Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Hatch : Appropriate or Not ?

NOTHING is ever black or white. Which is why people disagree with each other all the time.
From the latest whether appropriate changing Facebook to MillatFacebook to whether it's within the rights of 2-year-old Ardi Rizal in Indonesia to smoke 40 cigarettes a day, everything seems to be fodder for argument and debate.
Same goes to me. Confuse and lost. That’s what in my head about the baby hatch. I still think whether it is appropriate to set up the baby hatch.
First time I read the news about the NGO want to set up the baby hatch, I read it with disgust. It came cross my mind that how come such a program be introduced? It’s suck!
Baby hatches are a waste because they just treat the symptoms and do not resolve the issue of social problem and abandoned babies.
I think in other word for baby hatch is ‘u guys just go have fun, have some premarital sex, and then if something happen, like somebody is getting pregnant, don’t worry, just come and dump ur baby to us and we will take care of ur baby'.
If so easy like that, why bother to control the children from involve in social activities? Why bother to sell condoms in our country? Why bother with birth control when u just can give away ur baby just like that?
It clearly won’t solve the problem!
Abandoning their babies at the hatch and turning their backs on their offspring is not the answer.
Whether married or not, the parents of the baby have a duty to care for the child. They cannot just pass that responsibility to others. It is wrong, no matter how u look at it. U know how to make baby, u should also know how to take care of the baby!
What we should be doing is educating young boys and girls. Parents and teachers should play an important role and take the responsibility to give full understanding about religion and morals, what should do, what shouldn’t do and etc.
Another thing is we should not be blaming just the unwed mothers; what about the fathers? They, too, need a slap. Like what happen recently where Former UiTM student gets one year jail and fine for baby dumping, how about the men who responsible to make her pregnant?
And I think, even before the baby hatch was set up, there were plenty of places to go for if these ‘problem’ people having problem. Single or unwed mothers who are having problems looking after their children can seek so many assistances instead. Many of government agencies and NGO out there who provide counseling and financial assistances to these ‘people’.
Deputy Women, Family and Community Minister, Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun said,
“the hatch sends out the wrong message. It will encourage social ills. If there are those who are genuinely unable to look after their children, then they can approach the Welfare Department to have the children placed in one of its 10 homes."
So I think its totally inappropriate to set up these baby hatches,
I start to confuse with my points above when I read stories in newspaper about the babies that had been dump in the dustbin, dump on the road side, dump in front of the surau, thrown from the high building. Damn! It is sad guys! Fucking sad!
Those ‘illegal’ parents who thrown out their babies really shouldn’t did that. It’s inhuman. Even animals know how to take care of their babies. Why can’t we human do better?
And I just keeps wondering, what kind of people who willing to hurt a baby, a baby that know nothing, a baby that is innocent, a baby that is helpless, a baby that is never ask to be born in this miserable world, and suddenly their own miserable ‘illegal’ parents want to kill them.  
It’s sad.
Maybe its better to just set up this baby hatch, at least these poor babies can be saved. This is what finally comes to my mind, where it opposed from my first view interpreting of the baby hatch.
Maybe if we only look at a dark side, we just see that this baby hatch will just encourage people to have sex and abandoned their babies, but if we open up our mind, if we think of these innocent babies that already being victims of inhuman ‘illegal’ parents action, maybe we would think differently. Maybe should just let this baby hatch to be operate, because the baby hatch is not about judging anybody, this baby hatch is just about to save the innocent babies from any threat so that they can have a future and opportunity like anybody else.
Conceiving a baby is a miracle and a gift from God. Let us, who are believes, to appreciate it.

Ps : SO what do u think about this baby hatch guys? It is very nice of u to leave me a comment telling me ur own view and opinion about this baby hatch program. Whether u agree or disagree, let us share. Hope we all can gain something from the sharing. Like everyone says, sharing is caring (shit I hate this phrases!)



Sir Dr. Afiq said...

exactly,thats what ive been thinking about.the problem with the baby hatch is that it will and it does sends a wrong message.especially at those absent-minded people.

for the government to start this baby hatch thing,they cant just sit back and expect things to go smoothly and the statistics to dwindle.let alone having the "Kami Prihatin" campaign for like several weeks ONLY and yet the numbers of babies dumped keep on hiking.

setting up baby hatch is good,but stepping up enforcement and tougher campaigns or whatever at healing the root of the problem is a MUST.the problem here,we cant expect them to be real 'istiqamah' people in countering the problem.hahaha.why dont they set up a special body like Premarital Baby Agency so umm...someone can focus on the issue?

Ummu Mursyid said...

my little-bit-evil view is
"let the baby die and enter Paradise"


"live without parents and raised by we-don't-know-who and become we-don't-know what"

and if u r thinking
"the so-called mum or dad who killed their baby is going to make a big Sin"

well..for me,
"let them be, cuz they have already made a big Sin before that which is ZINA."

the best way is actually,
"to send the BABY and THE SO-CALLED MUM (dad i'm not sure) to Raudhatus Sakinah"

thats all from me..


Fared Isa said...

Thanks guys (Afiq n Ummu), difference views, but both are brilliant... =)

amywammy said...

I think the baby hatch should be implemented. Regardless if we have baby hatch or not, people are still going to have sex out of wedlock, there is no way that having a baby hatch would encourage more youth to have sex, what it would do is it could save the lives of this babies, the babies that has the right to live, who knows what are their potential? I humbly do not see why raising up without parents could deter someone from being a functional member of the society (providing that the child is given proper education). To condemn the babies to death just becaus ethey are born out of wedlock is just wrong.

Why do we have to let these babies suffer and die because of the mistakes of others and the ego of the society that refuses to admit that the it is plagued with disease? Throw our ego away, and help this unfortunate children.



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