Tuesday, August 10, 2010


“Some of the most corrupt countries are Muslim majority,” said MCA President, Dato’ Seri Chua Soi Lek.

I really can’t accept that. Chua Soi Lek who portray Muslim countries as backward and corrupt nations, should educate himself on Islamic civilisation first before came out talk about Muslim.

By the way, who is Chua to talk about Muslim or any other religious when an old man like him is sleeping around with prostitutes? Reading one book does not mean u know Islamism well Chua! Better put ur mouth in a good use, otherwise just shut up!

And at first I was expecting keris wielding PERKASA to defend Islam, but instead it was DAP was the one who defend Islam, thanks to Lim Guan Eng. Only them the PERKASA hero, Ibrahim Ali speaks out, calling Chua as “sex video actor”.

Do you think Chua has had any time, allegedly off his back, to have spent some time studying history to help him eradicate his displayed ignorance about Muslims and the many successful nations built up by the likes of respected Muslim leaders like for instance Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb aka Saladin? If not, why not? Suggest he start on some history lessons before throwing those stones from his glasshouse and losing more credibility, assuming he still has any to lose of course!

In the heydays of the Ottomans, the Muslim world with the best use of the Greeks and Persians led the world in architecture science, medicine, astronomy and mathematics. It’s a legacy to the modern world nowadays. 

Speak about these days, have we ever heard of any PAS leaders within the Kelantan state government being convicted of corruption? NO. So Chua Soi Lek should just shut his mouth in the 1st place. Islam is seriously a beautiful and perfect religion.

There was a Chinese businessmen said to me once,

“Few years ago, I was invited to go to Kelantan. Upon arrival in the state, things were not what I imagined them to be. It was just like any normal Malaysian state with friendly people all around. To my surprise, I found out that the Chinese were selling their bak kut teh and Guiness Stout openly. B4 returning to KL, my rep took me to visit the home of Tok Guru. We could only park our car a distant away & I could see this grand old man in simple attire, sweeping his compound. It was a single storey terrace house. It was also amazing that the MAS flights to & from KB were filled with European tourists.”

So Chua, please make urself clear. The religion itself has nothing wrong. Plus if practice Islam's teaching in ur daily life, it will make urself better. What is wrong is when the religion is hijacked by human being to achieve their own agendas, and u knows who I referring too.

And if we take away the 'Islam' factor and compare Umno with PAS, which is the more corrupt one? The answer is so obvious and I don’t need to tell u.

This is the problem when an insincere leader is not doing the right things right. When u do the right things it can never go wrong and even if it goes wrong, we should believe God will be on our side. ,

Please Chua, u are among the leaders in this country, so don't try to purposely whip up anti Muslim feelings among Malaysians who are Non Muslim. My Chinese and Indians friends have a lot of respect for Islam and the Muslims. Islam is a progressive religion. U should get impressed by Islam historical heritage in Science, Medicine and the Arts. Chua go back to school start reading about comparative religions. Maybe it is better u start with basic books for 8 years old.

If Chua is knowledgeable, respectful and humble, he would not had taken up the position in MCA which needs a high level of integrity and professionalism to uphold. After all he just a "sex video actor", said Ibrahim Ali.

If Chua had a better understanding of history, he should had added that empires had fallen due to greed, corruption and power struggle not because of Islam!

And if Chua give example of Muslim countries that are corrupt and I shall give you loads of Christian & other majority countries that are corrupt. Example: China, southern African Countries (with christian majority), PNG and other pacific islands (again almost 95%christian), Burma (buddhist), Cambodia, South and Central America, Russia etc.

So CHECK MATE Chua Soi Lek!


famy said...

he has no credibility at all to talk about anything. shouldn't have had him back. what a shame.

Fared Isa said...

@ famy

agree with u. the country destroy is not because of Islam, but because of people and leader like him...

Afiq Abd Rahman said...

sometimes, the elders speaks nonsense/without think first. but who are we to correct them? none of the elders and leaders listen and apply youngsters point of view. because they think they always right and wrong things can be corrected by their power.

Fared Isa said...

yes, u maybe rite..but if we found out something was wrong, we should correct it no matter how small we were..

maybe the leader wont listen and care of what we say, but the point here is not just about to correct the leader, but also to inform to our friends that these certain leaders have made mistake, so that we will not easily get influence by these kind of leaders..

Shari said...

its because he thinks umno is islam n umno is corrupted, hence islam is corrupted. thanks to those who have been leading our country for the past 50 years filled with corruption.

Fared Isa said...

yes, i couldn't agree more with u Shari..

Afiq Abd Rahman said...

maybe this is what Rasulullah S.A.W said about incoming apocalypse.

Orang hina mendapat kedudukan terhormat.

"Di antara tanda-tanda semakin dekatnya kiamat ialah duniaakan dikuasai oleh Luka' bin Luka' (orang yang bodoh dan hina). Maka orang yang paling baik ketika itu ialah orang yang beriman yang diapit oleh dua orang mulia" * Riwayat Thabrani*

Kimi said...

friends, please don't confuse your self...he was talking about muslims..not islam in particular..islam is our religion...muslims are followers of islam...he is talking about muslims..not our please don't use the word islam is corrupted...our religion is flawless..its the people who is corrupted, not the religion...I definitely am against chua soi lek's dare him...

Fared Isa said...

@ Afiq Abd Rahman
thanks for the riwayat.

@ Kimi
yes, agree with u. islam is flawless n will always be acceptable, no matter how modern we are.

Anonymous said...

Salam Ramadan 1431H :o)

It's very much respectful that brother fared brought up such issues. I agree with most the things you said in this entry. But shall we look at what Chua said in another side?

He said “Some of the most corrupt countries are Muslim majority,”

Somehow I kind of agree since he said 'some' not 'all'. And the word 'most corrupt' is so very provocative that I myself felt like want to slap his face.

But what I wanna say here that, the message does sound like "Something wrong is happening in Muslim majority country." regardless of his profile, face with the hidden message. Someone like him (even though if he's Luka' bin Luka') won't say something like that without seeing things,no? We should take it as a challenge that there IS something wrong with us Muslims.

Tengok jela berita, siapa yang baling botol arak n cat merah ke surau? Siapa yang p bakar gereja haritu? Siapa yang buang anak? and bla.. bla.. Kebanyakannya manusia with IC stated 'Islam' (just look at us Muslims, because of course the non-muslims have their own issues as well)

So the big Question here is, what should we do in this 'corrupted Muslim majority(?)' society?


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