Saturday, November 21, 2009

The value of short friendship,,,


“HERE is your seat belt”
“oh, ya, thanx”


“sir, do u wanna swap your seat with me?” as she pulled my shirt sleeve to gain my attention coz I’m wearing earphone
“sorry?” while I removing my earphone
“do u wanna swap your seat with me?”
“no, because I see that you are not very comfortable, I don’t mind to swap seat with u”
“oh, no2, it’s okay, I’m fine with this, thanks though”
“are u sure? Coz I’m happy to do that for u”
“nah, I’m sure, it’s okay, appreciate”
“okay then” smiling at me..


“managed to get some sleep?”she smile again while asking me
“ya,,,emm,thanks for your concern,,u are very polite,,where are u from??” as I just woke up from sleep
“Australia, how about u, where are u from?”
“I’m from Kedah,,,so where are u going?”
“I’m going to Kedah, to Langkawi, actually I bring my bike along with me”
“ya, before this I cycled from Johor Bahru to Kelantan”
“huh??? Seriously???”
“lol,,yes,,kinda crazy rite?”
“u cycling from J.B to Kelantan?alone?”
“How old are u?”
“22 years old”
“lol,,I know,its kinda crazy,,emm,,do u think I can bring along my bicycle on the ferry? The ferry is big or not?”
“the ferry is quite big, but I’m not sure whether u are allowed to bring the bicycle or not”
“yeah, I’m going to ask from them, I hope I can bring along my bike, if cannot, I have to cancel my trip to Langkawi”
“owh, hey, whats ur name by the way? should asks that at the first place”
“lol,,yes,,Jawn, urs?”
“so what are u doing Fared? studying?”
“yes,I’m a student,,,are u some kind of athlete or cyclist or what?”
“no I’m not,,I just on my vacation”
“with bicycle,,quite tough though”
“lol,,,I’m fine with that,,I’m going to Thailand after Langkawi”
“wow,,lol,,its long journey”
“lol,,,yes it is,,I enjoyed doing it”
“I can see that,,lol,,,u are amazing Jawn,,good luck to u,,” as I smiling at her
“thanx fared” smiling back to me

6a.m. (arrived)

“do u need any help?” I asked her when I saw she upload her bags on her bicycle
“no, I’m okay, thanks”
“so u traveling on ur bicycle with all these stuff??”
“lol,,yes,,actually I got more, but I left some behind”
“lol,,its crazy Jawn,,so u are going straight to jetty?”
“lol,,,owh no, I think I’m gonna round this town first,,”
“ok,,gud luck again”
“okay, thanx, see ya,,”

This is some of the conversation about how I met with a very polite Australian girl who sat beside me in the bus last night. She did approach me at the first place by asking me to put on my seat belt. Then what I really didn’t expect when she offered me to swap seat with her when she saw me kinda struggle on my seat, in case that I’m not comfort with mine (my seat was the only seat in the bus that didn’t have the arm holder, I don't know why, but its kinda hard to fit urself at the first place). Seriously guys, she’s very kind, humble, caring, independent, not to say quite pretty and sweet,,lol,,

What is the moral value that we can get from this story?

It’s hard to find fellow Malaysian as polite as her. We Malaysian should learn to be more polite and concern with people around us, not being a total selfish. We won’t lose anything by being good with others as others around us will also be good with us, what goes around comes around, remember? Just like what Earl always talked about, KARMA.

How to make people like or comfort with us?? Easy! SMILING! Just keep the smile on our face all the time and I promised u the result is superb!!!

I won’t forget our friendship Jawn. U show me something that is very valuable, something that money can’t buy. I gain a lot instead of our short friendship. Thanks to u.
Good luck with your journey… =)


milkysunshine said...

fared,tak semua org msia baik hati mcm wanita tu,,
dan tak semua org msia buruk hati kan?
kalau mcm sy,sy ni pemalu,,
sy hanya tegor bila perlu,,
tp sy tabik dgn wanita tu sbb brani buat semua tu,,
kalaula sy dapat peluang mcm tu,,

Billy said...

hee,,that's right,,
anyway I appreciate your comment,,
I wish u also could catch your dream,,, =)

milkysunshine said...

thx fared,,


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