Saturday, August 29, 2009

new book : The Pillars of the Earth

Finished Grisham’s The Associate, took me 2 nights, nice book (bring me the memory of The Firm ( among his earlier thriller)), but not great enough compared to his recent ‘The Appeal’ and of course not to compare with A Painted House (one of my favorite ever).

Spending hours of my evening at bookstore to find a new book.
I was confused at the first place when deciding which book to purchase, it's too many books that I wanna grab!!

Unfortunately, I can't.

So managed to pull out with final two, whether Mahathir’s Blog to Unblock or Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth.
Both were in different genre ; non-fiction and fiction.
I cannot take both as one of my principal in reading is ‘you have to finish one book before move to another‘, and of course because I don’t have money to buy both! HAHA!
Take me almost an hour to decide!
Basically, I should read non-fiction because I cannot afford spending my hard-to-earn-free-time on somebody’s imaginary (fiction).

“Ahhh, who cares, Mahathir’s book can wait”, then I pick up Follet’s book.

This time my aim is Ken Follet.
Never read any of his book before, this is my first trial to be drift in the world of Follet.
What I can tell here is The Pillar of the Earth is not his latest creation.
His latest is World Without End.
Still, I took his 1989 collection because I heard a lot about this book.
It once selected by BBC viewers as one of Britain’s best book in the UK’s biggest ever celebration of reading.
So the latest piece, World Without End should wait as the priority was given to this book.
Can’t wait to read this book.
Maybe I spend my weekend on this.

So long. (^_^)


huda.othman said...


fared, i can see that u r an avid, will you give a little bit of insight from this Follet book? it sounds interesting...thinking to grab one if it is worth my money & time =)

Fared Isa said...


hi huda...

as u can see, this entry date was last year..
so it's been a year since i read this book...
but still i can remember few parts of the story..
that shows how good this book was..

actly this book was aboout build a cathedral in one town at england name kingsbridge(if im not mistaken the spelling) on the twelfth century (kinda historical book la).

ken follet created few strong characters in this novel that u will remember(if u read this book) such as tom builder, prior philip, jack builder,aliena and etc..

this book contains everything, humour, moral values, family values, romance (ops, so much 'romance'; not suitable for kids), history of england and etc..

n for ur info, this book has a following sequel,(world without end)...but doesn't matter which one u read first, the difference time was like 200 just use the same location n descendants of the original characters...

but i suggest u to read this book first, coz for me, this one is better n more fun than 'world without end'... ;)


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