Friday, January 15, 2010

MR. Bomber-men

We were all surprised by the church-bombing accident recently. Owh, wait, before I go any further, why I felt like some of us didn’t know what I’m talking about, hmm, am I right? See, somebody is blushing right now. Hee. Ya, I understand, some of us were all busy study like 24/7, so don’t have the time to update ourselves with the news, of coz. Hee. Okay, never mind. Actually there was an arson attempts on church at Wangsa Maju and Petaling Jaya. It happened few days after the High Court decision that allowed Christians on the use of the word “Allah”. Now u guys get the picture here?

Back to the story, about the court decision, I’m not trying to be in anybody side on this decision about the using of word “Allah” by Christians, I’m not saying that I agree nor did I say otherwise. What I’m trying to state here is, I’m not good and knowledgeable enough to take a proper side on this issue, well, I’m not Yusof Qardawi.

But unfortunately there were certain people who think that they were Yusof Qardawi, but didn’t act like one. They didn’t really like the court decision and decided to show their dislike by bombing the church.

Hello MR.Bomber-men, what were u thinking? Did u think by bombing the church then everything’s going to be okay? Did u think by doing your stupid act will make High Court taking back their decision on approving the using of word “Allah” by Christians? What were u thinking MR. BOMBER MEN? Imbecile!

Even people with the IQ below 100 can think based on rational and logical that the bombing-attempts were very stupid, low, arrogant, brainless and uncivilized action. I am lost for words. Words can never describe their actions!

Regard from their ‘brilliant’ action of bombing the church, more people will just going to belittle the Islam. More people will think that Islam tolerate the act of violence in the teaching. More people will think that we Muslims are terrorists. Thanks to this few MR. Bomber-men who bring these bad perceptions towards Islam.

Still don’t get it MR. Bomber-men? Fine, here I give one easy example. Let say if other religions devotees burn our mosque, how do we feel? Now u nodded ur head.

And if u MR. Bomber-men are Muslim and really wanna help to solve this problem, try to solve it in a proper way, and that proper way is by debating! Don’t u know that Islam teach us to solve all the argument through the debate? Ask other religions to come and seat with u, then u can discuss and decide on the differences between two sides. Put some logical consistency and strong factual accuracy to support your arguments, only then u will earn respect from your opponent and from all the people around u, not by blindly put bombs on somebody’s house of worship.

I once read that Islam actually mandates all houses of worship should be protected, whether it churches, and even synagogues should be protected, and u guys should noted that Arabic-speaking Christians universally refer to God as “Allah” also.

Please MR. Bomber-men, stop being so emotional, we have to understand that we live in multi-racial-religion country, so whether we like it or not, we have to learn to respect the others, only then others will respect us. Even our Prophet Muhammad drafted a constitution for the city of Medinah in which all groups were granted equal rights and freedom of religion. These all is very important to grant the peace and unity in the country.

Hope MR.Bomber-men will read this and spend some time to think about it.

Ps : again, I'm not in any side, I'm not saying that I agree with the usage of word "Allah" by Christian or not coz me myself don't know whether its wrong or right, but I do know that violence cannot solve the problem.

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