Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back to the basic

A few days ago, I received a sms from a friend informing me that he is so sad thinking of his past.

I replied 'chill', then I said 'back to the basic', which I meant back to the track of our own beloved religion, ISLAM.

Everyone made mistakes in their very own life, that is something we cannot easily run away from, but if we manage to do so, that's very good. But if u can't, let it be, try to accept it, learn from it, don't ever give up on it, as we know 'SMART PEOPLE WON'T DO THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE, OTHERWISE HE'S TRULY DAMN FOOL!' , so let us not repeat the same mistake again.

Many of them decided to feel okay to be sad, because all options have run out. Does it okay to keep ourselves in sadness??? Not for their own comfort.

Why we wanna burden ourselves by keep thinking about our past? Its already PAST! hello! wake up! U should burden yourself thinking about PRESENT, what will coming after this, TOMORROW or NEXT.

This is why I have asked my friend this question, "how many years do we have in our life time?" How many years can we afford to wait for real change to happen? Not that many. I have just shared with a friend that life is like a ticking time bomb. We not know when it will go off.

The only thing we do not have in ample amount is time. Yasmin Ahmad did not expect to leave us so soon. Beng Hock did not expect not to walk out from the MACC building alive. That is why we cannot expect to wait forever for a real change to happen. We have to do by ourselves!

If we want ourselves to improve, we need to become constructive critics of our own selves. We need to demand for the best and responsible for ourselves, and let us get ourselves back to the root, Islam.


May Allah blessed us~

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