Monday, April 26, 2010

Malaysia’s Top 10 Fastest Rising Searches on Google (Week : April 16-22, 2010)

Most of the internet users are using Google as their main search engines, no matter for both breaking news and for obscure information. We may want to know what is the most interesting story or hot news that our fellow Malaysians are searching for when they online. The list here is a summary of Google Zeitgeist results for the top gainers on last week (April 16-22, 2010)  

1.      Iceland – The volcano eruption in Iceland on April 14 sent an ash cloud across much of Europe, crippling air traffic and forcing countries to close down their airspace. But now everything is slowly back to normal.

2.      MEdSI – Application intending to sit for the Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory examination logged on to the Malaysia Examination Council Website to check their application status from April 15. Well for those who don't know what MEdSI is, MEdSI is a test for those applicants who did apply for education courses.

3.      Redmummy – The popular blogger shared blogging tips and how she makes RM10k a month via her blog in a feature published in a local Malay daily on April 13. You can go to her website by clicking here.

4.      Acik Spin – The singer of the popular band was killed on a road accident on April 17 when the multi-purpose vehicle driven by a friend crashed into signpost, caught fire and exploded. Al-Fatihah.

5.      Kick Ass – The comedy action-adventure about a teenager who decided to become a superhero hit local cinemas April 16. This film was directed by Matthew Vaughn. You guys can read the view about this film here.

6.      Hulu Selangor – BN’s P. Kamalanathan and PKR’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim go head-to-head in the Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-elections. Yesterday the result was out with P. Kalamathan win with majority 1,725.

7.      Adamaya – A local romantic comedy starring Lisa Surihani and others popular actors that began airing on TV3 on April 6 and will run for a further 22 episodes.

8.      Shutter Island – Martin Scorses and Leonardo DiCaprio’s creepy crime thriller made its way to the silver screens here on April 15. I never got the chance to watch it yet, but heard that this is a really worth to watch. The review of this film is here.

9.      BMW – The German luxury carmaker launched two variants for its 7-series range, the 730Li and 760Li priced at RM648,800 and RM1,388,800, respectively, on April 14. Well guys, for me the price are very scary!!

10.  Toyota Vios – Five new facelift variants of this popular cars were launched on April 15 priced from RM71,990 to RM92,000. Nice car, I once heard that this is better buy than Honda City and don't worry, Toyota cars in Malaysia have no problem like the issue in US.

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