Friday, April 23, 2010

Congratulation Security Guards

At the mall, two security guards are patrolling together around the parking lot, and they chatting.
Ravi : Abu, I’m so hungry la.
Abu : Why Ravi? U didn’t eat this morning? U diet aa Ravi? It’s too late la for u to diet Ravi, u r too fat to diet la.
Ravi : No I’m not diet la Abu. My wife packed all the breakfast this morning and gave it to our children to eat at school during the recess.
Abu : Why is that? You didn’t give money to your children to eat at the school?
Ravi : I did. But today, my eldest son, Kumar, need money to buy a text book. So I had no choice, I need to give that money to Kumar because his teacher keep asking him to buy the book. So I got no money left, that’s why my wife packed the breakfast for them to eat at the school. No breakfast left for me.

Abu : How much is the book?
Ravi : RM 35. You just imagine, our salary as security guard here only RM350 a month. I have 2 children, and a wife. Including me, there are 4 of us that I need to feed with this only RM350. The book alone cost me 30% of my salary for this month.
Abu : RM35 from RM350 is 10% la u genius, not 30%.
Ravi : Owh really, sorry Abu, I thought it was 30%. Miscalculate.
Abu : Be patient Ravi. Don’t be sad. Come I buy u a lunch. What do u want to eat, chicken chop, lamb stick, just name it.
Ravi : Really??? You are my best friend forever Abu. Fine I want to eat chicken chop! Thanks Abu!
Abu : Chicken chop my ass. Who do u think I am? Prime Minister? Doctor? Accountant? Engineer? I also work as security guard just like u. Let me buy u ‘nasi lemak’.

Then both of them walked to the nearest stall there.
Suddenly Ravi’s phone ringing and Ravi pick it up.

Ravi : Hello.
Teacher : Hello, is this Mr.Ravi?
Ravi : Yes..yes..who is this?
Teacher : Who I am is not important, but I want to tell u that u win the ‘Petronas Gores dan Menang’. U are rich now Mr.Ravi!
Ravi : Really!!! Yahoooooo!!! I’m riccchhhh!!!! Hoorrrreeeyyyyy!!!
Teacher : Wait..wait…I’m just kidding la..
Ravi : WHAT?????!!
Teacher : U not win anything la, actually I’m Fared Isa, Kumar’s teacher. I just caught your son smoking in the toilet just now. The principle would want to expel him from the school.
Ravi : AIYO YOOOO!!! WHAT???
Teacher : Relax Mr.Ravi. Well, u knows me. Because I’m a good friend with the principle, I had asked the principle to forgive him and give him another chance. Principle agreed with me, but he want u to meet him immediately at his office first. He wants to talk to u about ur son. Can u come now? It’s very important coz ur son’s future is depends on how fast u can be here to meet the principle.
Ravi : Owh, okay! Thanks Cikgu. I will go and meet the principal right away!
Teacher : Wait Mr.Ravi, by the way, while u on your way here, can u help buy me something? Well I already help ur son from getting expel from the school. U owed me one dude.
Ravi : But I thought u said that the principle want to see me now and my son future depends on how fast I can be there to meet the principle?
Teacher :  Did I said that? Well I’m just bluffing. The principle can wait.
Ravi : Owh, okay..what do u want Cikgu?
Teacher : Buy me ‘teh tarik’ and newspaper ya.
Ravi : But I don’t have money Cikgu. I already gave all of my money to my son Kumar because he said that Cikgu asked RM35 from him to buy a book.
Teacher :  What??? RM35?? So expensive! Even me myself cannot afford that book! The book only cost rm3.50 la. It’s only a note book, for him to write on it. U got prank by your own son. Well, that’s funny.
Ravi : What??? The book only cost RM3.50?? So it’s just 30% from the RM35 that I gave to him la! OWH KUMAR!!!
Teacher : Yes, u are right! 30% only. U r so quick in calculate. Wonder why u not becoming an accountant Mr.Ravi.
Ravi : Owh no! My son lied to me. I am willing to give him all my money just because I want him to buy the book, so that he can learn and study in peace. Now I don’t even have money to eat.
Ravi is so sad. Teacher Fared heard Ravi start to cry. Teacher Fared feels guilty and he tries to calm Ravi.
Teacher : Owh poor u Mr.Ravi. Be patient okay. So you still not eating yet?
Ravi : No teacher. I am a poor person. My colleague here, Abu, want to buy me a lunch.
Teacher : Owh good, ask him to buy me ‘Teh Tarik’ and newspaper ya. And 'nasi lemak' that he want to treat u, don't eat, bring it to me. Gudbye.

Well this is the story between 2 security guards, a teacher and Kumar.
But there’s something that Ravi and Abu don’t know. They are going to be happy.
First of all I would like to congratulate to all ‘Pak Cik Guard’ around Malaysia including Ravi and Abu in dialogue above.
U guys can smile now because the Human Resources Ministry was decided to increase all the security guard wages.
The current wages for security guard in Malaysia is around RM250 to RM450. But this morning, when I woke up and read my newspaper, I got to know that the government is going to increase their salary to at least RM1100.
But not yet, they may start it in this July. So be patient guys. I’m happy for u too. Because this might decrease the poor rate in our country, and might also decrease the illegal immigrant from coming in to our country.

Ps : The dialogue above is just for fun. Instead of doing nothing and just watch my broken legs, I decided to update my blog with this entry and came up with this dialogue. Haha.
But please, be like Abu. He is a good guy, who willing to help Ravi. Don’t be like Teacher Fared, who only knows to make fun of people. (^_^)


Rue Anemone said...

poor ungrateful son he have there..ish3

owh.. shafakillah for ur legs.. May Allah ease the pain

Fared Isa said... it funny?
or u think people who read it cant catch the jokes part?

Cikgu Fared is cool!!! haha,,.,

anyway, thanks... =)

FarhanaDr said...

Ahaks... U make it out yourself is it the dialogue? Kinda funny.. Haha.. :)

Gelak guling-guling.. Ngeee.. Poor Mr. Ravi.. Luckily he didn't get any heart attack.. Huhu..

Fared Isa said...

haha..thanks, u got my jokes!

Mr. Ravi is so malang..having Kumar as a son..
and having me as the teacher...haha...

MuNsYi SaMa said...

nice one bro. I thought the dialogue is real. =)

Fared Isa said...

thanks bro..

of coz the dialogue was not real bcoz there's no Cikgu as mean as Cikgu

Anonymous said...

i also thought that it was real story hahah...
but it was really nice....congratz to all security guards...

What the..? said...

i thought the dialog is pretty stupid actually. but i'm glad the govt decided the min. wages for securitiy guards are to be increased. shelf-products are getting more expensive, it's the only way they can afford a family these days

Anonymous said...

Rather valuable piece


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