Friday, August 13, 2010

A Dialogue Between Ali The Reporter and BONG

A VIP named Bong (not Bung Mokhtar okay, the picture is just for decoration) was free from the one month prison sentence from Syariah Law, after he commits polygamy without the consent of his first wife. Follow the interview between Ali The Reporter and Bong.

(before read the dialogue, u are advised to read the news here first if u don’t know what is this all about)

Ali : Hello Bong.

Bong :  Hello. Hey, didn’t u suppose to call me Datuk or something?

Ali : Why? I mean why I can’t call u Bong? That’s ur name what.

Bong : Coz I am politician and u are just a silly reporter, that’s why u have to refer me based on my position, not my name stupid!

Ali : Okay, okay, I’m sorry Datuk. Chill la.

Bong : Chill my ass. Just proceed to ur questions!

Ali : Okay, okay. First I would like to congratulate u because of winning the case in court. U are free from the one month prison.

Bong : Thanks.

Ali : Honestly I have to say I’m quite surprised with the court decision. I wonder what will happen if the low ranking public did that.

Bong : Haha. U and others must be a moron to be surprised! I’m a VIP remember?

Ali :  Yes. Yes. I know about that. But still, with only RM1000 fined, plus RM1000 with the first fined, that only makes RM2000, come on. U must be kidding. I believe that amount less than what u pay to service ur Porsche rite?

Bong : Shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone that I drive Porsche!

Ali : Dude, are u kidding me? U the one who drove Porsche to the court before this! Whole Malaysia already knew that u drive Porsche Cayenne men!

Bong : Oh damn it! I suppose to show that I’m poor so that the people that I served won’t think negative on me!

Ali : No need to do that men. People can think. Everyone knows that MP like u have a lot of luxury cars and house. Just look at the Toyol, rumour says he’s house cost around RM30 millions men!

Bong : Haha. U are right Ali! I think they interest more to know about his mansion, compared to my car. So I should not be worried.

Ali : Yes, yes, whatever. So dude, who are u going to marry next?

Bong : Hey, that’s not funny Ali! And don’t call me dude!

Ali : Haha. Just kidding la Bigfoot.

Bong : What u just called me again?!

Ali : Haha. Nothing, nothing. So didn’t u ever feel anything in urself? Ashamed maybe? I mean look at u, u kind of old, and still want to marry a not-so-quite young actress.

Bong : Hey what is ur problem kid! I’m not that old!

Ali : Really? Coz I heard that u a little bit older than Zizi’s mother.

Bong : Just shut up u idiot!

Ali : Okay, okay, I’m sorry. U are young and macho la Bong, okay?

Bong : Haha. Yes, I know that. Otherwise actress like Zizi won’t easily fall for me. (proudly grinned)

Ali : Owh so u really think that she fall for u becoz of u young and macho? What a smart ass.


Ali : Ops, kidding la Datuk. Chill.

Bong : Respect me kid, I’m an MP, u just a low rank of reporter!

Ali : Yes, yes, I’m sorry Sir.  So I heard rumour says that u are one of the lawmaker in Parliment, is that right?

Bong : That is not rumour moron, I am a lawmaker. How come u didn’t know that!

Ali : I know la, I’m just messing around with u. So my question is how come a lawmaker like u can easily break the law? Don’t u think it’s kind of hypocrite?

Bong : Dude, even I’m a lawmaker, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a lawbreaker. But still, my mistake was not that big what.

Ali : It’s not about big mistake or not big mistake bigfoot, It’s about u are an MP, a lawmaker, the chosen one from the people at ur place, so don’t u think that u suppose to show a good example to the public?

Bong : Owh, so now u are the genius la? Want to teach me la?

Ali : And what’s the point of u crying in the court when judge read the verdict? Is not like u didn’t knows the result. Haha. What an act. U should be actor just like ur wife. Haha.

Bong : Hoi, u better watch ur mouth! That was a real tears okay!

Ali : Plus u even said that the experience has taught u well. That raised a question, what lessons did u learn? To prepare another RM2000 before get married again? Maybe Zizi should not let u have another RM2000, otherwise she also might lose u.

Bong : Hey that is over the limit u dumb ass! I won’t get married again! I love my wife okay! And I’m going to kick ur ass now!

Because Ali was too afraid, he ran away from Bong and suddenly Ali jumped the building and killed himself! But don’t worry, Ali already wrote a letter, but police will only found the letter after years.

Ps : This story got nothing to do with anybody. If this happened to be similar with anybody or anything, it’s just a coincidence. Take notes of that.


Afiq Abd Rahman said...

ROFL at the dialogue and the cartoon. haha nice one dude. oopss. fared. hahaha

miSSeqa said...

err... HAHA..
u really love to write sumthing like diz hah..
i think. u shud be a script writer or sumthing. & i bet. ur movie will be in the top ten.
nice work..!

Dakwat Basah! said...

whoever in power, buy the democration. no more law, no more judge. case chronology just stupid ilution for those who don't know. the result already there, before the judge start the trial.

Ozz said...

Hahaha....nice one. a lawbreaker lawmaker...he should be fined ten times .....

Fared Isa said...

@ Afiq Abd Rahman
hehe..thanks bro.. ;)

@ miSSeqa
hopefully someday..story about Bong and his ;)

@ Dakwat Basah!
yup, my friend once said 'u fool if u cant expect the result of this case..'

@ Ozz
yes, couldn't agree more!

kakaroot said...

emmm...i'm just hope that's the real conversation...

hana* said...

haha..a good one!

and LOL..very good dialogues..

Anonymous said...

I don’t see the serious mistake made by Bung. in principal, he is not required to seek 1st wife approval for 2nd marriage based on Islamic rule. Perlis and few other states are not abiding to this rule too. We are too engrossed with man-made rules that overrule the fundamental teaching.. just my understanding

dyra said...

haha really funny :) ali the reporter is so cool , calling an MP a bigfoot . love that <3 hahaha

dyra said...

haha really funny :) ali the reporter is so cool , calling an MP a bigfoot . love that <3 hahaha

Anonymous said...

Is Bigfoot Genuine or bogus? For more than four hundred many years, there have already been reporting’s of a man like creature that may be fully coated in hair.


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