Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Celebration at mamak stall


“Wah,it’s already 12a.m” I told my friends while looking at my watch,,
Like usual, me and my friend were happily with our routine, ‘mengeteh’ at mamak stall,

“What about 12a.m??” asked my friend. He puzzled as suddenly I mentioned about time as before this we never care about time when we were so busy enjoying our ‘teh tarik’ and ‘roti canai’ while talking about football, cars, politics, etc,

“Its Merdeka dude! owh sh*t, You didn’t even remember!!, you are so busted dude!!”

“owh, ops,awww, its already 31st August,” (blushing) then , “it’s not that I forgot dude, it’s just I don’t remember,,,say,, like an hour” tried to cover his silly reaction,,

“errgghh, stop acting like a silly boy”
“no I’m not”
“unfortunately,,,you are!”

My friend silent for a moment, then tried to change the topic,

“wah, so Malaysia is already 52 years old”
“yup! Not old enough compared with others!”
“which country u compared with?”
“eerrrggghhh!!! such a jerk!”

Suddenly, preeeennnnggggg!!preeennnnnngggggg!!! the whole mamak stall lovers were shocked by the noise of motorcycles engine by mat2 rempitsss.

“their night” said my friend while smiling sarcastic to me
“no comment, maybe this is the way they express their freedom”
“freedom my ass”

Silent for a while, then,

“hoi, did u read about kartika?” asked my friend,
“whole Malaysia read it”
“so what do u think?”
“think what?”
“la, whether is convenient to cane her la”
“owh, em, for me, yes I think it’s convenient la,”
“coz she did something terrible, so she should face the consequence la”
“but don’t u think by caning is too harsh?”
“maybe, but that’s the rule, why?”
“naa, I just think about others who also drinks,”
”naa, u know, like children-of-superrich, children-of-somebody in high position, artist like *@*#* and *#@*, they all also muslim dude! They drinks like crazy! Proudly photographed their pic at pub while holding beers”
“hmm, yes, but what can we say, they are the high profile group, always have ways to covering their ‘activity’”
“proud with their power, just wait, they forget the real ruler of this world!”
“naa, enough la, let just care of ourselves, behave so that we can stay in the right path”
“that’s right, but we also have to help others so at least they can open their eyes and walk straight instead of running in circle”
“you are right dude”

Silent again, then we decide to talked about football, our fav topic,..

After some time,I looked at my watch again,

“oiii, its already 2a.m la!” scream slowly to my friend
“owh, chill, it’s still early what” acting like nothings happen
“ Let’s go home! My father will kill me dude!”
“kill u not me”
“okay that’s real funny” as I stood up heading to counter
“haha,,, wei, belanja, I don’t have money” with sad motion face

15 minutes later I arrived home,and I’m lucky enough that my father already asleep...usually he will wait for me to come home first and I’m so dead after that..Haha, u guys know what, I’m 20 years old okay, which mean I know how to take care of myself, but when I think back why my father so mad at me every time I came home late, I will say to myself, “never mind, at least I know that my father love me,,” . And it will bring smile to my face. =)

So long~

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