Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I realised I’m not a "good" writer, not that I want to be a "bad" writer. I simply a writer, a person whose most absorb and passionate hours are spent arranging words just for u to read.
- Fared Isa -

I first write because I want to prove that I can also be a good writer. I was so arrogant when I first start writing. I think I’m the best but I’m merely a rookie. And that cost me nobody to read my pieces of writing. To mend my broken heart, I keep writing until now. I am young (barely 20 years old). I still have a lot to read and learn coz I do realize I’m stupid, and careless too. I hope now writing can be my obsession that I could not really fathom, let alone to control.

I always write in the dark, to make the bleakness around me seem bearable, to clear up my mind and thinking wisely...but in the end, I fool no one… no one but myself.

I write because I am sick of reading someone else’s pieces. I hate reading someone else writing about their daily life routine and think people interest to know the details...but regardless, they remain someone else’s.

I write to motivate people, to bring them out from their little circle of critical thinking skills that have been controlling them like forever...but in the end I realised I’m the one who should be motivated and brought out from the circle.

I write to shield from and block this often mean and nasty world we live in...but I barely manage to do so coz I’m so weak.

I write because I want to improve my proficiency in English language... but only found out that I need to work more and harder.

I write to unleash the monster within me – the monster who is always loud with its roars to create doubts and worry.  It is always threatening me, judging me, and jeering me - That monster never tires of wanting to discourage.

I write because I want to be the next John Grisham or Jeffrey Archer...but I end up writing like none.

I write to hush up the sounds of the universe, the complexity of languages...but when anger simmers, I write to shut that person up.

“I never write for money because if you do, you are one pompous ass.” The truth, u asked? Yes, I did have that kind of intention, write for money… but I do realise I am not nearly good enough.

I write to avenge all those people who have wronged me...but I have soon discovered, it is myself that I have to first corrected.

I write to inspire people who read my writing. I really hope I can bring change to something even for a little...but still, I’m the one who should be inspired and changed.

I write because I want the world to listen to me, see my way and change the how so called “mind” works.

When I let my ego cloud my judgment, I write to show off. And I despise myself for that...but again, I have to forgive this sinful heart.

I write because I have the desire to seem clever. Everyone want to seem clever, doesn’t matter what they do, and that’s including me...but I end up seems imbecile.

I write because I want to impress the people who read my pieces...but again, I end up impress none.

Sometimes, I write to slap and offence those ignorant, selfish, education-less politicians...and I must admit I’ve had fun doing it and I will keep doing it.

I write because there is some lie that I want to expose, some fact to which I want to draw attention and share with everyone, and my initial concern is to get a hearing.

I write because I want to expand my knowledge and be a human Google and getting to know about everything...but only found out that I need to know more and more coz knowledge is something that once u try to catch it, the further it will run away from u. So u will never stop catching it.

I write to blow the wind of love to the racist so that they will love people on the name of human, not races...but it seems hard to do.

I write to cherish those I admire...but also to scorn those I hate.

I write to wipe tears of infidelity on my friend’s cheek, when nothing I say or do could bring back the one she loves.

So as long as I remained alive, I will keep writing so that people will remain remembered me when I no longer live in this world. At least I hope some of them will remember my piece of writing so that they knew I’d once lived in this world.


Fiona said...

Serously,you are a writer.And i mean a good one. have faith in yourself and keep up the good work =)

Dakwat Basah! said...

i write for better malaysia. and i know we're heading same way.

famy said...

Sometimes, I write to slap and offence those ignorant, selfish, education-less politicians...and I must admit I’ve had fun doing it and I will keep doing it.---> haha, i like that statement.

somehow i think writing requires skills and talent. in this case, u have both. i realize that the first time i wrote pieces, i wondered if i ever achieve the simplicity possessed by khaled hosseini or jodi picoult. but later on i began to see that writing does show yout personality.

keep on writing and we guys will keep on reading!

farah liana said... to decide what things to write? ngeee

timun cino said...

hey...keep on writing.i love to read them

MiSs TuLang..^_^ said...

it's good to know writer like u and i'm really love to read ur stuff compared to mine..keep it up!..=)

Anonymous said...

u get all u want from ur writing i guess :)

i do enjoy ur writing, it seriously always make me think~

musethekiller@josh said...

just keep writing dude! never give up!

khairul_bariyyah said...

hey, u did impress me by ur writing and the superb vocab dat u used,buddy... =)

wonder why i never met ur blog before.. macy! nape x cakap dekat dakcomot ade blog english macam ni? haish! nak kena macy ni..

eh,tumpang comment ye..hehehe.. and thanks for following my blog.. i just did the same.. =)

ole blogger said...

you've said all the reasons for blogging. Keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.

fitri said...

aku menulis bukan kerna nama...hehe

harap2 apa yg aku tulis dpt memberi manfaat pad yg lain...

zatul said...

adik fared, u're a good writer. keep writing.

-zatul iffah-

Rina (◕‿◕)✿ said...


hehe..i love the way u write since the first time i'm here which is today i guess hihi

so i followed u!

keep it up ok? ^______^

Anonymous said...

you are a writer. a damn good one. but there's still room for improvement, i guess. keep up doing what you love.


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