Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Life is more than just a game. Life is something very distinctive and very subjective. I would like to stress on the importance of life itself to every single being in this earth.

Sometimes we may experience downfall. Sometimes it seems like the whole world is crashing on u, and when things seems to be sailing smoothly, that is when things goes out of hand. I personally experience it myself, (and I believe so do u). And for a moment, it seems like my life is useless. But it came a point in time where I sat down and think about the possibilities of what happens now is partly the work of God, or perhaps things happened because it is meant to be that way. I know that sometimes life itself may fail to u to a point u are thinking that what is the use of u being born in this world. But allow me to say this, IT IS NOT ABOUT THE PURPOSE OF U LIVING IN THIS WORLD, IS WHAT U DID WHILE U ARE LIVING THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO THE WORLD.

We may think that the statement above only applies to certain people who feel positive about the whole idea of living, but again, we might be wrong. And why is that?

Everyone has a part to play in life. Every single being in this world has a part to play either directly or indirectly. And yes the fact that one feels bad about themself is affected by the choices we made. The choices which reflects what personality we posses. It is us who determined whether we are sad, happy, emotional or even depressed. It’s us who choose on how we look on that matter itself. If we choose to look it on a smaller scale, the only thing we will see in it is depression, sadness, anxiety, stress. But if we look on a bigger picture, we will see that it isn’t bad after all.

The fact is, we all experience downfall. But it’s how we handle it that makes us stand out from the crowd. I admit, as a human myself, I sometimes don’t do as I what I speak. My emotions take over all logics. My heart tells me to do things that is out of this world, when the fact that my brains tells me what I am doing is wrong. But that’s how it is. We all tend to follow what our heart says. But the main point here is, how do we handle this kind of situation?

Lately, I went into a lot of problems that test my patience and my ability to handle things consciously. For a moment, I went into a state of depression. I isolate myself. I do things that are silly. I act like a stupid clown. I was in an autopilot mode. But as things were going the way it is, something came to me and snap me back to reality.

That is when I started to think back and review all my actions. I started to reflect back at the problem and find where did I went wrong. The problem I face was a problem which I lay blame on others but myself. Although I know deep down, I am not a fault, but everyone has a part in every problem. That is when I realized, instead of blaming others, I should start thinking of how to correct myself.

U see, the funny thing about human whether u realize it or not is, we only tend to learn from mistakes. In other words, if we never do mistakes, and even if we did but no one corrected us, we will never know it is wrong.

So yes, I reflect back about everything that happened, and I started to think about the future. How do I correct it? How will I handle such situation if it were to occur again? And how do I overcome it if it happens? And after all that process of ’metamorphosis’, I finally realized what happened isn’t bad after all. During the downfall period I had, I found out who my real friends are and who are just bunch of pain in the ass people. I saw the true behaviour of certain people and during this period also, I realize and learn a lot of things. And this is beautiful of life.

Many things are beyond our control. As a human, we can only pray to God for things to work out smoothly. The things I realize in this isolation and metamorphosis period changed me a lot. I became stronger and mature (I hoping so). Although right now I may still feel the pain, I am glad and proud to say I am slowly recovering from it. It’s hard but life goes on.

Any matter in this world can be overcome with time. Time is the most essential medication to any problem. No matter what problem we face, patience is the key to everything.

During the time where the problem arise, I also realized that I was pushy. I kept pushing things to the limit when finally someone came and tell me that I am irritating. The truth sucks, but that’s the whole point. The truth is there for us to wake up and changed. I woke up. I glad I did. And now, I am slowly changing. I do not want to repeat what had been the becoming of me.

Today, I write my story so that I can share with u readers for u to realize that ; LIFE ISN’T THAT BAD AFTER ALL. It’s how we look on it that determines how well are we going to live in this world. I just want to stress again that it is not the problem u face that matters, it’s how u overcome it.

I’m hoping u guys won’t need to go through the pain like I did before this. I’m hoping to see everyone facing every problem with confidence and maturity. No matter what we do, problems are sure to arise. So why face it with gloomy and negative attitude? Since there is problem no matter what we do, then face it positively. Learn to handle it and learn from it. We don’t need to care what others think about us. We don’t need to care what message we sent to others due to our behaviour and choices we made. What others think doesn’t matter, it’s what u think u are doing is right that matters. We not live to please everyone in this world. So let others think what they want to think because only God knows what is happening to u and only what HE knows that matters most.

I really hope that by reading this post, my dear readers will play a part in the society by changing and sending out a clear message to every single one out there, that life is full of hope and joy. Although there maybe ups and downs, it is not the end of the world. Remember, those ups and downs that makes living interesting.

No matter what happens, do not give up. As long as there is God, there is hope.

May God bless u guys and good luck in everything u do. Remember, face live positively and with God’s grace, things will turn out just fine.



monsterblog said...

How inspiring. :)
You still on the list of the best blogger I came across to. You are down to earth and reading your humble entry didn't irritate me like some of the bloggers did.

Fared Isa said...


I'm happy that u found this post inspiring.

And thanks for leaving me such a nice comment.


Aniz said...

When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
No matter what happens, do not give up. As long as there is Allah, there is hope.

InsyaAllah. Remember. Good luck in completing your lots of 'things to do'.


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