Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Lies That 10-Years-Old Kid Can Notice

Something interesting is happening that really caught my attention. Malaysia has a new star now, and she is a former of deputy public prosecutor (DPP) of the Anwar’s sodomy case. Her name is Farah Azlina Latif.

At first this scandal was exposed by RPK in his website. An allegation that a female DPP attached to the team that is prosecuting Anwar Ibrahim had a sexual relationship with the complainant and star witness, Saiful Bukhari.

Then a few days ago, the Attorney General dropped the female DPP from the team, although he did not deny nor confirm the allegation.

So this has raise the question mark whether Saiful really having relation with Farah Azlina or not? And also the allegation said that they were having sex together. Was it really true?  

People keep suggesting Saiful to swear again to prove that he got nothing to do with Farah and have no sexual relation with her. I wonder, why suggest that he swear again? What would u get out of it? That scoundrel can swear a million times and no one is going to buy. U know why? Once a person tell a lie he's finished.

This Saiful tells a lot of lie that even standard 5 kids also can tell he was lying. Such as, before this, he denied meeting Prime Minister prior to lodging the police report against Anwar. Prime Minister also denied meeting him, but when photos started to appear, both he and Saiful admitted to meeting in Putrajaya.

So the question of morality cannot be evaded. There are serious questions about his character and his credibility as a witness especially with this latest affair.

And if this latest affair were true, then Saiful would also have cheated on his fiancee. Wow, there were so many people that he been cheating and lying to. Such unreliability of character not only adds to the doubt already surrounding his testimony, but should render it void in the interests of justice and fair play to the person he has accused - Anwar.

There was one uncle that I met recently told me that what a lucky guy this Saiful are. He said for almost 40 years he worked for government, he have never even seen any politician close-up, let alone talk to one. All the so-called wakil rakyat are always too busy to meet the people and yet this Saiful guy has done it all - met the then DPM, rub shoulders with the police for almost top guns and finally allegedly screwed the DPP (deputy public prosecutor). Plus he drives around in a luxury car and well clothed. And guess what, he just a college dropout!

Everything seems not right. This should be stop. They should just drop the case. Don’t they have integrity?

People might say and asked what Saiful's personal sexual conduct has to do with Anwar's sodomy trial. Well, it's very simple. It is called "prosecutorial misconduct." The prosecution wants to win its case, right? So a member of the prosecution team has sex with "the star witness." In exchange for sex, the witness says whatever.

Is it true? Is that what happened? I don't know. But for certain, it creates the "appearance of impropriety." No matter what, Saiful's testimony is now tainted. In other Commonwealth courts, the case would be dismissed immediately. I wonder is this going to happen in Malaysia?

For me, Saiful is pure idiot. He is just a clown. I just don’t understand how he uses his brain to think. Or he didn’t use it at all. Just imagine, of all the people, he goes and bunk a member of the prosecution team. What a suave guy. U gotta give it to him but all the clean water in the world would not be able to cleanse his name and reputation not even swearing on the holy book this time is going to be of any help him. Maybe he might just scream "rape" again but this time the rapist is a female and not a male. Wonder whether he wash himself immediately or wait for least 2 days to do so just like before so as to preserve evidence of the rape and the rapist.

And when is Mais (Majlis Agama Islam Selangor) and Jais (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor) going to investigate this? If this allegation is happen to be true, the prosecutor and Saiful should be charged for illicit sex if and given punishment regarding to muslim law.

However, pity and sad for this former DPP, Farah Azlina. The allegation also stated that she left her fiancée for Saiful. But now she is probably taking her last pay and balik kampung burying her head wondering what she is to do for her future. Find a husband. Any volunteers?

And I really hope that Robert de Niro will inspire to do a movie about this and take the beautiful, slim and elegance Rosmah to be the heroin.


Akram Razali said...

I think Jerry Bruckheimer more suitable to be the producer of this movie. Like CSI..Not sure CSI MIAMI or CSI SELANGOR...

timun cino said...

the beautiful, slim and elegance Rosmah to be the heroin.

xD xD xD

Fiona said...

Thx 4 summing it up~Now I know what is it all about with that Sodomy

Anonymous said...

u should post this is on fb...let people know,i'm tired to tell each one of them(my frend)..which most of them dont even bother bout politics..

RadIanT said...

Nicely done. EVERYONE should read this.

Khairunnisa' said...

For that matter, never ever make use of Islam when you do the wrong things in life -.-


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