Sunday, February 6, 2011

Egypt's Revolution

It looks like the Arab countries are experiencing some kind of revolution.

The Egyptian uprising broke out last week due to public frustration with corruption, oppression and economic hardship under Hosni Mubarak’s 30-years rule.

It has been reported that at least 140 protesters have been killed in demonstrations across the country especially after pro-Mubarak supporters opened fire on protesters camped in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.

The protests are part of the regional uprising inspired by the popular revolt in Tunisia which overthrew President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali last month. The fall of the Tunisian regime, riots on the streets of Pakistan, Morocco and now Egypt are all fundamentally related to unfair distribution of wealth and income, spiking food and commodity prices and a staggering rise in unemployment.

As we can see, protests against Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s rule have clearly worried Israel, which signed a peace treaty with its largest Arab ally more than 30 years ago, and uncertainty over Egypt’s future has raised fears about stability in the region.

The US and Israel are shitting in their pants now fearing the ouster of Mubarak. With Mubarak gone and a new fair minded President in power is just what the Egyptians need. Any sane minded person can see that Mubarak is a lackey of the US and Israel. With US monetary aid to Egypt close to US 2 billion yearly, Mubarak hears and obeys Israel to shut the doors on Gaza. With Mubarak gone, the barricade of Gaza is over. And when that time comes, Viva Palestine!

If we look closely at what is going on there, we know that much of the revolt is fueled by the educated class. The last time Malaysia had a revolt, it was fueled by the incumbent government’s sponsored thugs. But not so in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt.

The lame brained Hosni Mubarak now says he never wanted to be appointed for another term as President. He will step down in September. Eh wait, what did u say? SEPTEMBER?!

This is insulting the intelligence of 80 million Egyptians. I hope they throw him out by Sunday. Go away Mubarak! We all knew that ur wealth total estimate is around US$40-70bil. Is that not enough to feed u and ur family? Damn that is more that Bill Gates wealth dude! And about 40 percent of Egypt’s population live off less than $2 a day! Thanks to u, Mubarak!

Obama, meanwhile, is certainly going down on the wrong side of history by backing the end to Mubarak’s rule. He has instead called for a smooth transition to an orderly government. The Americans have signed the death warrant on Hosni Mubarak. Now they are using the phrase ‘peaceful transition.’ This likely is the end of Hosni Mubarak. The Americans made him, now they can replace him. By the way, the American already pointed successor El Baradei is also ‘US-er friendly’.

So beware Egyptians. What is happening is great, but still have to be very cautious. Even if the dictator is out, the system is still in place. Some of Mubarak people are still around, and u are in a very tricky situation. In this transitory period the reformers must show moderation. At the same time, the whole system should be dismantled; the fact that the dictator is out is not enough. Still have to be very cautious about the “true” results of this situation. It is clear that there will be no going back; try moving towards a more democratic system, but this democratic system should be truly democratic, with transparent elections and all the rest.
Good luck!

Meanwhile, back to our country, few blogs that I came across were really pissed me off. Example, this blog :
Faisal, reading ur blog was one of the greatest mistakes in my life. Dude, what the hell did u think about when u writing this post? Were u high or something dude? Ur idea of evacuate the UMNO supporters alone to Jeddah was the stupidest idea that I ever heard! Grow up dude!

And I would like to touch a little bit about the demonstration of anti-Mubarak that been held at Jalan Tun Razak on last Friday. Many said that the demonstration was stupid, useless, busy body to interfere with other’s problem, and etc.

No, we’re not busy body. We muslims are brothers and we show our solidarity to our brave brothers & sisters in Egypt against the murderer dictator. We are concerned, but not selfish to interfere other countries' business for own benefit by pretending to care about people. We help in any way we can for justice and freedom. Muslims who are observer without doing anything to help the oppressed are not real muslims.

Plus, it was a peaceful demo, at least before police decided to be rough and start arresting the protestors. Men, don’t u guys got a corrupted leaders to arrest instead of arrested innocent protesters?

Finally I would like to wish all the best to Malaysian students over there. There have been a lot of noises over plan to evacuate them from Egypt to Jeddah. The government has asked TUDM to send their Hercules and few BoeIng from MAS and Airbus from Air Asia to evacuate those 11700 Malaysia over there. Good luck.

And I would like to stress that don’t politicise this thing. We need to help them, doesn’t matter whether they are from UMNO or opposition party, coz basically they are all Malaysian. (Take note Faisal!)


azam baizen said...

Agreed ! oh si Faisal tu mmg sgt ba alif ngong ! Sgt buta.

eLLa said...

syakilla like this..
btw arab saudi airlines pown ader hntr student malaysia...

Dakwat Basah! said... brother. now, please answer me, do we need same revolution? i meant street election and demonstration?

Santo said...

it was a shame when people all over the world support muslims in depressed country for the name of human rights, we don't even want to support our brothers, just because we don't want to be a busy body.


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