Sunday, August 15, 2010

Read Or Not To Read The Mainstream Media

I was like grinned when I read the news in Malaysia Insider portal about recent survey conducted by Merdeka Center, where it showed that six out of 10 Malaysians don’t trust the mainstream media while only one out of five has access to online news.

Well, actually I don’t really believe in this Merdeka Survey, after all they only did survey around 1000 people (590 Chinese and 413 Malays) over 27millions Malaysian. And I also wonder, why don’t they run the survey to Indians too? I thought we are 1Malaysia.  

So from here it can raised the question was it really only 60%? Or could it be more than 90%?

And maybe somebody could also explain about the numbers that have the access to the Internet media. Malaysia ranks 93rd, not much better than Tanzania and Kenya in download speed tests. The government should work hard to make sure that more Malaysians have access to high-speed internet so that everyone of us can get to the news updates in the blink of eyes.

But I guess they won’t bother to so. Plus these mainstream media will not be bothered by drop in sales since they gets funding from the house power. The spinning and slander will continue as always. Sigh, I wonder, will they ever learn?

Basically, the worse scenario for freedom of speech in media is the company is owned by a political party. The will tends to lead to abuse of power in the releasing news that only benefits them.

How can people trust the mainstream media when on countless occasions it has reported falsehoods and even panders to extremism? If newspapers must renew their licenses each year and that at the pleasure of the Minister of Home Affairs who comes from certain party, how much faith can we have in them?

Unless the mainstream media is not owned by political parties and the journalists are free to write objectively and truthfully, is hard to believe in mainstream nowadays. Maybe we should print news from the online media and pass them on to those who have no internet access so that they too may get to know the truth.

Dr. Sivamurugan Pandian (USM lecturer) said, "This (the 60%) is probably the group that has not registered as voters or are not bothered with what is happening in the country."

Well, I don’t think so. I think the drop in circulation is because of the FANTASTIC economic growth (10%) of our nation due to the 1 Malaysia initiatives, resulting in citizens having no time to read newspapers. Clients and contracts are non ending and all of us are laughing our way to the bank shouting 1Malaysia!

Okay, I’m kidding.

One has to wonder where Dr. Sivamurugan plucked this conclusion from. I believe the reason why up to 60% of Malaysians don't trust the mainstream media is the exact opposite of what Pandian feels, that these people are registered voters and are extremely concerned with what is happening in the country, which is why they actively seek out better and less prejudiced news sources and platform.

As the telltale signs are all over the place, let the so-called mainstream media continue to degenerate and let the awakening mass-Malaysian whack them into the dustbins if they don't reform & perform. I have to admit, I read NST almost everyday and it really funny when I have to read their spinning stories. Too absurd! Everytime after read the mainstream media, I have to refer back to the Internet to get the real story. Well, don’t blame me, I can’t afford to believe in only one sources, especially those from Utusan. They are like competing furiously amongst themselves to disseminate misinformation. Haha. 

My friend once said that the only news that can be trusted in these papers are the lottery draw results, TESCO, CARREFOUR and Giant daily advertisement. Other than that, bullshit! Sales are dropping and will continue to drop if such poor reporting continues.

And I get to know from online forum that Malaysians who stay overseas are cursing at the kind of news they get particularly from "The Star", one time a trusted paper. Well, Utusan, Berita Harian and NST are out of the topic at the first place.  

If they don’t do something about this, the percentage will increase even more in future. More and more youngsters will get their news from the internet. Nobody can stop the trend. To our current administration, it's already outdated to manipulate and control media. So, do the right things or you will be phased out.
Anyway I only trust the local papers on 
i. Obituaries 
ii. Classified Advertisements (as an intention of the advertiser to trade). 
iii. Foreign news. 
iv. Foreign sports news. 
v. Local non-political news like accidents and community events. 
vi. Foreign Business reports. 
vii. Technology and other interests.

So how about u? Still read Mainstream Media?


Kimi said...

can you share links to your source of information or your readings?? i don't fully trust the mainstream media also...nice topic bro...

Fared Isa said...

sure, actually I did attached the link in the entry. click in on the red color of Malaysia Insider at the first line. ;)

mr Chat said...

Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Harian Metro, Kosmo; better to use those as toilet paper or to bungkus nasi lemak

Fared Isa said...

u tell me mr Chat... ;D

anti kosmo said...

i strongly agree with mr Chat, especially kosmo..suka focus on gejala sex konon nak menyedarkan masyarakat, padahal saje je strategy tuk gain profit..orang lagi suka ada la, and create idea tuk try benda benda tu..its better off people dont know about those shit, especially teenagers, giving them ideas about those craps.

p/s, gambar orang baca newspaper star tu ada bagi sign language sebelah perkataan "off", haha..someone pls complete that

Amal Asyura said...

i read kosmo =D
i really hate utusan, seems like the media thought the masses is do damn stupid to judge the news that have been presented to them. That's why the masses does not believe the mainstream media anymore.

Politics is not my thing so i'm not bother to check the facts back on the internet but i know those news are not to be believed.

I really hope the politician stops umpat-mengumpat and do their work.


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