Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don't Take Daddy For A Ride Boys

This is what u get if u mess with daddy, kid.

The man in the picture above named Baharom Long, age 85, just teaches a great lesson to three of his sons.

He sued them for RM2millions.

Suing ur children on ur birthday is probably not the best thing a father could do, but this man managed to do it. It proven that he is man enough!

Baharom's claim was made against his sons, Md Hanafiah, 55, Zakariah, 52, and Musa, 50. (Yes, all of them already old enough, old and fool if I may add)

Here are the details of the story :

-          On Novermber 2007, Zakariah took Baharom to Hanafiah's (u guys must be confuse with the name so refer back at the top of the story) house in Batu Caves where he was surrounded by his three sons.

-          Baharom was then forced to sign a letter in which the contents were not made known to him.

-          Baharom claimed that his sons had said that if he did not sign the letter, he would not be allowed to remarry. (Baharom's wife, Maimunah Husin, died 10 years ago.)

-          Baharom got no choice at all, he then sign the letter because he really want to marry his girlfriend, an Indonesian woman.

-          Baharom learn later that he had signed a statutory declaration allowing his sons to claim rights to two plots of lands that belonged to him and his late wife.

-          It was not over with that, things became worst when Baharom’s new wife, was chased out of the house by his 3 sons a week after the marriage.

(U can read the official news by clicking here)

But now, Baharom not gonna stay silence anymore. It’s time for him to teach them a lesson.

“U don’t mess with daddy!” (I think this is what Baharom said)

The RM2 millions law suit includes RM1 million in punitive damages and another RM1 million in aggravated damages, so that his sons would not repeat their actions against him or anyone else. Baharom is also seeking an additional RM 16,000 in special damages for his trauma, medical and legal costs.

What a children. This is what a father’s receive after raising his children from baby to become a father’s of baby themselves. Baharom Long got scammed and manipulated by his own flesh and blood.   

 (Well I bet his children gonna bend over their knees and bow at him after this asking for forgiveness)

At first I thought that this will only happen in movies, but unfortunately it happen in real life. This story is true and let it be a lesson to us all.

Money can make even ur own flesh and blood do despicable things. This is not the only story of this kind and it won't be the last.

All religions of the world have laid great emphasis on the rights of parents and the duties of children towards them. According to Islamic teachings, to be obedient and to show kindness to parents has been enjoined in the Holy Quran in such a manner as to say that among the noble deeds, to obey parents, treat them respectfully and to show kindness to them is next to worshipping Almighty Allah.

And remember, the world is round. What we give we will get back. If we do this to our father, one day our children will do the same thing to us. Well, maybe worst.

The worst thing that can happen to a father is being fooled by his own children. So if we still have a father, do not ever do this kind of thing to him. Don’t sacrifice his happiness for our happiness.

Respect him, appreciate him, obeyed him, as he, our father, is the second most important person in our lives after our mother.

·  17:23  : for thy Sustainer has ordained that you shall worship none but Him. And do good unto [thy] parents. Should one of them, or both, attain to old age in thy care, never say "Ugh" to them or scold them, but [always] speak unto them with reverent speech,

All the best to Baharom Long ~

Ps : U can read my entry about how to appreciate ur father here.


Anonymous said...

stupid child!
i wil nver ever do dat~

oh farah said...

YUP2. this is too much. the end of the world.

Khairunnisa' said...

How embarrassing!

Akram Razali said...

anak tanggang...

Afiq Abd Rahman said...

even dah tua2 pun masih tak dpt define maksud keberkatan Allah itu adalah keberkatan ibu bapa =__="

fatin zulkifli said...

haa. nie baru balas dunia. balasan akhirat lagi hebat dari nie. some say, apa kita buat dekat parents kita, anak2 kita akan buat balik dekat kita.

so, renung2 kan dan selamat beramal. ;)

ejump said...

Hello saudara Farid, sy setuju dng pendapat saudara. tetap juga menjadi satu kesalahan jika kita tidak menghormati orang apatah lagi ibubapa sendiri. Sy cuma ada teori yg sedikit berbeza sudutnya:-

Mengapa hanya selepas masing2 berumur lebih 50 tahun, baru sekarang cuba utk merampas harta milik bersama ayah & arwah ibu mereka?? Saudara bertiga itu mungkin cuba untuk mengelakkan harta ayah & ibu kandung mereka jatuh ke tangan org lain. Seperti tulisan saudara, bahawa Pak Baharum itu akan berkahwin baru (kekasih yg berasal dr Indonesia), jd tiga bersaudara itu membuat pakatan bersama.

Sy yakin jika kita berpeluang utk bertanyakan perkara ini kepada tiga bersaudara itu, pasti ada penjelasan yg lebih rasional dr mereka selain drp cuba mendapatkan harta itu.

Hanya pendapat kosong sy sahaja. Terima kasih saudara Farid.

P.S. Teruskan menulis dng terbuka & bernas, pasti ada yg membaca & menghargai!!

Hazman Saharuddin said...

salam saudara.

you are very gifted in writing.keep it up.

Don’t sacrifice his happiness for our happiness------>love this sentence :D


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