Sunday, July 4, 2010

Dialogue Between Ali and Maradona

After Argentina was beating 4-0 by Germany, many reporters come to interview Maradona, the coach of Argentina and one of the reporters is Ali from Malaysia.
Ali : Madona. Madona. Wait up.
Maradona : Shit what u just called me?
Ali : I called u Madonna. That’s ur name what. Why u so mad?
Maradonna : That’s not my name u silly, my name is Maradona!
Ali : Woo..woo..chill out big guy…its just the same what..

Maradona : Its not the same! My name with letters R and A…MA-RA-DONA..
Ali : Hey..hey..u don’t have to spell it for me dude, I’m not stupid la..I’m a reporter okay! Of coz I’m good with spelling. Maradona or Madonna, who cares.
Maradona : Just shut up! And don’t call me dude! What do u want kid?!
Ali : As I say just know, I’m a reporter, so I wanna ask u few questions regarding with the match just now.
Maradona : Okay. Go ahead. Make it fast.
Ali : First of all, I would take a chance to congratulate u and ur team  Sir for winning the match just now. So how do u feel after winning the match?
Maradona : Kid what the f*ck are u talking about!
Ali : What? What? Did I say something wrong again? Why u so mad Sir?
Maradona : Do u even know which team I’m from?!
Ali : Hey, that’s insulting okay! Do u think I’m that stupid! Of coz I know that u are from Argentina.
Maradona : Then why did u say that I winning the match?! Are u trying to make fun of me!
Ali : Owh, I’m sorry, actually I felt asleep just now when u bunch of idiots keep fighting each other for a ball.
Maradona : What did u say?!
Ali : Hoho, no la, I’m just kidding la fluffy guy. Relax. Of coz I enjoyed watching the game. U lost the game rite. Haha.
Maradona : Call me fluffy again if u dare kid!
Ali : won’t. I’m sorry Sir.
Maradona : And why u congratulated me and said my team winning the match!
Ali : No la, because before the match u the one who talk so big saying u gonna win this match. U also insulted Pele and anyone who mentioned ur name Sir.
Maradona : What do u know about football kid! U know nothing! That’s what we do to psycho our opponent!
Ali : Ceh, psycho also lost what. Just good in talk! U said u are the God of football. But how come u still lost the game?  
Maradona : Shut up! Just proceed to the next question!
Ali : So how about ur plan to run naked Sir?
Maradona : Why in the hell u want to ask about that!
Ali : Then what do u want me to ask u? Why don’t u become a reporter and ask me questions smart ass!
Maradona : What did u say again?!
Ali : Hee..I’m just kidding war okay. So what do u think the main reason of ur team losing the game?
Maradona : Well, first, of coz because Germans played a better football than us. Second, because they controlling Lionel Messi to tight, and this was hard for Messi to give out all of him in the pitch just now. Third because after Germans scored two-nil, I can see that my player’s morale was down badly. They were very stressed to scoring back and this lead to the non-consistent and lack in defensive, that’s why we end up losing the game.
Ali : Owh I see. Well, ur team lost so badly. I mean 4-0. That’s embarrassing. That’s a big margin. It’s very shameful to be in ur shoes right now Sir.
Maradona : Be careful with ur words kid. At least we managed to come to this level. Compare with ur country, u got nothing!
Ali : WOOO…that’s nasty..
Maradona : I’m just saying the truth.
Ali : Bla..bla…bla..Whatever. So what are u going to do next? Wait..wait…let me answer this for u! U will try to find reasons to blame others for this defeat rite? And when people don’t want to listen to u, u try to get attention by saying u wanna run naked. Haha. That’s funny.
Maradona : Owh, u think that’s funny. How about I punch u in the face, and let see if that’s funny to u moron!
Ali : Ops, I’m sorry. Okay, okay, for real, what are u going to do next?
Maradona : I’m not sure. I cannot say anything about the future. This is the worst day in my life.
Ali : I thought u are so good to talk about the future coz u the one who said that Germans gonna lose the game before the match start. Haha. At ur face!
Maradona : Its not funny kid. U know what’s funny? Sending ur country under-21 to play at Slovakia and turn out u guys lost almost all of the game. What a waste!
Ali : I agree with u about that Sir!
Maradona : I don’t need ur opinion. U just a sissy reporter. Proceed to ur next question sissy girl.
Ali : I’m not sissy and it’s too obvious I’m not a girl!
Maradona : Talk to the hand. Come on, what’s ur next question?
Ali : Messi was the best player in the world, but it seems like he not really into the Argentina team? I cannot see he plays with his full heart like he plays in Barcelona. I mean, it looks like he don’t really care whether Argentina gonna win or lose.
Maradona : Messi is weeping in the changing room, anyone who says to me he has no feelings for the (Argentina) shirt is stupid.
Ali : Messi weeping? HUH! CRY BABY!
Maradona : We all play with all our heart. We bring our country good name. We play not for the money, but for our beloved Argentina country.
Ali : Stop..stop..don’t be so emotional.. Save ur patriotism to urself..
Maradona : I love my country, and we all famous with our football. How about ur country Malaysia? Famous with what?
Ali : WOO..u nasty Sir. We also play football what.
Maradona : U guys play football like a bunch of sissy girls.
Ali : Don’t say that! Do u know that there is a one referee here from Malaysia!
Maradona : WOW! I’m so proud of ur country! How about bring ur national team and play with us? Well, if u forgotten, at least my country, Argentina, qualified to play in the World Cup. Wonder when ur country will get the chance to join the world cup.
Ali : Show off!
Maradona : And don’t forget that we are the number seventh ranking in the world based on FIFA. How about ur country?
Ali : Stop it! U know what, I like the Argentina players. I do not like u.­ Clown. Bad coach. Fat!
Then without saying anything more, Ali run away and killed himself.

Ps: I just made up this dialogue. It has nothing to do with anything or anybody. It’s just for fun.
 And congratulation to German for winning the match against Argentina. I’m a big fan of Argentina, but I’m okay to see them lost the game coz at least Maradona won’t run around naked as he promised to do if they happen to win the world cup.   ;p


MuNsYi SaMa said...

LOL..very funny bro. I dont like to watch football but yes, I also dont want to read tomorrow's headlines "Maradona run naked"..haha

tweety suwitt said...

my nephew said: maradona balik tengok crita kanak2 "Go Diego Go!" hehee..

anyway, this is funny... :)

Fared Isa said...

munsyi : haha..maradona sexy! ;D

tweety : im sure ur nephew is smarter than ;)

Aujinz said...

let them talk to the hand..


hitoride said...

talk to the


very funny la~

ADMIN said...

Hahahahaha.. he didn't run naked coz Argentina lost their World Cup. Maradona promised wanna run naked if Argentina win the 2010 World Cup. Alhamdulillah.. Argentina going back earlier than finalist ;)= I could't think how he look like when running naked.


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