Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Tired Of MLM !

Last few days I was invited by one of my friend to go to the business talk at the hotel. At first I don’t really want to go coz thought I have to pay for it, plus with my condition right now where I have to walk assist by crutches, so I said, “forget it”.

But my friend managed to convince me to come along with him because he said this business talk is free, and he said the speakers is a real success guy. I still don’t want to go coz I think what kind of business talk that is free. If the business is so successful, they won’t easily share it with others, at least not for free. But my friend insisted me to go and said he got nobody to accompany him, then I said, “okay, fine, let’s go”.

And shit I was scammed! When I got there, I realized it was not a real business talks, it was a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business talk! And worst, my friend’s whole family were also attending the gathering. And of coz he leave me to sit alone as he going to sit with his family. Shite!

The words that they been saying that night were the same with the words that I been heard from my friends who did this MLM business in these past few years.

“Don’t u want to have a financial freedom?”

“There’s no point of u studying if u end up working with other people.”

“Do u want to be other people slave for ur whole life?”

“Don’t u want to drive a Mercedes or BMW and going holiday to overseas?”

“Don’t u want to send ur parents to perform Haj’? ”

“This is a one lifetime of great opportunity”

And many more words and promise have been saying. Well, to be fair, these maybe true, and these maybe not. Are they really sure by joining the MLM business it can guarantee them to have the financial freedom? Do they really think that only by MLM people can drive luxury cars or going to overseas for holiday? Do they really think that by MLM, there’s no need for people to obtain a degree?

Many people think MLM is the way how to make easy money. Many people are signed up on this promise but it couldn’t be further from the truth. U may earn money, but it really needs a very hard work. If u think u can lounge around whilst the checks come in then u are very much mistaken. Making money takes time and commitment at the very least. If u don’t invest both then be prepared to fail.

Honestly I like business, I like to sell things, in fact our Prophet Muhammad said that 9/10 income can be obtain from doing business. But I don’t like this networking business, where the business using the pyramid scheme. I’m tired of this MLM guys who keep convincing people to be their downline and promised that this is a great opportunity to be rich.

I did a few researches on my own about this MLM business and personally, I don’t think too many people have much success with MLM. For almost everyone who invests MLM turns out to be a losing financial proposition.

As in all pyramid schemes, the incomes of those distributors at the top and the profits to the sponsoring corporations come from a continuous influx of new investors at the bottom. The MLM type of business structure can support only a small number of financial winners.

This can be proof with simple mathematics. Let’s think, if a 1,000-person downline is needed to earn a sustainable income, those 1,000 will need one million more to duplicate the success. How many people can realistically be enrolled? Much of what appears as growth is in fact only the continuous churning of new enrollees. The money for the rare winners comes from the constant enrollment of armies of losers.

In fact, if all the distributors who enroll and quit over several years are included, the odds of success for a new distributor/investor are shown to be absurdly low! Yet, these companies typically advertise their business as "an opportunity of a life time" with "unlimited potential." Bullshit!

I never underestimated or hate anybody who doing this MLM business, including my friend who tricked me to go into this ‘business talk’ with him as I mentioned above. He is still my friend, and I still like him. I also believe this thing can bring money for anybody who put great effort on it.

But please, take notes of something. Many people who join MLM today are targeting students to be their downline. If u guys want to find students to be ur downline, please be careful in choosing ur words. Whatever it is, never poisoning the student or any teenager’s mind by telling them even without education they can still be rich and successful. Don’t promised them something that is not sure, and I mean this MLM stuff.

Whatever we do, we shouldn’t left our study behind. Just because u doing MLM business, doesn’t mean that u have to leave school or college. Just because u doing MLM, it doesn’t mean that u no longer have to learn anything. Do whatever that u want to do, doesn’t matter whether it is MLM or other business, as long as we keep in our real path, to at least obtain a degree. Education is important. Only by education can help us in the future.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is wealth. Learn as much as we can. If we don’t take time to learn then how can we expect to earn?


amalina wahida said...

may i know what MLM 'business talk' did u go?

famy said...

i dont know if its wrong but i dont believe ALL MLM... it used to be one of the method in marketing, now has tarnished with people who treat MLM like a skim cepat kaya

Anonymous said...

..i just think u are so negative and narrow minded ! be more creative will ya !

