Friday, July 2, 2010

Why U Need To Be A Blogger ?

Have u ever thought to start ur own blog instead of reading other people’s blogs like what u are doing right now?
Do u know that every day, hundreds of thousands of people start new blogs and some of them willing to stop working and become a full time blogger.
Do u know that u can earn endless advantages when u start to have ur own blog?
Do u know that there are numerous benefits that blogging brings to ur life than just the money part?
Recently at mamaks, one of my friends asked me why I bother to write a blog. After a short volley of debate that began with for fun and then ended with, "So, has it made u money?", I started to think that I should convince my friends and everyone else to also become a blogger.
Well, this is a good thing for u guys to join into! To name few, blogging can help u meet new people, earn some money, get a new job, become an expert, and have a lot of fun!
So to convince u guys, I will list down the reason why u need to be a blogger.

10 reasons why u need to be a blogger ;
-          U can express what’s in ur mind to the whole world to know. U can simply writing something about anything and posting it on the web. It gives me tremendous pleasure when my thoughts and ideas are of some inspiration to my audience – both budding bloggers and others.

-          Research showed that people who do blogging are more critical in their thinking than those who do not. Critical thinking skills are necessary for us especially who are students to progress intellectually. The skills enable us to express ourselves, challenge ideas and justify standpoints. So in other words, people who do blogging is smarter than the one who not, well at least in a certain areas.

-          The power of ur ideas and the ability to question the system can actually change many people’s lives. There are a number of bloggers who actually brings out issues like social injustice, crime, malign politicians and governments’ wrong doings.

-          It’s easy, simple and need not cost money to get started so u won’t get burden. If u just get started to become a blogger, u can start off with a free platform such as Blogger (like what I’m using right now) or Wordpress. And trust me it’s not so hard to build or design ur blog page once u become a blogger.

-          Great way to get ur writing talents noticed. U just put effort to write, and the rest the internet will do the work for u. U are basically able to reach an infinite audience and if u write good quality articles, more and more people are going to take notice. For an aspiring writer, this is the best place to start off.

-          Build ur connection with a wider people around the world. Blogging is not only about the engagement between the blogger and the readers anymore, it can also help u to build ur own network connection. This is good opportunities if u have business or something that have to do with the public. Grab this opportunity!

-          Blogging can help u to discipline urself. Example, after I have started blogging and deciding on how much time I have to spend online and on blogging, my time management has become better and I consider this as another great advantage of blogging. Beside, better spend ur time writing something in ur blog instead of Facebooking for 24hours!

-          Blogging might help u get a job. Some employers who are looking for employees who are creative and who can write might be impressed if u have a very well-written and well-designed blog. But it won’t really help u if u posting pictures of nude stars or rants against ur previous employers, and pictures of urself drunk.  ;D

-          Blogging might get you a book deal. Hard, but not impossible. While the possibility of this is small, it does happen, now and then. Like the movie Julie and Julia, it was based on a blog written by a woman who wrote about trying a different Julia Child recipe every night for a year.  The blogger was offered a book deal.  The book became a best seller and spawned the movie. Who knows one day it might be u or me, with our own title of book!

-          Generate side income. Last but not the least, u can make money by blogging! I do not need to go into the details of this as blogging as a full time profession is a topic that has been widely covered all across the web. But u have to remember, don’t blog because of money if u just get started, blog because u want too and because u interested with it, and only then the money will come by itself if u become a great and consistent blogger. It can make a very healthy side income for those that write regularly with discipline.

So these are among the reasons why u have to turn urself to be a blogger just like me. Actually, I prefer the ‘writer’ status instead of the ‘blogger’ status, but it doesn’t matter, as long as u can write something good and informative to the people who read ur blog.
But u have to remember, in order to become a good writer, u have to be a greater reader. This is very important. To be a writer, u have to be like 80% reading and 20% writing that provides the right balance. Great bloggers are those who read a lot and do a lot of research before publishing their ideas and hence reading is definitely an advantage or byproduct of blogging.
So happy blogging and good luck to urself!
I’m looking forward to visit and read ur new blog soon my dear friends.  ;D


Benrauf 2.0 said...

i like ur collection of why-need-to-blog list. currently blogging to me is just to spend the free time. :D

Fared Isa said...

benrauf : thanks...maybe now u writing just to spend ur free time, but who knows in the future u may earn money from ur writing...

InsyaAllah... =)

adelia said...

I think u'r superb..your interest just same as mine.playing chess, read a lot, listening to music but I'd never tried blogging!.will consider.Keep on writing coz I love reading blogs.


Lil'Syke said...

Love your blog man!Feel free to follow mine?
Btw,Thanx for your tips,it's all in mind now


Zalikha said...

Wow,i can see your great enthusiasm in encouraging people to blog and to read (obviously,nilam programme is a total failure!just abolish it).i bet u love blogging damn much,right?I'm kinda amazed when u keep on writing and trying to improve your English even though there are grammar slips here and there.i think i should let my friends read your blog as a motivation to learn n love English (especially SPM is just lurking around the corner)yes,u have a long way to go but i seriously believe that u can write like a pro sooner or later,insya Allah!

And thanks coz u are kinda inspiring me to join the blogger's club as well.i like to read other people's blogs but when it comes to me myself,i can feel my head is full of spider's webs,blank without any idea to write.i want my blog to be like u,different and engaging.and the most importantly,inspiring and exciting.maybe i will consider the option after spm.hehe,so,if i have one,come and visit,will ya!?

Fared Isa said...

yes, sure i will Zalikha...good luck! ;)

Izaham Musa said...

dear Fared, I would like to copy your list of 10 reasons why I blog for my next blog entry. Thank you. izaham (


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