Friday, April 16, 2010

CHAPTER 1 : The Accident

On Sunday evening, March 7, 2010, Fared is getting ready to start his journey from point A to point B. It’s kind of long journey, around 100km, so Fared wearing his glove and his jacket to show off how masculine he is when he wearing them. Then he started his bike, the shiny and good looking NAZA GTR, brand new, that he just bought a year ago using his own money, aka his mother’s and eldest brother’s money. [hehe]
While he’s waiting for the engine to warming up, Fared take a look at the skies. The sun is shining, the birds is chipping,
Hmm, it is a good day, with a beautiful weather”, he said to himself, smiling.

 So after the bike is warm enough, he grab his back pack that he usually bring with him anywhere he go, the back pack that he put his laptop, his newspaper and his story book.
Then he put on his KHI helmet on his head.
Now he looks real cool. Girls will admire him, boys will get jealous at him, kids will want to be like him, and eldest people will think ‘this is another MAT REMPIT’.
Fared’s hand starts to turn the throttle of the bike that cause the bike start to move. At the same time he recites the do’a that he just memorized only after he has a bike,  

Glory to Him Who has subjected these to our (use), for we could never have accomplished this (by ourselves), and to our Lord, surely, must we turn back!

The digital meter at his bike show the speed now is at 10km/h. Still slow, he enjoyed the moment of attention from the people who having the ‘teh tarik’ at the road side stall staring at him. Usually he himself would having the ‘the tarik’ at the road side, he himself would staring at the motorcyclist who went pass the road, only this evening he ain’t having the ‘teh tarik’ because he has work to do.
Arrived at the toll, Fared started to accelerate his bike. This time he put on the music as he already had his earphone on. Fared concentrate on the road ahead of him. Even he is enjoying the music, his eyes still on the road.
After a while, Fared steady down the speed of the bike at consistent 95-100km/h. The official speed on that highway is at 100km/h. He know that he’s not in rush. And after all, he’s no ‘mat rempit’. Now he follows singing the song by his favorite band.
Everything is good at the first 45 minutes. But who knew what’s going to happen next. Fared still consistent with the speed, still listening to the song, still pay attention on the road, and only then he realized there’s something ahead of the road.
There’s a black object ahead of him. At that time Fared make a mistakes, while the best thing to do is to get away from that object because the object only around 100m ahead of him,  Fared didn’t do so, he tries to focus his eyes on that black object wondering what it is, and only then he knows everything is too late.
He hit the object.
At the speed of 95-100km/h he hit the black object. Fared lose control of his bike. His hand accidently turns the throttle speed to the maximum turning until it cannot be turn anymore. Only Allah knew what he feels that time. The bike is so fast and out of control. In that moment, Fared tries to stabilize the bike. Fared know something bad is going to happen to him in few seconds. His mouth never stops calling, “Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah…”
 “ Ya Allah, I’m going to die”, Fared screams to himself. AND BANGGGGG…..!!!
Everything’s blur……..
Blood is everywhere………
Fared opened his eyes….
He doesn’t know what happened. He looks around. He realized now he is at the middle of the highway, lies down right into the divider that divide the left and right lanes highway. He can see cars coming from left and right, the left and right speed lanes of the highway.
It is so dangerous.
He has no idea know where his bike at. Even his helmet is not on his head anymore. Fared is still blurs. What he realized is his back pack is besides him. No idea how the back pack and helmet can get off from his body, Fared tries to sit up. But he can’t.
There’s something wrong.
 When Fared tries to sit up, his legs aren't working. He tries to move his legs alone, and that when he realized only his thighs move, but his calves are not. He raises his head and looks down the length of his body. His right leg looks really ugly with a lot of bloods and so do the left leg. So much bloods that make his jean so wet and become heavy. His first thought is, "YA ALLAH, AM I ABLE TO WALK AGAIN….”.
Fared swallow the tears.
Fared tries to scream help, first word that he want to utter since he crashed, but the moment he opened his mouth, there’s a lot of blood spurts out from his mouth.
Internal bleeding’, he guess.
He desperately raises his head again looking around his body. He sees that his right hand also bleeds, and his shirt wet of blood.
There’s a blood everywhere. Fared lose too many bloods. He becomes so tired. He starts to feel dizzy.
Suddenly there are two strangers rushing to Fared, “hey, are u okay???” asks one of them.
Are u kidding me dude? Am I looks okay to u? I’m dying!” Fared want to say it, but he keep it to himself, despite he says
Please call an ambulance, I’m in pain
One of the guys called the ambulance. [ If by some chance, the guy  who came and called the ambulance that day happens to stumble upon this, please drop me an email. I never did get to thank you.]
Not long after that, the PLUS patrol inspectors arrived. Two of them. Fared sees one of them crossed the road and rush coming to him.
Are u okay?” the PLUS inspector asks Fared.
Owh damn it, not again, do I look okay to him?” Fared says to himself again. He is so tired to say a word. Then Fared realized, there something important that he want to say,
Please call my mother
Sure, where is your handset?” asked the PLUS guy.
Fared tries to take out his handset from his pocket, but it look like impossible. He cannot move. So he asks the PLUS guy to take it from his pocket.
The PLUS guy help Fared take his handset out of his pocket and call Fared’s mother after he asked Fared’s name.
SALAM, is this Fared’s mother?
Yes, who is this?
I’m PLUS inspector, and I want to inform u that your son, Fared had involved in road accident
What??!! Where??!! How is he??!! Is he okay??!!
That time Fared heard his mother scream in shocked. Fared asks the phone back from the PLUS guy. He want to speak too his mother by himself.
Hello mak, accident.......” that is the only words that Fared manages to say, he tries to hold himself back from tears.
Where are u nak??? Be patient. I will be there”, Fared mother’s breaks into frenzied tears.
MY legs mum, I can’t move my legs”, tears running out from Fared’s eyes. He cries to his mother.
Don’t worry nak, everything going to be okay”, Fared mother tries to calm her beloved son.
Fared can’t speak anymore. He’s so sad. He just cries to his mother.
Mak will go there now, just wait nak”, Fared heard his mother saying that before she hang up the phone. Fared knew that her mother and father must rushing come to find him.
Fared is not moving. He still lies down on the middle of highway, waiting for the ambulance. He suddenly remembered something.
Encik”, Fared calls the PLUS guy who standing near him.
Do u sees the black object on the road there?” while Fared pointing his finger to the black object.
I crashed because I hit that object, can u please go pick up the black object and throw it away. I afraid others motorcyclist might hit it and suffer the same fate as me”, Fared says desperately while look at the PLUS guy.
Owh, sure.” Then the PLUS guy calls his friend who is waiting at the road site and tells him to pick up the black object and throw it away.
25 minutes later the ambulance arrived.
They parked their ambulance van on the road side. Two paramedics cross the road and come to Fared. One of the paramedics checks Fared’s whole body. He pushed Fared’s body, part by part to find if there is any broken bone. Fared immediately tells him not to push his legs. The paramedic then checks Fared’s legs and moves it to get a better looks at Fared’s legs.
Be careful, u hurting me!” Fared scream at the paramedic guy.
Owh my God, dude!”, calls the paramedic.
What?” Fared answers slowly, he has no energy left.
Your bones are sticking out! Both of your legs dude!
Fared think that is probably not the best thing to be telling him at the moment. This is suck. “Stupid paramedics “, Fared thought.
Fared closes his eyes. He prays to God to save his legs.
Tears are running down thru his cheek.
Okay, so now I’m going to tell u what we are going to do”, says the paramedic. “We are going to lift u up to the stretcher, but before we do that, we need to stabilize your legs first”.
Sure, do whatever u need to do, but answer me, AM I ABLE TO WALK AGAIN?” asks Fared desperately. He really needs to know that.
I don’t know”, answers the paramedic slumber without care whether Fared is going to live or die.
The paramedics try to lift Fared’s leg by picking up at his toe.
Owh NO..NO..PLEASE STOP…!!”, Fared begging the paramedics to stop first. He cannot bear the pain when the paramedics try to move up his legs. It hurts him like a hell.
Why?” Both of the paramedics put back his toes and look in Fared’s eyes.
Fared realized that the way paramedics handle his legs are wrong. His brain is working hard to tell them how to do it properly, too ease the pain at his legs.

