Monday, June 14, 2010

Shisha Vs. Cigarette

If u think it is cool to hanging out with ur friend and smoking some-weird-shape of shisha, think again!
If u think shisha is less harmful than cigarettes, think again!
If u think that shisha is a way to wean of smoking, think again!
If u think that England gonna win this year World Cup, also think again!
Even though it is very cool to have teh tarik at mamaks with our buddies, the level of cool will falls badly when we also conclude shisha on our table!
I found out from many of my smoker friends that they felt shisha was a way to wean of smoking, but it grew addictive too because they felt it was less harmful than cigarettes. (There were other factors like how they wanted to try all flavors from vanilla to strawberry and etc!) However guys, shisha is in no way, beneficial or less harmful to one's health compared to cigarettes.

Here are few of the reasons:

-          Study made from WHO says that smoking shisha could be as much as 200 times more harmful than cigarettes. (This doesn’t mean that u better smoke cigarette!)
-          The water is said to act as a filter and thus the smoke we inhale is supposedly "clean". Well, that's not true. In fact water moisture just makes the smoke less irritating and gives us the impression that the smoke is cleaner and makes it less irritating. Plus the shisha pipe that u share to smoke with ur friends, ewww…!!!
-          There is less tobacco in shisha than in cigarettes. Well, it may be true, but a typical shisha session lasts from 40 mins to 60 mins each time and most of the time, people do get a fresh batch after. WHO advisory have shown that one is exposed to as much as 200 times more smoke from a Shisha session than a single stick of cigarette.
-          You are still basically smoking the same things as a cigarette. Carbon Monoxide? Check. Carcinogens? Check. Wasting money? CHECK!
-          It is totally not cool coz some dudes did it just because they thought it was cool. How come u call it cool when u ironically (I still confuse how to use ironic word), clearly destroy ur lungs! Want to know how to look real cool? Drink cooler water!
-          Its clearly haram when u did/do something that will harm ur health. Are u not afraid of sin??? Jeng..jeng…jengggg…..

Some may say that those articles about the bad of shisha than cigarette in the weekend newspaper cannot be trusted because they tend to twist their statement weekly. One week, its about coffee and how toxic it is and what not and telling us that tea is a much better option, then next week they completely reversing this opinion and telling tea affects health more potently than coffee.
Well me myself agreed with that, but for this shisha cigarette issue, it does not require a rocket scientist to tell us inhaling any kind of smoke containing various toxic substances is not good for health. It’s a common sense. Just the same reason as why we want to curb the air pollution so that we will breaths the fresh air and not the toxic air to keep our lungs healthy.

We don't want our lungs to be like the picture above right? So instead of u wasting ur money smoking shisha or cigarette and damage ur lungs, better use that money to buy nice meal for urself. Right? Right?
To read more about this shisha issue, just click here and here.


Dakwat Basah! said...

i just had some puff of shisha last friday, when i was outstation at Kelantan. my frenz there bought vanilla flavour. but, as a smoker i can't stand it. a lot of smoke, more than cigarette. and as a smoker, i agree with u.

Anonymous said...

Dont smoke la. Bad for ur health. Shisha ok but bahaya coz ada asap arang. But how bout try this EHC. Electronic Cigarette. Good for health maa.

After 40 years smoking, at last, my dad sudah stop. Hooray..

musethekiller@josh said...

i want to stop smoking too.
i am trying. but not help me. i just can keep reduce my cigarette at last 4 cigarette per day. but hard for me.
i only pray something miracle happen to me. thanks for ur info and advices too!

thtaguy886 said...

hey u know helath ministry doing a course on how to stop smoking..u should try it..i''m not sure how its work but it is good...try to get some info from the hospital itself or the health ministry..and beside i think its free.. hehhehe

Anonymous said...

hg sebut elok2 skit psl england tu fared..aku boh stgi..;D


Anonymous said...

u should have "share button". :)

Anonymous said...

ooops. there u have it.
how can i missed it. sorry, my bad :)


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