Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pray For This Kid

Poor this little kid.

I was reading the online newspaper today and gosh I was shocked. I was shocked, I was angry and I was sad.

Look at the picture (the left boy). His name is Danial Gabrial Abdullah. He is 4. And he is in deep pain.

This little boy from Subang Jaya is fighting for his life after suffering serious head and body injuries in an accident involving a speeding van outside his home.

It was believe as a hit and run accident by auxiliary cop. The boy was believed to have been flung more than 10m away from the impact.

He suffered from cracked skull, brain haemorrhage and a broken ankle. Part of his scalp was scraped off and his left ear torn off. To top that, the van the auxiliary cop was driving allegedly rolled over Danial's leg, as he laid motionless (it was a hit-and-run). Danial is currently in ICU, fighting for his life. Read about it in The Star.

Who to blame for this? Well, to be fair, I think both side should be blame.

This is another sad story due to firstly negligence of mother for not ensuring her child's safety. I mean why in the world a mother would let her 4 years old kid to get out from the house alone at 9p.m?

And don’t forget the driver who shouldn’t have been given a license in the first place. Why would he wanna speed his van in residential areas? Plus the van have the signage of ‘Polis Bantuan’, but I think the signage of ‘Bantuan’ doesn’t really membantu at all as he finally sped off from the scene after the accident.

The point of the story is, the rest of us who read and know about this should learn from the mistakes. Remember that smart people learn from his own mistakes, but smarter people learn from others mistakes.

If we are happened to be parents, take a good care of our children. I still remembered everytime my dad was gonna leave the house for work or outstation, he always reminding my mum to take care of us (the children) carefully as he said “by our one small mistake, we gonna suffer and regret it for the whole life” and Alhamdulillah until now my mum take good care of us.  

And also for us who driving the car, we should have little regard or sense of responsibility. Be a good driver. I don’t think it’s so hard, it just take a little bit of patient. We should always remind ourselves when we are speeding, just think if we hit somebody and that somebody is the child of us. How would we feel?

  Finally, let us all pray for the safety of this kid and may he survive in fighting for his life.



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