Friday, February 10, 2012

KFC : Kentucky Fight Club?

I bet most of u guys have seen this video footage. More and more incident lately showed that KFC Malaysia is totally out of control.

I’m not here to judge anybody coz I wasn’t even there, but what I would like to do is, telling what I think based on my common sense regarding to this matter.

First of all I would like to remind u all that I am Muslim and I am Malay.

The speculation on the Internet especially in Facebook, saying that this particular customer has provoked the workers with racial statement by saying “cibai punya Melayu”. I’m not sure whether this thing was real or not. But what I’m sure is, violence won’t solve any problem.

As the saying goes, “stop raising your voice, start improve your argument”, it is wrong by law for u to beat anybody. Doesn't matter who's wrong or right, hitting someone itself is a wrong thing to do. We're not living in the 1400s anymore.

Don’t KFC staff have brain? Do u must hit people when they provoke u? What moral and ur religion taught u? And the news said the outlet manager just stand there chatting? It’s just like giving green light to the subordinate to hit customers. In my opinion both manager and staff involved should be suspended pending investigation and if found guilty should be sack from their job. 

And KFC really need to take more stern action against the manager who was supposed to have take charge of the whole situation. He should have step in by informing the customers that they have run out of stock. And secondly, by failing to controlling his customers and staff when they ran amuk like that.

Even the mouth of the customer isn't controlled at best, still the law said the act of use of violence is not permitted. Whoever started to use the act of visible mean violence is at fault here. The staff should apologize to customer in whatsoever means of misconduct, not by solving the issue with a hit on his  face.

And just stop with the race issue geting into this debate? Strip away all ethnicity, and u get what you're looking for:
  • KFC should be blamed 100% for this (and for many other incidences too). As a service provider, it is YOUR JOB to provide service. No stock la, staff fatigue la, etc.... that is NO EXCUSE for KFC to NOT give a statement of apology of this. It is only right to do so. 
  • The branch manager should be reprimanded for not taking charge of the situation. You are charged with supervising ur staff and the running of the whole place. Like others have mentioned, u should have had a contingency plan for situations like this. Unless some alien landed in ur kitchen and stole all ur chickens - then I would understand being caught off-guard. "No stock" is not exactly a bizarre or never-before-seen situation. It SHOULD HAVE BEEN in the manual on how to be dealt with. 
  • I agree that the staff is also human - he has feelings and doesn't deserve the alleged insults and humiliation. BUT, that is not an excuse, again. Road bullies, robbers, rapists, petty criminals all have feelings also. Are we supposed to let them go scot-free? No.

Me myself have experience this kind of problem when some of the KFC restaurant I visited, I found that I need to wait long queue and the cashier seem like not so clear about their promotion. Sometimes I even need to explain what promotion and what menu I am ordering again and again.

The whole company management and service quality control already have a serious problem since many years. If u forget, let me summarize the KFC Malaysia Incident lately :

  • 1. A video posted by KFC Malaysia staff that showing how they "fried" chicken with their dirty foot.
  • 2. 2nd Video coming up also from KFC Malaysia staff that showing how they playing with the fried chieken oil.
  • 3. A person called himself CEO of KFC Malaysia show up in a video clip in their website & facebook to apologize to public and promiss that no such incident will happended again and will install CCTV in their kitchen and outlet.
  • 4. Not long ago, KFC Malaysia posted a e-Voucher on their facebook & website which allow customer to download and print out the voucher for free burger by purchase any product in their outlet. The Voucher become invalid immediately after 2 hours due to no stock. Untill now the voucher still invalid and Management did not response to this issue.
  • 5. Few days ago, a Internet user posted a video which taken in i-City KFC Malaysia outlet showing that the staffs beating the long "Q" customer.

KFC is well known for world standard, which mean where ever u in a world, KFC assures the standards of service is same and 100%! Mc’d has the same standards too. Mc'd can handle whole Malaysia without problem, so why can't KFC?

And please lah, fighting over chicken is  very nonsense. Even if u wanna have fight, please NOT INFRONT OF CUSTOMERS AND SURELY NOT INFRONT OF FOREIGNERS THAT CAME FOR VISIT IN MALAYSIA!!

This case didn't just spoilt the reputation of KFC but also Malaysia's reputation! You may have millions of problem due to work load, u may be hot tempered, wanna do something bad for good reason, do it in correct way. DON'T BRING SHAME TO YOUR WORKPLACE AND MALAYSIA since this is a tourist HOT SPOT!


"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises.  He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him.  He is not an interruption in our work - he is the purpose of it.  We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve him."  - Mahatma Gandhi-

And may I add: 

"To punch a customer in the light of provocation is never right. An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind".


idaXu Rais said...


Hani Suffian said...

This KFC thing had got mad. It should be a problem of a customer and staff, but unfortunately, because of the staff IS a malay, racist it is now. You should read and write about the comments in FB (many of them actually).

Sorry for me to say this; It happens when something involved Malays, the Chinese will start their comments on racist.

I don't like it at all. It seems that our country is not safe at all with all this young people so stupid and emotional; seeing everything racist.

Not only the KFC issue, some pictures of road block by police overseas and here too have become racist issue.

It always, ALWAYS the Chinese to start first.

Anonymous said...

With that statement, you're already getting yourself involved in racial sentiments. Pointing fingers on the Chinese community. Shame on you. Pot calling the kettle black.


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