Wednesday, April 28, 2010

15 Years Old Boy Dead Shot by Police

"My son was not a criminal."

This was the cry from Norsiah Mohamad, 61, the mother of 15 years old boy who was shot by police recently.

I believed the whole Malaysia already read about this sad case.

Everybody wanted to know what actually transpired that led to the fatal shooting of Aminulrasyid Amzah, a Form Three student of SMK Section 9 in Shah Alam.

Sobbing throughout the press conference at her home in Section 11 here yesterday, Norsiah said Aminulrasyid was her youngest of eight children.

The family complained that police should not accuse the victim of being a suspected criminal until investigations are completed.

"He was active in school. He respected his elders and now police say he is a criminal after shooting him," she said bitterly.

"I want justice for my son. The police should not protect their men."

Aminulrasyid's sister, Nor Azura, 39, was also upset that her brother was labelled a criminal by police.

"How can they claim he was a criminal? This cannot be happening to us."

She said her brother had probably sneaked out from their family home that night to meet friends. "That was his only crime," she said.

The victim's uncle, Kamarudin Hassan, said the family called for a press conference to clear Aminulrasyid's name.

"I was told that he went out with his friend before they met with a minor accident. He was just 15, so he must have panicked and fled from the scene. That doesn't make him a criminal," Kamarudin said.

He was also puzzled with reports that a parang was found in the car.

"That was a family car. We never carry a parang with us."

This is what has been said by the family. Now guys, let’s look at the police side.

The polices which involved in this case, four of them, said that they signaled the car to that have been driven by Aminulrasyid to pulled over for inspection, however the driver sped off the car.

Policemen give a chase in their vehicles. After beating several red lights, the patrols car managed to corner the suspect’s car. Then a male passenger jumped out and escaped on foot while the driver reversed his car and tried to run over the policemen, forcing them to open fire.

4 bullets were fired at the tyres but one of the bullets is believed to have hit the boy at the head and killing him instantly. Police then found parang inside the car which is believed to have been used in robberies.

So this is what the police who involved in this case have been saying.

And here is from my brain. I maybe just a merely 20 years old boy who don’t know anything yet, but I do have some opinions and questions in my head based on the logical of this case.

First, how come one male can escaped on a foot while there’s four policemen over there? Why not one of the policemen gave a chase to this male?

Second, how come the police who shot at the tyres part can miss so far until hit the head of the victim?  

Third, the family said that they never put parang in the car, but police said they found parang in the car which they believed to have been used in robberies. So who’s parang is that to be exactly? Well don’t forget that he’s only 15 years old boy. He was a student, not a dropout, he got a good background of family, the teachers like him, the friend love him, so how criminal this boy could be?

Well the case is still in the investigation. Let us just wait and see the result of the case. The truth will prevail someday, InsyaAllah.

Hope this case can be conduct thorough, open and fairly.

We live in a peaceful and harmony country. We don’t want this case to effects our peaceful country. The police that we trust and put a high hope to protect us should do their job properly. Everybody should respect everybody. Public should respect the police, and so do the police should respect the public because we are all human being, besides the public are the one who pay the tax to the country, so we deserve a fair treat from the uniforms organization.

Finally, sorry for the lost to the family, and I hope the family will be strong to go through all this, and believe that Allah know what the best for us. InsyaAllah.

Al-Fatihah to adik Aminulrasyid Amzah. May Allah bless his soul.


Note : All my sources are based on my reading in News Straits Times.


Rue Anemone said...

Innalillahi wa innailaihiraji'uun.
From Him we came to Him we return.

Its difficult to find justice nowadays.
Only in the hereafter will we know the truth.

FarhanaDr said...

Al Fatihah buat Adik Aminulrasyid..

Semoga kebenaran akan diperolehi.. Kalau tak di dunia, pasti di akhirat..

Shahrysham Kamran said...

Al Fatihah

honestly, i don't think anyone should make any comment (exception for fair comment like you did) until this matter is further investigated. we should remain natural & do not blame any side, let the authorities do their job. everyone is innocent until proven guilty, that is accurate concept justice.

anyhow, that was a very unfortunate incident, let's hope such incident will never ever happen again. PEACE. :)

MuNsYi SaMa said...


Yup.agree with shah's comment. But we dont call anyone a criminal until he's proven guilty, do we? Why is it the police must make that statement? that is what make us think that it's the police mistake for open firing. Anyhow, let's just wait for a fair and thorough investigation.

Anonymous said...

it's called retributive justice to punish people for their wrong doings. But to me, the justice was done in unfair and very unethical manner. However, is up to you guys whether to judge the action based on deontology or consequentalist perspectives. Both are true and right based on which side you are viewing. that's why there are some people on the police side and some on the boy. So what I'm telling is that we should not argue about this. It already happen, there's nothing we could do about it. Let the enforcement do their investigation, just wait for their report. i hope that the authorities will provide us with a fair, true and transparent report. if you are right, just tell the truth.

Fatimah Samsuddin said...


Allah knows better.. there's hikmah for every single think happened.. condolence to the whole members of family.

Anonymous said...

we should suee them pls dun let dis matter...try 2 justice the isu......


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