Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop Raping The Penans !

Stop raping them! Seriously, somebody should say and do something. This should be stop!

More and more Penan girls and women have come forward with claims of being sexually abused.

For more than ten years at least, Penan girls have been raped, violated and sexually abused. The Penan women in the community have been at dire risk of various forms of sexual assault and harassment.

A girl, 12, was raped by a stranger outside her hostel and by a timber worker when she took a lift in a timber company’s vehicle from her village in Long Kawi to her school in Long Lama. She got pregnant, quit school and married a Penan man.

A woman from Long Item was raped by a timber worker in 2005 and 2007 and gave birth to a baby girl, now two years old.

One was raped by an Iban timber worker when she was kidnapped at the age of 13, while visiting her relatives in Miri.

One was almost raped when she took a lift with her father from a timber company to apply for an identity card.

In Long Muboi, a student said her 14-year-old friend was molested by a truck driver who gave her a lift to school.

U can read the rest in here.
The logging companies are not just raping the jungle to satisfy their greed, but at the same time they taking away the children into force adulthood by becoming parent at early age. The Penans are getting raped by the loggers who just treat them as entertainment. It’s very a very sorrowful sight!

The question, why there isn’t a single word from the authorities? U want the people to appreciate u rather than condemning u so get off your butts and do something, seen to be doing something and must do injustice to the Penans.

The police have stated that it needs all the details before it can take any action (u can read it here). This begs the question: If all the details have been obtained, what investigative work is left for the police to conduct? Can someone please clearly outline the duties of the police force?

Don’t give excuses like there isn’t enough witnesses, logistic constraints and bla..bla..bla. These allegations have been going on for years and it won’t go away until justice is done and seen to be done for the raped women and punishment meted out to the rapists.

It seems like the authorities not really interested with this case coz the demands to see the report was stonewalled by some of the leaders. And how shocking to find that the report indeed substantiates claims of rape of women and minors.

Every person and authority involved in these wrongdoings and misery caused to the helpless indigenous people of Sarawak must be exposed to the international community and shamed. The consistent efforts of the Penan Support Group must be lauded and fully supported by all Malaysians. The Penans are not aliens. They are not animal. They are not rubbish. They are human, just like us. They are also citizens of Malaysia and are entitled to all the rights and privileges enshrined in the nation's Constitution.

My heart goes out in deep sympathy to all the Penan girls and women who have been abused and made to suffer in silence due to the arrogance and complete absence of conscience of the political leaders and all the authorities who are involved, directly and/or indirectrly, on this issue.

I am very sad that in this century, we are still backwards when it involves human abuse. This mentality needs to be corrected before we can progress to become world class human beings.

Maybe we should all get together and find way to solve this problem where Penan kids don’t have to use truck to go to school and find way to separate them with these evil truckers and loggers. And I would like to suggest we establish a fund to assist the Penan to be self-reliant in their basic needs in terms of schools, health, transportation, amenities, etc. We can go to local and international institutions to raise funds. We need to assist the Penan communities to meet the challenges in this forever-changing world.

We need to create awareness and giving more assistance to the Penan, support them coz they are our own people. I’m sure we don’t want to be like what Aussie did to aborigines which they treated as animal.

Otherwise the leaders should also apologize to these Penan people just like what the former Aussie prime minister, Kevin Rudd did to aborigines.   



MuNsYi SaMa said...

Just because they are Penan girls, does not means they dont deserve similar protection like any other girls in Malaysia.

Seriously, this raping cases had increased in our own country and I don't see any action from the authorities. hmm

Dakwat Basah! said...

dear Munsyi Sama ; the authority is the Rapist. together with sarawak government. this is the fact.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ummu Mursyid said...

something wrong with anonymous's comments.. I think he misunderstood munsyi sama..


it seems that only the minority cares..


Dakwat Basah! said...

my friend, i think u should filter the commentator. hmm..if they come with beautifull mind,it's very good.but if they come to fight,worthless.

MuNsYi SaMa said...

did i say anything wrong here? I'm confused.

Am i at fault if i said every girls should get similar protection and judgment in these raping cases? including 'systematic rape'?

oh please enlighten me. thanks.

Sidratul Muntaha said...


Actually,this is very good topic to be discused here. However, it is better if the commentator doesn't use the langguage like 'i....t' or 'f...k'.

I think there is nothing wrong with Munsyi Sama's idea about all people deserve to get the SAME rights. Am i rite?

guide me.i'm still learning~

Fared Isa said...

Hello guys...

I'm sorry for the inconvenience...
I didn't noticed it at the first place...

Actually there's nothing wrong with the comment made by Munsyi..

I agreed with Ummu, this must be misunderstanding from the anonymous..and what Dakwat Basah said is also right, there's no point for us to having fight here..

Thanks for Sidratul Muntaha too, for the concern. I also agreed with u that 'it is better if the commentator doesn't use the langguage like 'i....t' or 'f...k''.

I'm deleting the comment made by the anonymous...

Again I apologise to brother Munsyi..u said nothing wrong brother...

MuNsYi SaMa said...

It's okay brother. everybody makes mistakes. I hope i'll be more careful when commenting next time to avoid any misunderstanding. thanks again. and Sorry too. thanks all for clearing things up for me. =)


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