Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chinese Muslim

"or like utter darkness in the deep sea: there covers it a wave above which is another wave, above which is a cloud, (layers of) utter darkness one above another; when he holds out his hand, he is almost unable to see it; and to whomsoever Allah does not give light, he has no light." (Quran 24:40)

I went to masjid just now, for having my Zohor prayer.
On my way back, I saw a Chinese guy sitting alone not too far from the mosque, looking glum.
I did realized that he was also having zohor prayer with me and other ‘jemaah’ just now which bring me the idea that he’s muslim, converted maybe.

I stared at this guy from distance, I looked above till bottom, he looked like he’s in trouble, so pale, so messy and there were marks of wound on his head and he did wearing bandage on his right hand covering his finger.

Sympathized with his looked and the curiosity in me, I slowly walked on his way, my intention was to approach him, maybe having some conversation with him.

First, when I walked pass him, I glanced and smiled at him, which he noticed and smiled back at me.

Then I gave salam to him, and he did answer me with a warm smiled.
I stopped and went close to him, shook his hand, then asked him, where he from, which bring me the answer that he’s from Bukit Mertajam.

Then after a little chat with him, I tried to bring the conversation to the serious part.

From the conversation, (long story short) I got to know that he’s in crisis.

He actually wanted to ask for donation but didn’t really know how to do it, didn't know who to meet.

I asked him why he needs the donation? I mean of course I would like to know where the money goes if I help him to get the donation.

I also asked him about the wounds at his body.

And here I was surprised by his answer.

He told me that before this he lived with his brother. He had a job. Everything was fine at the first place. But things turn to be ugly one night when he was slashed with 'parang' by his own biological brother.

The ugly occasion took place when his brother secretly caught him red handed praying at his room.
By then, he already told his brother about his interest in Islam, but was objected by his brother.

After he was caught by his brother, he tried to explain to his brother. He told his brother that he already converted into Islam and in the process of learning 'solat'.

The brother was so angry as he hated it so much and they had a fight.
His brother lost control, lost his mind, ran 'amuk', find himself a 'parang' and slashed blindly to his own beloved and only brother.

Suddenly blood splashed to the wall. Everything was too late.

The result of the ‘parang’ slashed cost him three fingers of his right hand and also cut on his head.

He managed to run away from his ‘amuk’ brother and when people nearby saw him running covered in blood,they stopped and took him to the hospital.

At the hospital, after treatment, doctor had asks him to make a report to the police about being attacked, but he refused to do so as there still plenty of love for his older brother who took care of him since they was kid. He won’t trouble his own brother. Let him alone suffered, but not others.

Now, after a couple of days, he didn’t have any ‘ringgit’ left to spend as it was used to pay for his medical bill.
He just slept at masjid by night as his brother didn't bother to find him.

Then he told me that he need money because he wanna buy a bus ticket to Johor, going to his sister house as he told me that his sister also converted into Islam and married to Malay guy. Before this, his brother never allowed him to meet their sister after the sister converted into Muslim ~

(This is a little lot what he expressed to me, some of his story cannot be exposed here as it might be intricate)

Now look deep in ourselves and THINK.

Honestly, I admire this guy. You will do the same if u met him personally. You will understand if u were in my shoes. You facing someone who just lost his 3 fingers, bad wound on his head, and trust me, that is really something.
It’s worth to write about this in my blog. I think a lot about this, the moral value behind this. This Chinese Muslim guy is willing to stand and facing all of the obstacles in order to embrace Islam.

But how about us???

We, who already born in Islam as a Muslim, are so arrogant, not practicing the way of Islam lives, never even appreciate of what our religion are. We are like a bunch of clown who will never be serious in anything. It’s like a curse in the blood of 'Malays born Muslim' people. We never realized. Let us all think about this.~

*note :You might think that this is a scam, he was lied to me, he just made up some kind of sad story to raise people sympathize, to get people’s money, but think back in what I wrote above, I’m the one who went to approach him first,thus it clearly refute the idea of he’s trying to scamming me. Honestly, deep down in my heart, I trust him, I mean we can see the sign if someone lying on us right? I mean it’s not like I never confronted with this situation before where I can easily traced if someone lied to me, and also somehow, we can get to know if someone telling us the truth or not by the sign from his face, his eyes maybe, right? Now I tell you guys I see the truth in him. ~


Khairul said...

Well.. i've faced this kind of situation too. I was sympatize with the story and lend a helping hand. However, deep inside me sometimes I've came accross in my mind.."Do this fella really in deep trouble? or they just another scam?"

Well, what the hack. If the time I can help, I'll help..doesn't matter if it's a scam or what. My responsibilities as human being and also a muslim, help those in needs. The scamming part, not my duty to give a care. Let those scammer deal with Allah..

Fared Isa said...

u are totally right my friend...
agreed with u...
when we can help, its the best for us to help, coz we should remember something, all the good deeds will get a benefit from Allah....

May Allah bless u...

Ozz said...

Dear Fared,
Do it because of one and only reason.....LILLAHITA'ALA.....Nobody is going to judge your actions and good deeds besides HIM.

Ummu Mursyid said...

SubhanAllah~ May Allah reserve a place in Paradise for him and for us.. aameeen~

Anonymous said...

That Chinese boy is a fraud.He told me the same story as what he told you.He was in my masjid when I did the iktikaf last fasting month.I gave him fifty ringgit out of pity. Then I went out to get him food for sahur and when I came back he has already disappeared. Later on, I found in another blog this same story related by a sympathiser like you about the same Chinese guy doing the same tactic in another masjid during the same fasting month.
if you don't believe me try to blog around.



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