Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sorry Maid, U Are Not Worth It

Yes, u are not worth it maid.

 The Indonesian government’s demand for RM800 minimum wage for housemaids cannot be implemented as Malaysia does not have a minimum wage structure.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam said this was one of the main reasons why the memorandum of understanding between Malaysia and Indonesia could not be implemented.

“It is difficult to implement as Malaysia does not have a minimum wage structure. We feel that wages should be based on market forces.

“This has been our policy then and now,” he told reporters after opening a motivation and career training programme for Indian youths Saturday.
Subramaniam however agreed that trained Indonesia housemaids should be paid higher wages based on the skills possessed.

Malaysia and Indonesia are still discussing the wage issue at joint committee level led by the Home Ministry secretary-general. Bernama

DEAR MAID and Indonesia Government,

Could u please tell me what the hell that u think about? Who do u think u are to make such demand? What, are u guys are super genius now?

Listen here carefully, even some of us, Malaysian citizen, living in poor. Some of us can’t even afford to buy food to eat. We were not entertained when we demanding for hike of our salary. And for ur information, some Malaysians are only earning less than RM750.00 a month and some are told to live with just RM5.80 a day by the Malaysian law makers.

So how in the hell can we afford to give u guys (Indon maids) RM800.00 a month? Crazy!

U came here to work as a maid at the first place. U don’t even have enough food back at ur country and that’s why u come and work here in this country. But now u want to make a ridiculous demand! Seriously, who the heck do u think u are?

And Indonesian Government, something more that u should aware, very little numbers of ur people are really here to work as maids. Many of them just come here and say that they want to work as a maid so that they can get the visa. Once they start working here, everything can happen, and no need to ask me whether it is a good things or bad things that happen.

My friend joked with me just now said, RM 800 a month minimum wage? Do they worth RM 100 a month in the first place? Well, it is not really funny. So I guess it is not a joke.

The fact is, some are here to make employers a fool, some comes here to attack the employers, some train to have some nice time with employers and some wants to be free with the guys that court them. 

Maybe u (Indon government) should sometimes ask urselves the quality of ur maids. They are not that good as what u think they are. Why should we give in to their demand? Bullshit!

We should get the maids from other countries. They are much better in so many ways. 

And for us Malaysia government, maybe we can learn something from this. At least Indonesia government is care and brave enough to demand RM800 for their citizen working as maids here. Coz I’m not sure we can be like that, where becoming a government who cares for their people abroad, furthermore fight for a minimum wage for their citizen. Can our government do the same for its rakyat?

Owh yes, suddenly I have one brilliant idea to share with u Indon government. U want more money for ur maids right? Fine, let me tell u how can u do that. As what my beloved Malaysia Prime Minister quoted, ‘u help me, I help u’.

So how can u help me?

Simple, let me tell u how. If u want RM800.00 a month for ur maids here then just help us get rid of ur Indon robbers here especially someone with name Toyol and some more of corrupted leaders in my country, only then we can assure u that u can gain RM800 a month.

So how is it, deal?


Benrauf 2.0 said...

absolutely no deal.

few month ago i met this pakcik working night shift as pak guard at a school with only 450 a month wage while bangla immigrant and rohingya fugitive anywhere in our fatherland get double that pakcik's salary.

farah liana said...

they should be thankful to live in malaysia.way way too better than here.kat sini gaji maid sehari rm10 je.dan kena buat kerja teruk2.tapi bila diorang keje dgn mahasiswa msia kat sini pon demand macam2 lg.memang perangai suka take people for granted.daripada goverment sampai lah ke rakyat.nasib maid kat msia tu kiranya lg baik drpd makcik2 tua kat sini yang jalan berpuluh kilometer sambil pikul kayu berat untuk sara hidup

oh farah said...

hey. its not their fault ok. they're just plain boring. they ain't got no yuna to entertain them there (indo). so they just decided to entertain themselves by making this stupid joke. so don't blame them. haha

Fared Isa said...

@ Benrauf 2.0

that's what i try to tell here my friend... ;D

@ farah liana

hoho..I guess u know better coz u live there...thanks for the maid, be grateful to work here in Malaysia...

@ oh farah

even they don't have yuna, they still have ariel the peterp**n

Anonymous said...

agree wif u mr. tersangat demand~

Anonymous said...

for the first time i think that u are not matured enough to do a good writing on certain matter,

u seems like to write based on your emotions rather than rational and deep thinking,

any employers are wise enough to be compared with those who you have mentioned living poorly and earning low wage. or maybe you think all families in malaysia are having at least a maid, only those who can afford.

what about mantik? did u ever think to write an article about her? no..coz u rather being one side perspective

Kimi said...

