Friday, February 3, 2012

This Is Confusing Country

Its been a while since the last time I update my blog. Been busy with my fiinal exam which was just over around 2 weeks ago. So I would like to apologise for those who been waiting for my update.

Back to the point, many things have happened in our country lately. That’s why this time my title is as above.

One thing that I realized about our country is, the politicians never admit it when they fuck up. Instead, they will manipulate it till things become worst.

Recent case about Anwar Ibrahim, where he clearly quoted as saying he supported “all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel”. WTF? Have u forgotten that Israel killed Palestinian like EVERYDAY?? So why the hell u wanna care about Israel security while Palestinian’s security that we should be worried about? I don’t give a damn if u wanna say that Mahathir or Najib have met the leaders of Israel or what, but the things now why u also wanna be the same? This is a mess! And what I really don’t understand is, is it so hard for u to just apologise and clear the air?

Such a politician. *Sigh*


Adam Adli, u also such a mess. It really pissed me off when u started to act like HERO when u came to Kedah. Who the F do u think u are? Think using ur brain lah CIKGU, not ur emotional! IF u think u are better than Ustaz Azizan, well u need to think again. Not to say that Ustaz Azizan got Master while u don’t, he’s obviously out of ur league. In easy words, he’s way smarter than u.

Regarding the hot issues now at Kedah about KUIN, I would like to tell those ignorant people who don’t know anything, especially Adam Adli who only knows to demonstrate.

Kuin is a registered institution under the Ministry of Higher Education (FEDERAL GOVERNMENT). So all the certificate / diploma / bachelor / master issued by KUIN must be recognized by the Malaysian Qualified Agency (MQA) which are under Federal GOVERNMENT.

5 students suspended punishment stipulated in the UUCA also created by the Federal Government.

If the Kedah State Government and the management of Kuin easily ignore AUKU as clearly stated in Malaysia rule, are students of Kuin prepared if the Federal Government retract back the MQA that has been issued for their certificate?

When Pakatan Rakyat promised to abolish UUCA?
AFTER Pakatan Rakyat managed to ruling MALAYSIA. Not now. Can we produce MQA on our own?

I really admire how Ustaz Azizan wisely respond by saying “Buku Jingga was not the Al-Quran” that needs to be followed at all the times and “some things u can carry out and some u cannot, u have to look at the situation.”

Even Anwar also defended the PAS leader saying the Buku Jingga is a common policy that would be implemented if PR comes into power but “the UUCA is an existing law and in the absence of a new law, the license to run the school is given by the higher education ministry only if u follow the rules.”

So now u understand it CIKGU ADAM ADLI? Or u want me to translate it for u?


Shahrizat, I thought when u applied for 3 weeks leave, u want to muhasabah urself and back to the right path, instead u lawyered up to fight Rafizi Ramli. Well then, let see who’s gonna win. I still remember that the first person who revealed that NFC such a mess was not Rafizi, but The Auditor Genereal Report, Tan Sri Aming Buang. We are not talking about small amount of money, but this is big, we talking about RM250 millions of rakyat money! And u spend it like nobody business!

And I don’t understand why Muhyiddin afraid to allow this case be investigated by royal commissioner. The rakyat wants to know what happened to our hard earned RM250 million. Why buy condo for the cattle to live? How come the whole family of Sharizat are the board of directors, where is the internal control for accountability if the father, sons, daughters all are board directors? Why there was no personal guarantee for the loan by the family. Come next election, u decide for them to stay or for them to be investigated. Please return the money to the rakyat. If this is the case, don’t talk about ETP, etc simply cos it's pointless. Don’t talk about high income nation when RM250 million is being used to buy condo for cattle to live...we had enough of ur bullshit!


And now Zaid Ibrahim want to dissolve KITA because of few problems including don’t have enough fund to maintain the party. Well the thing now is, I kinda like Zaid Ibrahim. I read almost all of his book (my fav is  I, Too, Am  Malay), so I can imagine what kind of person he is.

So my advise to Zaid is, swallow ur pride and rejoin PKR.  Strive and work hard and above all, be patient. Members will support u when ur time to be in the higher hierarchy of leadership arises. A house is not built in a day. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. To those who are thinking of a "third force", better forget it for now. It is either now or never - FOR A CHANGE. Hopefully, Malaysians of ALL Races (whether Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Melanaus, Orang Asli, and Others) will be well UNITED - FOR A REAL CHANGE for the good and betterment of the Country and her Rakyat - irrespective of Race, Creed or Faith.


Let’s go to Sarawak now.

When I talk about Sarawak, there’s no other person to talk about too if it’s not Taib Mahmud.  Do u guys know that his son divorce with his wife, where the wife is asking RM400 millions for compensation. READ IT AGAIN, IT’S RM400 FREAKING MILLIONS!

So can u just imagine how much the wealth that Taib’s family attained? Put it simple way, if the RM400 MILLIONS demanded divide by RM500 (BR1M), it will feed 800 000 people. And mind u that is only fraction of his wealth. And the funny part is, MACC acted like nothing happen.

What I can say about the lesson is, u can hide ur wealth from public, but u can’t hide it from ur wife. DAAAA!


Leeza said... many issues comes out nowadays. hurmm honestly, i really dont like the politic because its seem the black side of a country.

Abu S.K said...

Fared, it is wise if you really dig up what DSAI had said and what the real questions been asked and his comments, then comment on it.


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