This is not going to work. U cannot just hold my toe, u has to hold my toe and my knee, so that it will stabilize when u lifting it. Otherwise only my bottom part of my leg will get lift. And please do it one by one, don’t do it at the same time. U guys are killing me!” Fared says in pain.
The paramedics apologize to Fared and this time they do it properly as he asked to do.
So they managed to put this inflatable bag thing around his legs to stabilize it. Then they put Fared on stretcher.
Paramedics look left and right before push the stretchers across the road when there’s no car on the lane. They put Fared on the ambulance.
And guess what, the huge problems begin here…………..

 Ps. : This is probably the first time I ever documented this story in this kind of detail. Just for you guys, especially my friends who care to know how I’d involved in the road accident. But be patient; it'll take a while. After this, in the next chapter I’m going to tell how I got transferred from one hospital to another hospital, which the total is 4 hospitals, just to save my legs from getting cut. You won't want to ride a motorcycle when it's done, which is the saddest part of the whole tale.


Anonymous said...

aku paham....aku pon penah jatuh moto gak tapi tak seteruk hg...len kali kena lebih berhati2 nah.....najat(pit)

Fared Isa said...

sure...thanks buddy... =)

Fatma said...

salam..anggaplah ia satu ujian dari Allah untuk menambah pahala kesabaran.. kadang2 kita tak menyerahkan sebulat-bulatnya pengharapan terhadap Allah, lalu Allah menguji kita untuk memanggil kita kembali padanya ( teguran untuk diri sya sebenarnya), semoga cepat2 sembuh..syafakallah(tau kot maksudnya)..

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry...
i didn't know bout dis...

Anonymous said...

get well soon wey!! da plan nk lepak gym nnti..
wey cuti ni ak p kalahkan hg pes.. tp jgn down plak.. ak jnji ak men besa2 ja.. k.. (zaid)

Anonymous said...

i x expect seteruk ni....
if u need sum1 just give me a call or text k...

take care.

nur said...

i need to knw it more..

QeeS said...

takut kan bile accident nie..dh x ingat lain dh....masa tu mmg ingat Allah n ingat mati je...kite pun pernah accident...kete langgar divider and terbalik..and luckily kiteorg xde ape2..bile ingt balik mmg ngeri..


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