Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Light

“Fared, my father’s gone, he passed away yesterday. Pray for the brotherhood in Islam. He need blessing from all. Shall I remind you that take care and be a good son to your parents while they are still there for you, before it’s too late, we don’t know when our time will come”.

I recently received this sms from a good friend of mine. When I read this sms, there were a thousand of things that came and running through my mind. “What’s wrong with your dad?” “How come in sudden?” “Why telling me too late, why not yesterday?” “How about you?” “Are you okay?” “How does you feel?”

I numb for a moment. Thousands of question running in my mind which left me in a state of confusion. I knew his father. He was a good man. A type of person that is easy to get along too, very polite, humble, full of respect to others around him.

After that I replied the sms by sending my condolence to him, say that I will pray the best for him.

Tomorrow after finished with my Mechanical Design test, I decided to take bus to get back to my hometown and pay my last respect to his father and to give support to my friend.

The night when I attended to his house for the last day of tahlil, he was quite surprised because I didn’t tell him that I’m gonna come. But that time he’s hand was quite full with so many people came, so we didn’t really got a chance to talk. Just managed to smile to each other.

I called him tomorrow night, he did answer my call. We talked. At first I’m quite careful in choosing my words in case might hurt his feeling. I let him do all the talking as I prefer to be a listener. Let me tell you guys something, this friend of mine, he can be categories as religious kind of people, the one that we call as a good kid, never talk rubbish, a very down to earth person, he also further his study taking Islamic course but I can’t remember what exactly the course is.

So the thing now when you talked with someone that is religious, it’s totally different. Their mindset somehow is unbelievable. I don’t know how to exactly tell u here, but I hope u guys will get the picture when u read along.

I asked him how about his feeling as I knew that he was very closed to his father as they only got 3 sibling and he’s the youngest, so I always see him with his father. His answered really mesmerized me. He was so calm.

“Allah had decided everything. Maybe Allah loves my father more, that’s why HE took my father early than others, I accept this.” He began to answer me. Then he continued,

“I just sad with my mother, she’s going to be alone, as you know, we all study and not live with my mother, so maybe it’s quite hard for her as the men that always stand by her side with her before this is no longer there for her”

….then he silenced for a while…slowly but clearly I heard he start sobbing…he’s crying…at that moment, I’m touched, I felt very sad, I know he tried he’s best not to cry, to hold back his tears, but who can bear with all these, lost of beloved father, thinking and worrying about his mother that going to live alone, seriously, I try to put myself in his shoes, and yes, it’s very hard…plus it is so in sudden..

“Be patient my brother” I tried to calm him slowly.

“I am Fared, but sometime, when I think why Allah testing me with this very difficult test, it’s very hard for me to accept this, but,,,,"

He silenced for a while,,

Then he continued, "but Fared, let me tell you something, when we are in trouble,when we are in doubt over something, when we have so many question that we cannot find the answer, when we feel very sad, when we feel alone in the dark road without anyone can help us, there’s always light to answer this all, the light that can help us, and the light that I'm talking about is QURAN”, he still sobbing, then with a low voice, he continued,

“When I’m crying missing my dad, when I’m crying because it’s too hard for me to face the obstacle, to accept the test, I end up by taking wudhu’ and opened up Quran, and Fared, MasyaAllah, I found all the answer, I found the light that I need to support me, I get back my strength Fared, everything is in Quran, all the answer that I need is there in Quran my friend” he took a one long breathed and relieved it with the sigh of relieved of the burden and he stop crying…

At that moment, I numbed, my mind was working very hard thinking, thinking and thinking, tried to absorb everything that he just told me and at the same time try to make my own conclusion, and, Alhamdulillah, praise to God, I end up smiling to myself. I get it. This is the beautiful of Islam. The beautiful of Quran that become the light to us. The light that helping my friend to get his strength back.

I’m proud with my friend who managed to act wisely to overcome his dilemma. Even he’s in aggrieved, he still can give me an advice while I think I’m the one who should do that. He’s so strong and wise. That’s what I’m trying to say above by the difference of the person mindset. The mindset of person who are dedicate his life to understand Islam and get close to Allah, and the person who are not, this two person mindset are totally different.

So I think you guys do get my point here. I leave this here and let you guys to do the thinking.

“If we get closed to Allah, Allah will get closed to us, If we depends on Allah, Allah will help us”

A face we love is missing. A vision we love remains. It’s for us to treasure forever. For someone very dear that we’ve lost. InsyaAllah.

~Al-Fatihah to arwah Pak Cik Karim~


milkysunshine said...

fared,nanti tlg sampaikan salam takziah sy pad kwn awk k,,

Rue Anemone said...

Sometimes we didn't realize that we do have friends who can 'brainwash' us.. change our mind setting.. from thinking of worldly things, to thinking of the hereafter/ahkirat. From depending on human, to depending on Allah via Quran and Sunnah.

but usually we take it for granted.

Fared u are lucky to have such friend. Who can guide u to be a better Muslim.

These are the people who we should be close to, and always be around them, seek for their guidance.

And ofcourse, pray to Allah to give us His hidayah. May He open our heart to fully accept Islam and think in an Islamic manner.

If u are able to think like your friend.. MasyaAllah.. how calm your life will be..

so.. ganbatte ne !! ^^

Ainur said...

the same feeling i'd felt back in 1990s...

Zalikha said...


Your post here make me deep in thought.I have read in "Have a Little Faith",written by Mitch Albom.Obviously,it's about faith-in Christians and Jews.

One of the things that make me wonder is these words:

"Why bad things always happen to good people?I have lost my daughter and everyone keeps telling me that God loves her more,she's happy now,blablabla.I'm tired of it".

If someone ask u this,what u will say?given that he has the most brittle faith ever?And to say and prove that faith is something that u can't explain with mere facts and figures.

Well,I am looking forward to your response and see what you think.Thanks anyway.I like your blogs.I have found some "titbits" for my ravenous head. :)


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