Friday, January 21, 2011

The World is Round

The blog is mouldy. I apologise for the laziness and unscheduled time of updating my blog this lately, and here is doing what a lazy blogger does; mumbling.

The world is round, ur act today will decide what’s going to happen on u tomorrow.
All of us knew this, but still, it’s hard for us to behave. Selfishness, arrogant, liar, corrupt and etc. People tend to have these all negative values.

One quick question, are we, and all living beings just survival machines, blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes, as what Richard Dawkins states?

One must bear in mind that life is not just about him/herself, life is way more than that, life is about everything, including taking care of people around us. 

If u asked me what is the purpose of life? I believe that the purpose of life is to be happy and make people around u happy and at the same time have faith in ur religion.

Love gives meaning to our lives, as do friendship, or art or faith in God. These are factors of true happiness, of inner peace, of feelings of harmony, allowing meaning to our existence.

I’m sorry to say but the fact is whether we realise it or not, at our mother breast, we tasted not only milk but also love, just enough love to know that it was the only thing that could ever satisfy us and that we will miss it forever.

And while we talking about mother, I would like to emphasise and reminded myself and all of u out there, that among everyone around us, the one that we really need to put the interest first, is not our girlfriend or boyfriend, but our beloved parents. This is not me who speak this, but from our God.

It goes like this; for the betterment of life therefore, Allah has prescribed some permanent values including:
 (i) u should obey only Allah’s laws.
(ii) u should make good the deficiencies of ur old parents.
(iii) If one or both of them grow old, u should not prod or reproach them but speak to them respectfully (36:68),
iv) u should give them protection with all the affection and say "O my Rabb ! (Enable me) to provide them means of nourishment as they had raised me from childhood.
 U should do all this, not in a mechanical manner but from the core of ur heart keeping always in mind that what u do for ur parents helps in the development of ur own self. Allah is the Protector of those who revert to Him for His protection." (17:23-25)

Now I'm not the most religious person ever, in fact me myself always making mistakes, but when I look around, it always made me realize that I should start thinking on how to become a better muslim.

But the reality is, mostly if not all, people tend to follow the worst. We always see the better, and approve. But finally, we still follow our worst instinct. We tend to disobey our parents, tend to be selfish among others.
Guys, it won’t kill us if we being good with each others. The truth is, u won’t lose even a penny of ur money (unless if they borrow ur money la) by being kind with ur family, friends and anyone who needs help.

Plus, it’s crazy to assume that something that has happened once in this universe will not repeat. So why obsess?  Yes money is important (let say u got a problem with ur financial), but remember, money is just a printed paper, so don’t let this ‘piece’ of printed paper ruin our life. I do remember the love of life and the life of love. It’s so easy, as far as I recall. It’s so easy to make a smile, so we should repeat it all the time.

There will be a day when u, that now are escaping from love, will see urself old and deserted, condemned to drag through the nights alone, in ur frozen bedstead. U don’t want that don’t u?

The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth. Be nice to people on ur way up because u'll need them on ur way down, take note of that.


as-syahir said...

nice my opinion i always think selfishness is a nature misused by human beings..u cant help being selfish but sure thing is, you can control it. but i you refused to control, then that makes you a selfish person..:)

Anonymous said...

hopefully i can be a better muslim too~


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