Prime Minister, Yukio Hitoyama announced his resignation, there’s a lot of reporters come to him for interviewing, and one of them is Ali, reporter from Malaysia.

Ali : Dude..dude..wait up, I want to interview u..

Yukio : Did u just call me dude?

Ali : Ops, sorry..sorry.. I thought u cool with that..

Yukio : No I’m not cool with that. What makes u think I’m cool with that?

Ali : No because I guess with ur resignation u are like the coolest men in the world.

Yukio : No, people not calling my action is cool, but they call it gentle u genius. Don’t call me dude, I’m not ur friend! 

Ali : Ops, okay..okay..I’m sorry can I interview u for a moment?

Yukio : Shoot.

Ali : Why u want to resign in sudden?

Yukio : Because the recent poll of my popularity was down badly. Nobody vote for me as their favorite. Actually there were some who vote for me, but only few of them.

Ali : Who do u think the few who vote for u? Ops wait! Wait! Let me answer this for u. It must be ur friends and relatives who were the few that vote for u, am I right sir? (grin)

Yukio : U better watch ur mouth kid!

Ali : Owh, sorry sir, I’m just kidding.

Yukio : Forget it! Just proceed to the next question!

Ali : What do u think the reason of ur unpopularity sir?

Yukio : Simple, because I can’t deliver my promise to the people who vote for me in the recent election.

Ali : Owh I see. So u just the ‘talk louder than action’ kind of men la…

Yukio : What did u say!

Ali : I’m sorry sir. I never meant to say bad thing to u. It’s just that I’m kinda familiar with guys like u because there a lot of people like u back in my country especially among the leaders. So I’m like familiar with the people like u sir. No offence okay? Chill out.

Yukio : Kid, u better don’t compare me with ur leaders!

Ali : Why is that sir?

Yukio : Coz even I’m like this, I am gentle enough to step back. I’m not like some of the arrogant leaders who never felt ashamed of themselves even after they clearly failed to deliver their promise. We Japanese were trained to be men enough to take the responsibility of our action.

Ali : Owh, that’s right sir. I totally respect guys like u sir. So what promise did u made to ur people sir?

Yukio : Move a U.S. Marine base off the southern island of Okinawa.

Ali : And u can’t even handle that simple thing?

Yukio : Why don’t u become the prime minister if it’s so simple! It’s not a simple thing when it comes to deal with America u moron.

Ali : Owh I see. So how long u held this prime minister’s position sir? 8 years? 9 years?

Yukio : 9 months.

Ali : 9 months! And already stepping down! U such a failure sir!

Yukio : What did u say?!


Yukio : Say it again and I will surprise u with my samurai sword.

Ali : Ya..ya..I won’t sir..So who will replace u sir?

Yukio : I’m not sure yet, wait for the new election I guess.

Ali : Gosh..u guys like a reality tv show with a dozen or so candidates doing battle week in week out and the home viewers voting off. But it wouldn't matter who won at the end because ur poll rating will plummet after 6 months in office. Haha. Isn’t that funny sir?

Yukio : It is funny when I call my body guard and shove ur ass out from here. At least my country, Japan is the 2nd (or 3rd) largest economy in the freaking world! Not like urs!

Ali : Okay that is nasty. Showing off!

Yukio : I’m just saying the truth.

Then Ali run away from the interview and kills himself because of no reason.

Okay, enough bluffing. I’m just making up this dialogue and try to make it funny, but it turns out to be-not-funny at all. This dialogue got nothing to do with anybody, no offence to anybody, it’s just my fantasy.

I’m sure that everyone already knows about the resignation of the Japanese Prime minister Yukio Hatoyama.

TOKYO - UNPOPULAR Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has formally announced his resignation, after a slide in the polls threatened his party's chances in an upcoming election. A party official says a new leader will be chosen on Friday.

Read the rest of the story here.

Whatever it is, I do have a great respect to the Japanese leaders because of their gentle attitude toward their ability. If they feel that they not fit enough for the position, they willing to step down by themselves immediately without anybody needs to ask from them to step down.

Even some may say that this is a very sick behavior by keep changing the leaders (Hatoyama is the fourth Japanese prime minister to resign in four years), but still Japan is the second or third largest economy in this world. So it shows that whatever they did, they did it for the best of the country, not for themselves.

They are not selfish like some of our leaders who never feel to step down eventhough clearly can be seen involved with money politics. Some of them are very arrogant. Never want to admit their mistakes, far from stepping down from their position.

And the problem usually occurred when we don’t gather public support and then become leaders. Many of the leaders inherit their constituencies from their families, I’m refer to the common practice of political fiefdoms being handed down generation after generation.

We Malaysian should learn to be gentle and responsible. When it is time for us to go, just go.

Let us be like the Japan PM, a real gentleman. U have to admire the integrity of Japanese politicians.

Leaving with grace & dignity..!



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joegrimjow said...

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Fared Isa said... juz bluffing..thought nobody like it...

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Sir Dr. Afiq said...

hahahaha.bro, dialogue's funny! nice post btw.keep it up!

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liar !

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what are u talking about?
this IS funny! LOL


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