Thursday, August 6, 2009

movie oh movie,,,,,,,,

I'm back guys!

Yesterday I went to watch movie with my buddy after finished our class, felt so long since the last time I went to cinema.

When we arrived right in front of TGV counter, I bought ticket for the movie 'THE TAKING OF PELHAM 123'.

We decided to watched this movie because the other choices of movies are not really eye catching. Setem, The Proposal, Overheard, GI JOE. These are among movies that available. GI JOE is quite interesting actually, but after we were informed that the price of the GI JOE ticket is double than the other movies (because of the BOX OFFICE status), we decided to stick with the taking of pelham 123 (no money la to pay twice of the price).

The movie was starring by two big name, Denzel Washington and John Travolta ( I watched this film only because of this incredible Travolta dude).

I was happy to find this based from novel movie was actually pretty good. I thought that it maybe because of the director Tony Scott and of course starred ultraham John Travolta, it couldn't possibly be all that interesting. It's actually pretty tense, with just enough twistiness to fascinate without seeming implausible.

Okay2, I know, I know, let us not forget about Denzel Washington, one of the biggest reason of the movie succeeds.

Now lets go to the sinopsis (make it short!). Washington plays a disgraced (investigation pending) transit executive who's currently slumming as the control chief. On his shift, naturally, a 1:23 train out of Pelham (this is why the title of this movie is Pelham 123) suddenly stops in the middle of its run, and hijackers (Travolta and the gang) demands $10 million to be delivered in exactly one hour, or passengers start dying unnaturally in every minute. Wanna know more? Go watch by yourself la. LOL!

The movie was intense, funny (I can't stop laughing when the plot of New York mayor came,it was so funny!!!) and provided very good action… BUT… there is a huge but… the film just fell flat at the end. The first and second act are extremely entertaining and beyond intense, two power house actors pulling in very decent performances, had great chemistry and did a good job with the character they were given. But what the heck was with the ending? Travolta should enjoyed the $300mil stock money! Really dissapointed!!!

Here are some major flaws that came with this film as well, i strongly think there were unnecessary moments like what was with the kid and his computer? It had nothing really to do with the story and wasn't that vital. The nice army black man that jumped in front of the gun to protect the kid, the kid's mother talks to him before, but turned out to be unnecessary. Still as silly as these flaws are, it's still a fun movie to watch, I'm glad I checked it out. You all should do the same guys!

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