Saturday, August 1, 2009

money,,oh money,,,

Woke up early this morning, with one mission in my mind, BUY THE NEW TYRE FOR MY BIKE.

I already surveyed the tyre, wahhhh, so expensive maaaa~

I made my final decision where to buy the tyre, at one of the apek moto store here, hakhak,

me : Apek, morning, I want tyre,
apek : Morning, wahhh, so early aaa,what size?
me : early la, wanna bring 'ong' to u maaa, size 120-80-16
apek : haha, bring 'ong' aaa??? owh,that size aa??that size only got duro one punya brand,
me : how much is it?
apek : RM210.
me : wah, so expensive ka apek? make it RM180 la, cincai2 saja, boleh laa apek, dahla i
tengok u manyak muda and handsome ooo today! (crazy me! the apek age is around
70! u imagined by yourself how young and handsome he is!!!haha!!)
apek : no2, RM180 cannot give la, this tyre is Taiwan made, not Thailand made. Final price,
RM200, no more less!
me : tapi i da puji u muda and handsome apek??
apek : yes! and that's why u get rm10 less!
me : haha, ayooo, ok2 la, i take it..

so that's how it works! u puji old man a little, crack some jokes, and this is what u got! rm10 less!!lol!

the price is okay actually b'coz I already made some surveyed and this is the best price that I can get coz most of the store wanna sell this tyre for rm260 and above, besides my friend also buyed the same tyre for rm325!!!

enough with my tyre, here are some other funny story from my 7 years old nephew, Muaz Azimuddin, he just gave me a call, asking about my health.

Muaz : pak cik, how are u?
me : Sihat, ALHAMDULILLAH, how about u along?
Muaz : Along pon sihat, along beli kasut and baju baru, baju Bumble Bee (one of the character in
me : Wahhhh, cantik x? kat pak cik beli x?
Muaz : cantikkkkkk, hmmm, emmm, kat pak cik xda la, xda size.
me : huh?? xda size?? mcm mana boleh xda size ni along?? kalo macam tu pak cik terpaksa
amek baju along!!haha!!
Muaz : mana bolehhhhhh, baju along kecik, pak cik besarrrr, hehe.

Then suddeny,

Muaz : Pak cik, along harap pak cik x mati.

Then he gave away the handphone to her mum and proceed plays with his brother! Left me in confusing!

Then I asked my sister (my sister-in-law /my nephew's mum) what was Muaz saying, and she said that she told him that I'm not feeling very well and having a fever, which the 7 years old think that I'm the victim of H1N1 and going to die soon,, duhhh!!! bertuah punya anak buah....~

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