Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teach us how to fish, not give us fish

It’s been a while since the last time I updated my blog. The intention is there to update, but the things is, every time I start typing, I will stop at the half way. Happen for quite sometimes. Hope this time I managed to finish up my typing.

So I’ve been through a lot in the mean time, happy celebrating eid with my family and my crazy friends, attend to some of the funeral (al-Fatihah), went to picnic with my family where I almost drawn (at least now I know how the feeling of drowning and to fight for your life in order to breath the oxygen, and believe me, it was very horrible, scariest experience as hell as it sounds!)

Stop with this little updates of myself, let’s continue with my topics now. So as usual, I went to teh tarik just now, this time alone without having any companion, because sometimes I do enjoyed my moment together sitting alone reading my daily newspapers and do some thinking.

Okay, actually there’s one article that catch my attention while I reading newspapers just now, about the rumour of our government will increase the oil price early next year based on group of people, the poor one can still get the subsidies, but the rich one can say goodbye to subsidy as they have to pay the oil without any subsidies from the government.

And guys, I say this is really silly movement if the government really planning to put it in practice!

Can u guys see what’s wrong here?? First, by doing this, it’s like the government try to punish the group of rich people. U just imagined, is it convenient just because u rich u has to pay more?? Its nonsense!!. Don’t forget that the rich group of people is one of the main sources of income to our country. They are the one who always spend money in buying something and when they bought something, they have to pay extra for the taxes and the taxes goes to government account. So from the taxes, the government got the income to subsidy the oil whether its petrol, diesel or NGV or subsidy any other things. Yes, I do admit that other from taxes, the subsidy money also came from PETRONAS, but we can’t deny that the taxes money really played a big role in the country revenue.

Are government try to punish the rich group of people?

Let us think the impacts of this plan. First, the group of rich people will felt that they have been step-son by the government, while the poor has become the golden fish. So from this unhappiness, the rich group might stop spending their money to buy expensive things, such as luxury cars, or whatsoever in order to show their anger to the government, and based on this action, the government won’t get the tax money from this group of people.

Second, and much worse, if the group of this big spender stop spending their money buying expensive things such as luxury cars that I just mentioned just now, the big player in economy field such as Mercedes, BMW, etc., cannot make their sale, as this happened, they might also will stop to invest in our country. And if this thing really happened, the government won’t get any tax payment neither from rich group nor the investor, and believe me, if this for real, our country will face a big problem, I mean HUGE problem as it will totally ruined our economy system and the budget revenue.

Enough with that, lets move to the next possible impact. The next impact is it will hit the poor people. Yes, poor group will also affected by this plan. Why I say this as this is all about helping the poor people at the first place? From the outside, yes, it do really help poor people, but think from the inside, if government keep helping them like this, the poor group will have ZERO determination to improve their life standard. They will say “it’s okay to be poor, the government will help us, we won’t die hunger. Why we wanna be rich if we have to pay more for oil, better stay like this”. Now can u guys see what I’m trying to picture here? The government should teach us how to fish instead of give us fish.

So I hope the government will make a wise decision in this matter. I honestly got no offence to poor group of people (as I also do come from this group of people), and far from defending the rich group. I’m just a poor kid who knowing nothing, and just try to express my opinion. The rest I will leave to u guys to do the thinking. =)

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