Saturday, August 8, 2009


Back then Malays people were so gentle, so intelligent, so workaholic, so good in everything,,
They work so hard because they were so poor, because they had to feed their family, their beloved children, grandchildren, great great grandchildren,,
They were fighting for their right, for their country, religion,,
They did realized something, the most vital one, that they had to fight for the better future, the future that we currently live our life right now.....

Now then, here come the heroes of MALAYS,,
Where can we find them??? (our heroes),,
at concerts (AF, CONCERT JOM HEBOH, etc),,
at Sg Buloh (drug rehabilitation center),,
on the road (REMPIT),,
beside the road taking bribe,,
at pub (dancing like crazy,proudly holding beer)...

While the malays scream and shout, the non-malays quietly dominate the economy of this country,,
The malays keep depends on their special rights and privileges,,
If this is what having special rights and privileges mean, I would rather be like the non-malays who have nothing but are laughing all the way to the bank (cewah,lol!).

The facts are:
Malay rights means, you must be given 5% discount whenever you are buying a new house, no matter how rich you are,,
Malay rights means, you must be given shares, once you got, you can sell it to non-malay and keeps on asking for one after another,,
Malay rights means, it’s the duty and responsibility of government to keep them feeding with sliver and golden spoon,,
Lastly, the malays will never learn anything other than blaming non-malays for their failure (adoiii,,),,

So wake up MALAYS!!! (wake up me!)
Stop being lazy!!!
Lets keep fighting for the future like what our parent and great grand parents did!!!
Because as the matter of fact, we are the indigenous local Malay!!!

*note : this article is for myself, my own motivation, no offence to anybody.

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