Sunday, January 23, 2011

From Shaking Hands To Chopping Off Hands

“Normala will not come here to a Chinese temple, she doesn't even shake hands with the people. I have received complaints about this. She is like Anwar Ibrahim's wife. She wears gloves when she shakes hands. If you can accept this kind of Islamic value, go ahead and vote for PAS," Chua Soi Lek.

I was like shocked when read this (regarding of Tenang by-election where Normala is candidate from PAS).

What the hell is wrong with Chua Soi Lek? Where he put his brain on? The lady wants to follow her religion and use gloves to shake hands, so what’s the problem? Chua Soi Lek's brains must be in his dick, that's the problem. What a moron would say something like this.

Can the MCA president explain whether being caught for committing adultery is acceptable to the human race? Eh wait, first and foremost, can an adulterer be the president of a political party representing Chinese.

Dude! What important is the rakyat's welfare and not trival issues like shaking hands or not!!!! Why would want to blame her for not shaking hands. I rather have her than having ever friendly one who is more likely to be a corrupted one. CSL, not everyone is as open as urs dude!

Let me remind my Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters, shaking of hands is never an oriental culture. They don’t do it in China, India, Japan or Korea. It is a Western custom (even in western culture, it is more polite to wait for the lady to extend her hand rather than the man initiate a handshake, if the lady does not initiate a hand shake, it is fine). Why are we so keen to keep this not so clean habit? During SARS crisis, even the orang putehs don’t shake hands.

Refined Chinese culture does not encourage the shaking of hands even between man and man, much less between man and woman, Chinese greetings uses clasped hands in paying obeisance or bows to an elder, and ladies use a form of courtesy in a charming manner.

Plus, how can the issue of hand shaking is more important than the massive corruption in our government body? They have nothing left to say about TBH’s death; about endemic corruption; about custody deaths. They can’t talk about equality and equal opportunity; about gross incompetency and stupidity in so many of the government programmes and policies. They can’t talk about gross abuses of privatisation, and they can’t talk about gross abuses of NEP from APs, tenders, civil service positions, scholarships to formation and management of GLCs, and the management of natural resources.

The politics in Malaysia has come down to this. No debate about education, no debate about human rights and what the politicians will fight for or stand. It is about whether u will shake other people's hand. What a lowdown.

Islamic values and the Holy Quran teach us to live in peace with one another regardless of race and religion. Plus I totally would rather give my vote to someone who won’t shake my hand then to someone who shakes my hand for the purpose of getting my vote, and after the election cheats on me, the tax payer.

Well I still can hold myself with this porn star if he ridiculed Islam. He is not a muslim after all. He said it out of ignorance. I mean what can u expect from a porn star right? But what really pissed me off is when something like this coming from our very own muslim people. Read the following;

(Malaysia Chronicle) - Johor Mentri Besar Ghani Othman has warned voters in Tenang not to vote for PAS, otherwise the Islamist party may “chop off your hands for stealing”.

Chua remarks were mild compare to Johor minister Ghani Othman. Mind u he is muslim! He ridiculed his own religion. This is the worst crime made by a muslim if he still want to call himself as a muslim. Those word don’t come from LIm Guan Eng, LIm Kit Siang, Theresa Kok and not even Karpal Singh. 

Ghani’s astonishing and many say irresponsible comments come a day after MCA president Chua Soi Lek had derided PAS candidate Normala Sudirman and PKR president Wan Azizah for wearing gloves when they shook hands with the public.

Ghani, u are certainly sick and not fit to be a leader. Only those who steal fear their hands will be chopped off! Then why were u so afraid and want to afraid others? Many rakyat do not steal and have u heard of anyone in Kelantan having their hands chopped off?? U think the rakyat are peasants who can be cheated and fooled easily?? Win votes fairly and people will say u have class! Have you?? Just a little bit of advice, just make sure u do not "steal" okay, if u want something ask! Don't just simply take and spend as though the money belongs to ur government!

Those people in government fear Islamic law because they are thieves. If Islamic law were to be implemented like in Saudi Arabia, these thieves hands would be the first to be chopped off.

Again I repeat, only thieves will be afraid to get hands chopped off.

It is one thing to make fun of PAS. It is another to make fun of Islam. Malays are extremely sensitive about their race and religion, sometimes to an extreme. Ghani may be seen as making fun of Islam rather than making fun of PAS. He is walking on very thin ice here.

He should beware coz this quip may come back to haunt him as it did Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who made a remark about the Prophet Muhammad’s beard. Until today this remark by Dr Mahathir refuses to go away and even Umno admits that this was probably one of the gravest mistakes he ever made -- making fun of the Prophet’s appearance.

I rest my case.


roommate perindu said...

Chua Soi Lek's brains must be in his dick, that's the problem.

his brain is not in the dick...inside the prostitute pussy

Ghani pun satu bodoh...Let Allah PUNISH him wisely

as-syahir said...

thats one typical malaysian politic future leaders, its our obligations to watch them doin their mistakes and not repeat the same when
it is our turn to lead...

Dakwat Basah! said...

i wonder where do they got their education, diploma, degree or what what what la. they don't even know why should they talk. bro, where the hell i could download soi lek 3gp. kahkahkah.. i really want to see his 'brain'. and ghani othman really show his ranking on top ten most stupid minister. i think he is no 2 after ismail sabri. brader ghani, u don't learn islam, don't talk about islam. now i know their perspective about islam ~ chop off hands for stealing. how stupid.

Pian said...

Seriously, they dont have anything left to counter PR. hahaha. they r the past. The future is in rakyat hands. just like celcom - its in ur hand. hahahha

u know who i am said...
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u know who am i said...
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KizZ said... comment...hihi..

Jom sini,
Tong-tong duit,pelik ke?PArt ii

Asielah said...

okey, so i'm a bit late here. just got the opportunity to read this.

but, dang! wat the heck is wrong with ghani?! geeezzz... all these old ministers need to get out laa... lagi tua, lagi jauh dari Tuhan. dah lemak agaknye makan duit rakyat berpuluh tahun. gle ke ape buat ayat cmtu?!

patut implement je islamic laws. baru padan muka dia. tak dpt la nk dok atas "singgahsana" dia lg.

all these leaders don't realize, that when we're all called back to face God to be judged, they'll be asked of whether they've carried out their responsibility as a leader. it's not easy to be one. kene ade checklist of ciri2 pemimpin la sebelum jadi one. ssh nnt org2 cmni jgk yg kt situ.


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