Fared Isa said...

amalina : i'm sori cannot tell u the point here is about mlm business..doesn't matter which mlm was it...

famy : agreed with u bro..

anonymous : wat makes u said that? explain..correct me if im wrong...

zilzil said...

hi bro, I like your point of view regarding this MLM matter. At least you think different angle of it and we just have to read it with open mind and heart.

Just wanna add tht doing MLM cannot guarantee you that you will have a sustainable income for the next 5-10 yrs and what more 20-30 yrs from now isnt it?Yet you still have to put much much effort on it.

For me personally, I did not banned any of the MLM business but it is a matter of how the member bring this business into their be much thing to say

Dakwat Basah! said...

some will success, while the rest fail. we better come back to the 'nature of money'. nothing come very easy without effort. those who put 110% effort will survive, not just for MLM. but for whatever we did in our carrier. there is no shortcut to find money, this is the 1st rule.

famy said...

yes, agree with dakwat basah. money is not something that u just get. you must earn.

to anonymous... what does u mean by narrow minded? narrow minded is a people who joined MLM because they were trapped by the promise to be rich without even try to understand how the money and profit generated.

btw, people love shortcut. the thing is life is not a written script. only fairy tales ends with "happily ever after..."

Anonymous said...

i am another anonymous, but it think fared's opinion on MLM is correct and he has right to say that but famy you are disappoint me with your point, since you say that seolah olah orang yg join MLM ni sume narrow-minded, apa pun org yg join MLM still kena put effort untuk berjaya, cuma diorang lebih relax buat MLM kat mana pon diorang nak buat, betol kaa?

no hard feel k

famy said...

anon 2 - not what i meant. you can join MLM but you have to understand how that MLM works, because different company have different approaches. if that MLM requires you to find downline, and so on so fourth, means you can have the idea on how those profit generated. but it is cool to earn money from your downliners? because at the end of the day the most bootom people would strive to gain something for themselves.

i believe narrow minded is people whom do not think when they join something, bear it MLM or other participation.

no heart feeling la... haha

Anonymous said...

hi there! i guess i've been in your position before, my god, your opinion was super duper quite the same as what i thought, my friend had been like inviting as what your friend did, but unfortunately, i don't even interested, this typo business more over like they needs someone who have bunch of money so that they can purchase their products and showing off and bla.. bla.. bla.. until they get more people to join. yes i did agree its like 'skim cepat kaya' and in the ends, they lose money but what they got? a very long term to receive a numbers of dollars in order to get a higher position. huhu..

okay btw, the're not narrow minded, they smart, let's think of just a part of perspective view of that business, how can they invite people in such that amount people within there's someone can catch them up for their downline though?

Pak Karim said...

Uncle setuju sesangat ler dengan Madah2 tu, cuma yang buat uncle segan kawan rapat yang offer businness talk. let recap case like KUBtrus

ELMIZAN said...

before this i`d involved in business something like mlm....but after i go through some researches...this business is not really a good one to be focus on..although they say...~its halal~...what if one day they stop the system?how can the downline continue to promote their link?for more stuff like mlm and their `species`

Anonymous said...

sorry to bother..
i've attracted to some1 who said
"..i just think u are so negative and narrow minded ! be more creative will ya !"

MLM does one of the method in marketing..but where it just come from??

tidak keterlaluan utk saya tafsirkan MLM ni adalah rancang yahudi..supaya yg kaya terus kaya, yg miskin terus miskin..

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

joegrimjow said...

u should hear herbalife business, u will have different judgement after that

the reason why people hate MLM is because most of the product suck, just think about the money money money. they didnt think about others thats y many MLM companies that opened in Malaysia on 2006 closed and now only 400 plus2 survive

err, im doing herbalife (mlm), not becoz the system or the bussiness but the product really work (loss 12 kg in 3 month) and want to share with others

Kitsune Udon said...

Education ... yes important ... but which one ... the one that trains you to work for somebody. Or the other way around ...

Kaguya.P. said...

salam..hye..tetibe je jump in kn..never mind la...just nak setuju dgn comment "joegrimjow"...dlm MLM choosing the right MLM yg plg penting..tngk produk apa samada lasting atau pun tak dan tngk Marketing Plan dan fahami betul2 dan yg plg penting tak semua MLM tu sistem piramid k...i'm happy coz saya dlm HERBALIFE...!! yg mana ianya bukan sistem piramid n best produk best best...!!! I LOVE HERBALIFE...!!


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