Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things That U Shouldn't Do When Eating Out !

Eating out at a restaurant should be remembered as a pleasant experience. It's one of the few times that we're able to take a little time off from the pressures of daily life and just sit, be relaxed, and just enjoy the benefits of someone else serving "us" a meal.
I went to a restaurant just now to watch football with my friends (England vs. Slovania, if u care to know) and well, of coz there were so many other customers in the restaurant, with so many kinds of behaviors.  
Few hours sitting there, I did observe people around me.
And that was when I realized I should write something about what u shouldn’t do at the restaurant coz so many people tend to make small, common mistakes that effect the enjoyment of their dinning out experience and also effect others around them.
Here are the things that u really shouldn’t do at the restaurant (take notes!):  

1.       Flirt with any of the waitress
Just order what u want and get over with it. Stop saying stupid thing to the waitress. It’s totally not cool. U will look like a desperate jerk. Restaurant employees are not there for ur personal enjoyment. Besides, the only reason they are being nice to u is because it's their job. So why don’t u do the same; be nice as a customer.

2.       Control ur voices
We sometimes don’t realize that things that we do is distracting people around us. Like when we sit together with our friends, sometimes we don’t realized that we talk to loud and laugh to loud. It’s very rude and disrespect to people around the room. I'm sure ur jokes are funny but not everyone wants to hear them. U're usually in relatively close quarters so try to have respect for the fellow patrons.

3.       Don’t smoke
I know, people who smoke have rights. However, do those rights include forcing me and other non-smokers to breathe in their cigarette's carcinogen-filled smoke? Non-smokers have rights also and choose a smoke-free way of life. Even smokers know the dangers of smoking, yet they get upset when those of us who choose not to smoke speak out about our right not to join their habit by breathing their smoke. Is it more important for them to smoke, or me to breathe? Which is really a right? Be honest smokers! I hate everytime I need to fan my hand through the smoke to redirect it, and to give signal to the smokers that their bothering me, but they never care. Shite!

4.       Stop groping ur spouse!
It’s so easy to skodeng people nowadays. No longer need to go to the quite place or find any bush. U can see this aksi panas easily at the restaurant. I once saw a boy almost kiss her girl in from of everybody at mamaks. And they are MUSLIM!!! What a retarded!!! Restaurant is a public place, where people always bring along their family to eat. Things will look not so nice when u keep touching ur spouse here and there. Gosh, if u want to do something like that, please get a room! Coz it will bring bad influence to kids if they see something immoral like this!

5.       Control ur chidren
This is for the parents who bring their kids with them. If u cannot control ur children, please leave them at home. I believe all of us feel very distracting when see parents who allow their children to scream, cry, bang on the table, run around the place and otherwise make a raucous. The next time ur child cannot observe appropriate table manners, how about try something radical; get up, pay ur bill and leave. U might get a standing ovation.

6.       Never take other tables chair without permission
If u need extra chair, take it from the empty table instead of taking from occupied table. Coz it’s very irritating when people come to ur table and take the chair away, especially without asking from u first. By doing this, people will get mad and might curse u. So be nice with everybody, and learn to respect others. We don’t want to find problem doesn’t we?

7.       Ask napkin for urself
If u need napkin, ask from the waiter to bring it to u, or bring ur lazy ass to the counter and take it urself. It’s very rude to suddenly come to other people’s table and take their napkin. This happened to me just now where there were few bunch of boys who sit behind my table, just come to my table and take my napkin away just like that, and they didn’t even leave me a ply!

So these are the few tips that I could think about.
Now obviously not everybody performs these crude acts of selfishness but it seems to be a great number of people keep doing this over and over again at the restaurant.
All I know is, my parents raised me better than this and from a child I always use my manners whenever it applies and I always have felt when u are at a restaurant, it is as though u are in someone else's home and u should treat it as such.
 It might sound small and simple, but if u make sure to leave these naughty behaviors at home when u go out, u'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Well, not just u, but everyone around u also can have better enjoyable experience.

Ps : England win the game by 1-0 beating the Slovania.


Ummu Mursyid said...

the smoking part.. I very truly agree indeed!!

yna. said...

no 2 3 4 .. i agree on that!

Anonymous said...

i agree for all the above except on children... well children is children...

dv5266 said...

Finally a smart Malaysian appear

sYaMi-Satu Penjuru said...

disgust with those who come to my table and suddenly grab the spoon and fork across my precious dinner~

but i love to see toddlers comot2 come to other people table to play and put their head on our table to 'usha' kakak2 comel (hehe), they are learning+observing. But no offense, mama&papa must always teach their children to not to annoy others just like you said.

Aujinz said...

Once upon a time as a smoker..

Aujinz said...

Once upon a time as a smoker..

Khairunnisa' said...

I couldn't agree more.

I'm bothered by people who smoke. I think it's selfishness and lack of respect. I would punch them in the face but then again, I think of a horrible disease, so I just laugh maniacly, muahaha! ;)

Anonymous said...

yup..very true..except, children r uniquely themselves...i found they r cute to 'usha' next table while eating ..hehe..well, parents should know how to treat their children well esp in public in order to avoid those unwanted behaviours...try to order their favourite foods might be one of d solution to 'pancing' their kids...I do that everytime we plan to eat outside, I mean give priority to the kids b4 us..choose place where suitable n favor d kids b4 everybody could enjoy the treats. Cheers!


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