Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surau: Red Paint Splashed

Recent case of red paint splash on the walls of the Seremban surau has created a racial and political tension among people. (click here to read the news)

This kind of act are very sensitive and offensive, following the case of church which the arch arson and pig head were found in two mosque compound early in this year.

I read in the online newspaper which received so many comments, where people keep accusing each other, where I think if it not be stopped, will lead to a racial tension. Well, even me myself, at first, thought the real culprits behind the splashing of red paint is the same kind who burned churches, organised cow- head demonstrations and the throwing of pig heads into a mosque.

But all of the sudden, yesterday police came out with report saying that they already caught the culprits behind the surau paint splashing. (click here to read the news)

It was 4 Chinese boys who did it and the reason was; they played with firecrackers a day earlier and was told off by the people from the surau. So it was kind of misunderstanding, which these naughty boys decided that they have to do something to show their dissatisfaction, stumble with some bottle of liquor and red paint, have this 'great idea' to fill some of their time and the rest is history.

So the root cause of the problem here is fire crackers, which I believe are banned in this country. How the hell are these fire crackers managed to enter this country. Recently one suspect fire-crackers seller lost his son because the fire crackers exploded in his house. Maybe somebody (law enforcement) should do their job. Apparently, playing fire crackers within the vicinity of a mosque is quite common. It is very disturbing and I always wonder why, these children are so disrespectful.

My Chinese friend told me, “because of these 4 dumb kids, one whole race is to look like an uneducated bunch. *sigh* Parents of these kids, this shame upon u all is brought upon by urself.  Fireworks are illegal in the first place.”

Well, fair enough. Coz for me, only uncivilised people are trying to provoke civilised people by attacking the house of worship. Only uneducated and misguided person will do such thing in this holy month of Ramadhan.

And if I were to be the parents of these kids, I would have personally smacked them in front of the offended party and make them paint the surau and send them off to do time in prison or send them to Sekolah Henry Gurney for few years. (wah, I’m so garang!)

The fact is, Malaysia is not facing an external threat. Our military force need not flex its muscles or be put on red alert. Our neighbours do not pose a danger to us. But yet the menac is there, where it is not coming from outside, it is originating from inside the borders. The peril we face today is the result of our own doing. The opposing armies are politicians of various badges. Throw the religious bigots, racist madcaps, wacky supremacist and the pot is ready to boil over.

The truth is, for the past few weeks, like clockwork, u have one racial and religious issue almost on a daily basis. I hope we, Malaysians are not stupid enough to fall into this trap. We all should understand that we living in multiracial country, so we should learn respect each other whether we like it or not! Otherwise we won’t live in peace!

I think all idiots who use race for political reason in this country must be banished. I don't look at my friends as Malay, Chinese or Indian. We are just friends. I call on all Malaysians to stand united against race politics.

And hello Mr. Culprit, please stop targeting places of worship. Come on, it’s not cool! And Mr. Culprit, if u really want to find somebody to hate, I suggest u to hate the Zionist Jews! Oh I hate them so much!

And back to these 4 naughty kids, I think the proper way to punish them is by making them wash the toilets and keep clean the surau's around the State where the incident took place and also show up their photos in public to make aware of these notorious boys. No point charging them to law coz it can spoil their future. Motive of the punishment is to teach them lesson. Don’t ruin their future. Everyone deserved second chance.

Ps : Click here if u want to read about the earlier church arson in our country.
Ps : Click here if u want to read how much I hate the Jews!


Unknown said...

Yeah, I agree with you. I think they just need to paint back the surau as a punishment. They are just kids after all, right.

Ozz said...

Well....I strongly believe it was something to do with the loud azan as the surau is newly opened in that area.

Fared Isa said...

@ mr Chat
actually their age is around 16-18.. ;)

@ Ozz
not sure...regarding to the news it was becoz these kids were told off by surau people not to play fire crackers near the surau...

Ozz said...

Fared, it was a "play safe" (not a condom brand) news lah!

Fared Isa said...

@ Ozz
haha...yes2..i forgot that its hardly to believe what they've been told us...should not believe them at the first place..aiyooo... =.=

dotsnodds said...

Bro, you can't single out a pluralistic problem by singling out an object you demean. the root cause of the problem are not becos of fire crackers, but is multifaceted. leave or confiscate fire crakers out of these people, they will find something else to play with and create problems with it. dealing with multifaceted problems needs a holistic or a multifaceted approach to the matter.

Fared Isa said...

@ dotsnodds
fair enough..but what im trying to say here is, regarding to this issue, the news reported the root of this problem was because of these kids playing fire cracker near the i juz made point from it...thats all..

hana* said...

i think this is more to vandalism than a religion matter.

what a bad way of revenge!those boys get what they deserve.they should clean the surau again.

gadisBunga™ said...

civic education should be taught in school again. all i can do is sigh...

IMmeHuda said...

fiddeOmar - civic education is being taught in the school currently..the same goes with pendidikan moral..however, it's the person's maturity that will differentiatie people..

i've taught chinese students before..some of them are very civilised, well-behaved and is because of their parents' teaching (from my observation)..but some are notorious and a pain in a neck..they even hate malay students (but they could get along well with the indians)..i wonder why..

i guess this is all goes back to family background and the maturity of the students themselves..parents do play vital role in educating their kids, can't really depend on teachers at school..

but i agree that they should do community service instead of putting them into juvenile courts or whatsoever..hope that they will understand how important it is not to create racial tension in the country..we do not want the 13th May tragedy to befall upon us again..

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