Why must we pay them Rm 800 per month?? They stay at their employers' house for, medical and all of their necessities have been provided..Its not like they have to rent the house, buy their own food, pay for other expenses..everything have been provided...what more do they want to complain?? Better we hire malaysian maid and pay them 800 our own nation..rm 800 is a lot of realistic...Indonesia, you should be grateful...most of your people are working here and sending money back home...we are helping your economy..If suddenly malaysia decide to stop taking indonesian labour, you would be in trouble...maybe not much but it would still affect you...

Fared Isa said...

@ macy

u tell me..

@ anon

first of all, im not write based on my emotion, but based on my thinking, though im not sure whether it was deep enough or not coz here we talking about something simple, something that u don't have to be a rocket scientist to make a conclusion.

I never said that all of malaysian afford to hire maid. what im trying to tell here is the wage rate of malaysian workers are not that big. so if malaysian alone cannot have a high salary, how do u expect indon to get a high salary?

and about mantik, what do u want me to talk about her? the point now is about the salary of maid, not about the abuse or suffer or whatsover.Yes,I symphatise with her, but what happened to her got nothing to do with the wage that we talking right now..

she was abused by her employer, and for that her employer were served the punishment.enough with that.

im not being biased, im juz being rational.the wage rate that the indon gov request is too much to be entertain. the rest u can read from Kimi's comment above.he got a brilliant points there.

@ Kimi

i agree with u. thanks a lot for the explaination.

Hope Full said...

assalamu'alaykum ~

like this post very much!!..

malas nk citer byk,dh byk pglmn dgn maid indon ni(berlaku pd abg sy sndri)..kte layan die punye la baik mcm famili sndri, siap belikan ubat utk sakit die yg beratus2 hengget, last2 dia lari jugak tnp sebab..ingat free ke nak amek die dtg sini? huhh!

ejump said...

Indon Maid salary: $800
Minus : none coz everything paid fully by the employer.
How much the maid is making per year : $9600
Tax : none coz it paid by the employer
What did the maid buy : nothing, coz everything paid by the employer

Moral of this issue: maid will take home a clean income of $9600 yearly & the employer ending up paying more then $800/month coz everything else was paid by the employer! Aiyoo..

Asielah said...

er, this entry is fueled with anger. hehe..

first of all, don't use "indon". it's a very rude and impolite way of calling them. i'd suggest "indo". i've been in this land for over 5 years now to know how they live and act. the bad ones, we put aside, and try not to follow. the good ones, we try to take and implement into our lives. u'd all be surprised that not all of them are bad really. :)

second, i am totally 100% against the rm800 salary. i don't think they deserve to earn such high pay. not all maids are trained. sure, those who r can have higher pay. but rm800? is total nonsense.

third, not all of them bring trouble, because my family have been blessed with maids who have been very kind and dedicated to us. they usually stay around 7-8years at a time, and then decide to go back home and be with their family. it wasn't all beautiful of course, since we all make mistakes one way or another, but overall, they've done a good job at taking care of us since we were babies, cook, clean, etc. my parents usually start with the basic rm300. and if they do a good job, it'll gradually increase accordingly. it's a two-way thing to me. u help take care of the house and family, i help u to take care of ur family back home by giving u money to feed and shelter them.

fourth, i have seen and had the occasional maids who really do bring trouble. especially young ones who just want to play around and think that they can have fun in malaysia. these, usually don't even know the word organize. which really pisses me off sometimes. their intention of coming to malaysia are not always good. they think they can earn money easier and that they can have fun while at it. what's the point of giving these maids rm800 then?

fifth, i think it's a problem on both side. we, employers can't always guarantee them safety and other things. well, not all employers. but those who mistreat these maids are the ones that's making things difficult, and creating problems. and then there's those maids that are not serious about working as a maid; which means you are supposed to do the housework 'thoroughly', and being dedicated too. these kind of employers and employees to me don't use the brain that they have been blessed with.

all in all, it's hard to settle this problem. we're all human. we have our little demons inside of us. and when we can't control them, horrible and stupid stuff happens which leads to this problem right here. i guess we all need to go back to the Creator. and ask ourselves, what is it that we're here to do on earth. to earn an honest living, to gain His blessings in everything we do, as an employer and an employee as well. when we lose sight of our purpose, and forget our Creator, we drive so far off the course that can take us to the heaven that He has promised for us. i understand why the indonesian government wants that kind of salaries, but it isn't really appropriate, and definitely will not solve the problem that we are having right now.

just my thoughts. :)

Fared Isa said...

@ Hope Full


@ ejump

maybe the employers of these maids should ask them for tax for living in our

@ asielah

ur thought was so amazing even it was quite long..but still, its very valuable and meaningful..

hope everyone here can read and understand what u were trying to tell...thanks asielah... ;)

Asielah said...

my oh my. it definitely was wayyyy long! haha.. thank u too fared. :)

phizz88 said...

super like!!!


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